A Record Week Of Database Submissions, Thanks To The Discogs Community

Hi all!

As we get through these challenging times, I want to share some good news with you. The last two weeks (March 16-29) have been the biggest weeks ever for contributions to the Discogs Database! Last week’s numbers show that the Discogs Community have broken all previous records; 34,716 new releases submitted to Discogs (vs. 25,584 in 2019), 79,400 edits (vs. 58,258 in 2019), and an incredible 146,361 images added (vs. 107,036 in 2019).


Discogs submission chart, comparing 2020 submissions to 2019


Release Edits

Comparison in the volume of edits to the Discogs Database, 2019 vs. 2020


Images Added

Volume of images added to the Discogs Database (2019 vs. 2020)


We feel so uplifted that so many of you have chosen Discogs as the place to direct your energy. Contributing to Discogs is fun, engrossing, and very satisfying. The online Discogs community of which you are a part is large, knowledgeable, established, and supportive. Music is a deeply important part of human culture, and we enrich each other’s lives with every new piece of data added.

Here Are Some Tips To Help Make The Experience Fun For All


Thank you all for being such an amazing community. Please stay safe, keep positive, and enjoy the site.

Nik Kinloch
Chief Data Officer

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