RSD 2018 Picks

Staff Picks: Record Store Day 2018 Special

We hardly need an excuse to buy records, but Record Store Day is always a good opportunity to support our local record stores, rub shoulders with other vinyl lovers, and maybe catch the odd live act playing in-store. Between us this year we covered a decent number of stores across several cities and scored a pretty diverse range of records. Some of us were up early to beat the queues, while others took a more relaxed approach, but we all came out with some rad new wax.

If you haven’t added all of your haul, we’ve created this handy Record Store Day 2018 releases page to make your life easier!

RSD 2018 Picks

Wasn’t really feeling any of the RSD releases, so snagged a couple of classics instead. Super happy to have these records by Magazine and The Modern Lovers in my Collection now.

– Jess, Community Marketer

RSD 2018 Picks - Kirsten

Françoise Hardy ‎– Le Premier Bonheur Du Jour: There is no better way to start a Sunday morning than with a cup of coffee and Françoise Hardy playing on the turntable.
Mirah ‎– Gone Are All The Days Remixes: I am the laziest home-DJ, and I rarely purchase singles because it requires a little too much engagement with my turntable… but I’ll make an exception for Mirah.
Modest Mouse ‎– The Fruit That Ate Itself: The soundtrack to my high school angst is finally part of my Collection!
Nico ‎– Chelsea Girl: A classic that I really should have already had in my Collection. I had to actually check my Collection via the Discogs app in the shop to confirm that I didn’t already have it. :)

– Kirsten, Product Owner

RSD 2018 Picks

Khruangbin – Con Todo El Mundo: My favourite album of 2018 so far and I had to grab it.
Placebo – Without You I’m Nothing: One of my favourite albums when I was younger – a classic for me and happy I have it on vinyl now.

–  Claire, Managing Director of Operations

RSD 2018 Picks

Pablo’s Eye ‎– Spring Break: Dreamy ambient vibes on Belgium’s finest label Stroom. So much love for this one!
Woo ‎– Whichever Way You Are Going, You Are Going Wrong: Weird deviant and melancholic ambient pop for poeple with love to give.
Yves De Mey ‎– Bleak Comfort: Dark and gloomy experimental techno.
Peter Westheimer ‎– Cool Change: A compilation with some unreleased songs by oddball Peter Westheimer!
De Kreet ‎– Dark In The Shadow: Has the signature Belgian banger “De zus van Adeline” on it. Again, released by the awesome Stroom label.
Dean Blunt ‎– As Long As Ropes Unravel Fake Rolex Will Travel: Didn’t have this Dean Blunt yet, probably because it’s so vaguely defined. Fell in love with it nonetheless.

– Romeo, Meta Developer

RSD Picks 2018

Hunee ‎– Hunchin’ All Night: Fun compilation by Hunee, really varied and covers a lot of ground but tied together by his aesthetic.
Pangaea – Bone Sucka / Proxy: Breaky nostalgia tinged banger by Pangaea. Goes off.
Quirke ‎– Whities 015: Whities always on point.
DJ Slyngshot ‎– New Era EP: Slinging some samples around and having fun.

– Karl, Developer

RSD 2018 Picks

Love Unlimited – In Heat:70s Funk/Soul Delivered beautifully by Barry Whites Singers.
Various ‎– Ultimate Breaks & Beats: A UBB classic. Been looking to add this one to my collection for a while.
James Last ‎– Voodoo-Party: Killer Afro Funk!!
Universe City ‎– Universe City: A disco must have.
Stevie Wonder ‎– Another Star: Love buying 45s picture sleeves from the EU and have an affinity for Stevie Wonder
Booker T. & The M.G.’s* ‎– Melting Pot: A funk heater!!!
Hamilton Bohannon ‎– Dance Your Ass Off / Party People: B-side!!
Nat Wright / The Salsoul Invention ‎– When Love Is New / Be My Soul: Been after this 45 for a while, score!!
Roberta Kelly ‎– Trouble Maker: Classic Disco Funk from the 70s.

– Liz, Community Manager

RSD 2018 Picks

Joy Division – Closer: I wanted this for a long time. This is something I do not listen frequently but I’ll always go back to.
Talking Heads – Stop Making Sense: One of my most favorite bands of all time. I have a CD but wanted to have it on vinyl.

