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How Record Stores Can Link Their Discogs Inventory to Vinyl Hub

VinylHub is an online database of brick-and-mortar record shops around the world. Buyers use VinylHub as a first stop for mapping out their next record adventure. Make your record store more discoverable by adding it to the VinylHub with information like location, opening hours, photos, genres you specialize in, and other unique details. If you sell records on Discogs, linking your Discogs inventory to your VinylHub store page can increase sales and store visits.

By linking to your Discogs stores from your VinylHub profile, customers who find your store on VinylHub will immediately know that you stock a particular record, CD, or cassette. This makes your store more discoverable online and could give your store a competitive edge over another store whose inventory is less accessible. Another big benefit: VinylHub is now available through the Discogs app, and if a digger comes across your store via the Android version of the app, they’ll be able to see which items from their Wantlist you have in stock, leading them straight to you. But only if your pages are linked!

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to linking your VinylHub and Discogs store.

Link Your Discogs Shop to Your VinylHub Profile

Get the link for your inventory from your Seller profile on Discogs. Go to the Marketplace tab on Discogs and click “My Store” in the right-hand column. Copy the page URL.

Find your shop’s page on VinylHub and click “Edit this Shop.” Scroll to the bottom of the form to the “Links” field and paste it in this section:

add link vinylhub profile

After your Discogs store is linked, ensure the other details of your shop are up-to-date, including address, phone, shop hours, and description. Add your submission notes in the box on the right, then click “Submit.”

Here is a video tutorial:

There’s no specific place on your Discogs profile to link to your VinylHub page, but you can add a link in your Discogs bio to let your customers know you have a brick-and-mortar store in case they’d like to drop by and dig in person.

Add Your Record Store to VinylHub

What if your shop is not on VinylHub yet? No sweat! It is very simple to do. Go to VinylHub, click the blue “Contribute” button top of the page, then click “Add Shop.” Next, fill in the form with information about your record store. Be as detailed as possible so customers get all the info they need, including contact details so you’re easily reachable.

amoeba music SF vinylhub profile

You can also add a link to your store’s website and links to your social media on your VinylHub profile. The more links you have on each page, the more discoverable your store becomes online, both by people and search engines crawling the internet.

About VinylHub

VinylHub is the biggest community-built database of record stores and vinyl record fairs and events.

Use the interactive map to find record stores near you, keep track of all the stores you’ve visited, save a list of all the places you want to visit, and add information about your favorite record stores so other collectors can find them. Discogs is grateful to the Community of passionate record store lovers for their contributions to the VinylHub database and their support of newcomers to the site.

Feature image by Valentino Funghi. Guide by Jess Thompson and Christopher Masagatani. Originally written in 2018; last updated in 2021.

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