– Miki, Community Success Team Lead

RSD 2018 Picks

Yeasayer – Odd Blood: I didn’t know I wanted this album until I saw it :)
Final Fantasy – He Poos Clouds: Pretty excited to find this. One of my favourite musicians.
Menomena – Friend And Foe: Got the chance to ‘celebrate’ RSD in Portland, so I gotta pick up some local wax, right?
Panda Bear – Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper: This was a bargain.
Thom Yorke – The Eraser: This has been on my Wantlist for a long time and I also have the poster on my wall at home, so this was an easy pick.
Best Coast – Crazy For You: This was a bargain.
Local Natives – Gorilla Manor: This has been on Wantlist for like forever and everywhere I go I only seem to find their other (later) albums
Slow Club – Complete Surrender: This was a bargain.

– Yoram, Community Success Coordinator

RSD 2018 Picks

Waltzed into Concerto Records hopped up on an espresso and chocomel. Was searching for some EU exclusives and was not disappointed. Landed RATM at the Democratic National Convention 2000 and a previous RSD release from Neon Indian.

– Ron, Vice President, Marketing

RSD 2018 Picks

The Roots – Things Fall Apart:Recently organized my collection by genre and noticed how tiny my hip hop collection is. Saw this record at Fatkat in Antwerp, hadn’t listened to it in years but it still sounds so solid.
Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool: There aren’t too many Radiohead records that I feel compelled to own on vinyl, but this one is an exception.
Charles Mingus – Mingus Ah Um: Again, was a bit underwhelmed when I tallied up my jazz records. Been on the hunt for this one for at least a year, it’s a newer copy but glad to have it in my collection.
Fleetwood Mac – Rumours: I finally cracked and got one of our consistently most collected records on Discogs. “The Chain” has been stuck in my head for the last two months, I figure owning Rumours is the only way to exorcise it!

– David, Community Success Team Lead

2018 RSD Discogs Staff Picks - Cori

Feist – Pleasure: She’s my favorite :)
Portugal. The Man – Woodstock: Local band!
Hole – Live Through This: Reliving my youth with this one.

– Cori, Compliance and Legal Operations

2018 Record Store Day Picks - Discogs Staff, Esther

Agreeing with Claire here! Con Todo El Mundo is one my favorite albums of 2018, I seriously can’t stop listening to it so buying it was a must. I want to get all the old Bonobo albums so Black Sands is my second, three to go. Both bought at the best record store in Amsterdam for me, Record Mania. The next three are Roadburn tear! The festival had crazy crates to dig in set up by Burning World Records, Southern Lord Label, Guruguru Brain, Svart Records, and Exile On Mainstream Records. I end up getting an amazing deal for these two amazing albums: – Harvestman ‎– In A Dark Tongue and Sula Bassana ‎– Live At Roadburn Festival 2014. Both on my Wishlist for Roadburn 2019! Last but not least, my favourite band of the festival, Kikagaku Moyo / 幾何学模様. They were superb and I was able to meet a few of their band members, got his House In The Tall Grass album that has been in my Wantlist for over a year now. Beautiful white vinyl Japanese edition, couldn’t be happier!

– Esther, Community Success Coordinator

RSD 2018 Picks

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers – Tom Petty Live – Legendary F.M. Broadcasts: The Florida-girl in me can’t deny these Southern rock classics. I love you forever, Tom!
Thievery Corporation ‎– Treasures From The Temple: 12 tracks of eclectic, instrumental goodness. This one will be in heavy rotation for a while.
Leon Bridges ‎– Coming Home: Huge fan of these smooth, retro-soul vocals. Authentic and relevant.

– Bailey, Integrated Marketing Manager

RSD 2018 Picks

A Tribe Called Quest ‎– Midnight Marauders: Had to pick up this classic hip-hop album I somehow didn’t already have!
Ólafur Arnalds ‎– Eulogy For Evolution: Ólafur Arnalds first major album and one of Erased Tapes earliest. It’s a gorgeous album, as is most stuff from Erased Tapes.

– Rodney, Developer

RSD Picks 2018

Ingrid Michaelson ‎– Alter Egos: I like Ingrid Michaelson and this picture disk just looked so cool.
Mama Cass ‎– Bubble Gum, Lemonade &… Something For Mama: Who could resist that title?
The Marvelettes – Greatest Hits: Girl groups FTW.
Beyoncé – Beyoncé: Bought this one to complement my Lemonade record. It’s not yellow, but I still like it.

– Stephanie, Controller

RSD 2018 Picks

Avicii – True: I was shocked that he passed away the day before, I was really into his older stuff, wanted to have his release in collection as a memory.
FIDLAR – FIDLAR: Saw them a few years back here in Portland, it was a fun show.
Chet Faker – Thinking In Textures: Nice to see his record as a RSD release!

– Anton, Developer

RSD 2018 Picks

LCD Soundsystem – London Sessions: Everytime I’ve seen LCD like has been a total blast. Can’t wait to spend time listening to this!
Björk – Post: Björk is just awesome. Enough said.

– Stacey, Developer


I have been very lucky to spend RSD and the previous days in lovely Italy, visiting record stores and talking to our Italian community! I met great people and got to expand my collection (by quite a few adds ;-)
For RSD I picked three very different records:
The Bill Wellings Orchestra – Tijuana Sound of John Lennon & Paul McCartney: To fill some of my favourite sing-along songs gaps and also because I like the cover art!
Fabrizio De André – Fabrizio De André: It took me the whole week in Italy to find that one Italian record I really wanted to get. And why not buy an Italian singer-songwriter record in the one and only record store on Venice (island)? I mean, look at the picture!!! How could you not buy something in a store with that location?
Last but not least, I managed to find what I was looking for at VENYL Fiera del Disco di Venezia! Thanks to the nice staff of Black Marmalade Records, Fleet Foxes – Crack-Up is now part of my collection! Cause in the end, helpful and friendly staff is important in my record shopping as well! Grazie, ragazzi ;-)

– Barbara, Community Success Coordinator

RSD Picks 2018

There are two artists who I loved live above everyone else, and those two artists happened to have published two of my favorite albums in the last year. So the pick was obvious, the latest albums by Kendrick Lamar and Fever Ray are now part of my Collection (and I couldn’t possibly be any happier about it).

– Javi, Content Marketing and Social Media Specialist

RSD Picks 2018

The Head And The Heart ‎– The Head And The Heart: I saw this band perform live at the zoo! Easy listening from start to finish.

– Randi, Office Administrator

RSD 2018 Picks

We were at VENYL Fiera del Disco di Venezia this weekend, it was great spending the day with the wonderful record collecting community in Italy, and it was exciting to add some gems to my The Smiths/Morrissey collection (amongst loads of other great albums that didn’t fit in the photo). In the morning we popped into Good Music in Mestre, Venice and there I found a nice CD/DVD set of Suede’s Night Thoughts. Their tour, where the film which is included in the set, was shown on a screen, is one of the best live shows I have seen in the past few years.

– Lilian, Regional Community Marketing Lead

RSD 2018 Picks

Led Zeppelin – In Through The Out Door
Rush – Moving Pictures
Mr. Mister – Welcome To The Real World
Eagles – Hotel California
Jefferson Airplane – Freedom At Point Zero

I was in a small town for RSD so the only options were the way overpriced place and the thrift-store-like bargain bins at various shops. So I picked up some cheap and slightly grimy records from the classic rock bins, a couple of which I already have but in worse shape (and did I mention they were cheap?).

– Jeremy, Lead Developer, Database

RSD 2018 Picks - Mark

David Bowie – Hunky Dory: My favorite David Bowie album. Not sure how it’s been missing from my Collection until now, but glad to have found a 180 gram release.
Erasmo Carlos & Os Tremendões ‎– Erasmo Carlos E Os Tremendões: Delightful repress of this easy going Erasmo Carlos gem was a must-buy when I spotted it for just a few bucks.
Delvon LaMarr Organ Trio ‎– Live At KEXP! I bit the bullet and picked up this RSD 2018 Live at KEXP release. KEXP is based in Seattle and is one of my favorite radio stations. They’ve had some strong performances recorded there in the past and this one is a groovy addition to the rest.

– Steven, Search Engine Marketer

RSD 2018 Picks - Steven

Pink Floyd – At The Gates Of Dawn: Remastered Mono mix of one of my favorite Pink Floyd albums. incredible alternate art and packaging on this one.
David Axelrod – Song Of Innocence: This RSD re-issue seemed like the perfect opportunity to add something from David Axelrod to my vinyl collection.
Boyd Rivers – You Can’t Make Me Doubt: I have recently enjoyed some Youtube videos of this great Mississippi country-blues and gospel singer, so when I saw this in the bins I had to pick it up.
The Cecil Taylor Quartet – Looking Ahead: wanted to get something from this legendary artist after his recent passing.
Roland Kirk – Introducing Roland Kirk: Rahsaan Roland Kirk is a genius, happy to have one of his records on vinyl for the first time.

– Mark, Community Success Coordinator

RSD 2018 Picks

Otis Redding – The Dock Of The Bay
Aretha Franklin – Lady Soul

Some nice additions to my Collection!

– Erik, Lead Systems Engineer

RSD 2018 Picks - Tasha

Metz ‎– Strange Peace
King Tuff ‎– The Other
Rhye ‎– Blood
Slowdive ‎– Slowdive

Spring is here in Portland! So I went to Everyday Music in Portland and picked up some goodies that will sound great while I am gardening. My herbs are digging the King Tuff and Rhye. My veggies seem to prefer Metz and Slowdive!

– Tasha, Community Success Manager

RSD 2018 Discogs Staff Picks - Susan

Widespread Panic ‎– Light Fuse Get Away

I did not attend RSD this year, but I did go to Criminal Records in Atlanta, GA the day before RSD to pick up Light Fuse, Get Away. :) they pressed their first live album :) I’ve been listening to it for over a decade and am very, very excited about listening to it on vinyl. Happy 20th Anniversary to Light Fuse, Get Away.

– Susan, Software Developer, Database

RSD 2018 Picks - Hiro

Showbiz & A.G. ‎– Fat Pockets
Showbiz & A.G. ‎– Party Groove
Showbiz & A.G. ‎– Soul Clap

Yes! I’m glad to have these Show Biz and A.G. classic joints as 45s!!! Thanks to RSD Japan!

– Hiro, Community Marketing Lead

RSD 2018 Discogs Staff Picks - Coumba

Boards Of Canada ‎– The Campfire Headphase: This album is a masterpiece I’ve been longing to possess for years. Love the mood of it – can listen to it on repeat for several hours straight!
Slowdive ‎– Souvlaki: This is one of my favourite albums of all time so I picked it up as soon as I entered the record store!
David Bowie ‎– “Heroes”: Classics never get old!

– Coumba, Community Success Coordinator

RSD 2018 Discogs Staff Picks - Clim

Christian Gaubert ‎– Last Exit: Found this one at Gear Raresoul in the Clignancourt flea market of Paris, long searched for funk/soul album by film soundtrack producer Christian Gaubert. Every track is special! Japanese reissue with OBI.
Trilark ‎– Trilark: Also very sought modern soul album fromn Trilark. One time hit wonder! The track Check It Out deserves to be checked out…pun intended! Repress found at Crocodisc in Paris in the latin district.
Brazil Amor ‎– Quando Tu Danças: Very nice Brazil inspired french production from François Feldman. A groove to bind them all in the darkness, at night…

– Clim, Community Success Coordinator

RSD 2018 Picks - Andreas

Czarface & MF Doom ‎– Czarface Meets Metal Face
Van Morrison ‎– The Alternative Moondance
Ornette Coleman ‎– An Evening With Ornette Coleman, Part 2

I went to a small and recently opened shop (Our third record shop in Luxembourg now!) called Vinyl Harvest ( It’s a nice shop that carry a lot of house and techno which generally isn’t my styles, but they had some other good stuff as well and I picked up RSD 2018 exclusives from Van Morrison and Ornette Coleman, as well as MF Doom’s latest album.

– Andreas, App Developer

RSD 2018 Picks - Josh

Goldfrapp ‎– Silver Eye
Envy ‎– Atheist’s Cornea
Boris ‎– Attention Please
Earth ‎– Primitive And Deadly

I’ve been waiting for “Primitive and Deadly” to crop up at a decent used price to add it to my Earth collection, was happy enough just to snap it up as my first pick. Boris & Goldfrapp were “downstream” Wantlist items, and Envy was a fun experimental purchase – I generally find that I like most of what Temporary Residence puts out there, and this is definitely a fun record.

– Josh, Director of Community Success

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