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Crate Diggers Amsterdam: 10 Records That Inspired And Influenced DJ Dimitri

On Sunday October 21st, the second edition of Crate Diggers Amsterdam will take place during Amsterdam Dance Event’s ADE Hangover. We’re honoured that Dutch legendary DJ Dimitri has joined the line up of DJs spinning records during the record fair! Ahead of his set at Crate Diggers, he shares 10 records, 10 milestones that inspired and influenced him during his life and career.

In 1988 Dimitri obtains his first residency at club Richter in Amsterdam and starts spinning in the legendary RoXY. He is one of the first DJs to mix a house record with breakbeats or drum ‘n bass: not only mixing those two records together by tempo and rhythm, but also just by melody or tune/pitch, creating real-time compositions, which was groundbreaking at that time.

By 1991 he spins at all the major (warehouse) parties in the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. He releases his first record and starts his own label Be.S.T. (Beautiful Soul Techno). From 1992 onwards he continues to take over the club world with gigs from Brussels to NYC and from Paris to Detroit and starts his famous ‘Hi-Tech Soul Movement’ club night in RoXY on Thursday nights.

DJ Dimitri

Dimitri takes a 3 year sabbatical in 2007 (after playing non-stop for 23 years), trading the club scene for life on a farm and voluntary work with children with learning disabilities. In 2010, he returns with a residency at Club Trouw in Amsterdam, one of the best dance venues in Europe. In 2013, he suffers from a life threatening bacterial infection, but is back at the decks at Club Trouw in only 5 months, proving that music has the power to heal, one of his strong inner beliefs.

Today Dimitri still plays in clubs and at festivals all over Europe. At Thuishaven, the number one venue in Amsterdam, he finds his new residency for his famous 10 hrs DJ sets. As a producer, Dimitri is always working on new music, his own typical Hi-Tech Soul sound. He releases on labels like Planet E communications, KMS Records and MetrohmHis newest EP “The Force” is a collab with Clarence Brandon and will be released on Metrohm on November 30th2018.

Check out these 10 records, 10 milestones that inspired and influenced DJ Dimitri:

Brian Eno An Ending (Ascent)

10. Brian Eno ‎– An Ending (Ascent)

Brian Eno’s music is always intriguing to me. “An Ending” is my favorite. When I listen to this I feel like I’m in an afterlife, looking back on my whole life in slowmotion. It makes you think. He made this with the broadcasts of the first landing on the moon in mind. Sublime.

Jeanette Thomas ‎– Shake Your Body

9. Jeanette Thomas ‎– Shake Your Body

This is what house music is all about for me. It was a smash hit in RoXY. Playing house music all night long for the first times, experiencing the first xtc’s. Revolutionary times.

A Number Of Names ‎– Sharevari Dimitri Top 10

8. A Number Of Names ‎– Sharevari

This record has always been special to me. The sound was far ahead of its time. Made in 1981 and still playable today.

Airborne (Carl Craig's Drums Suck Mix) Dimitri Top 10

7. Dave Angel ‎– Airborne (Carl Craig’s Drums Suck Mix)

Carl gave me this unique track when he had just made it. I stayed with him in Detroit, made an acetate of it and played it everywhere exclusively for at least one year until it was released. It became one of my trademarks.

Newcleus Featuring Cozmo* And The Jam - On Production Crew ‎– Jam On Revenge

6. Newcleus Featuring Cozmo* And The Jam – On Production Crew ‎– Jam On Revenge

I was a big Newcleus fan. Bought all their stuff. Future music from outta space, my mind gone astray.

Blondie Denis Dimitri Top 10

5. Blondie ‎– Denis

I was a young boy getting interested in music for the fist time in my life. Blondie was hot and I was in love with her. I fantasised about the girls and it was exciting.

Cybotron ‎– Clear Dimitri Top 10

4. Cybotron ‎– Clear

In the mid 80s I was really into electro. I bought all The Jonzun Crew, Afrika Bambaataa and Tommy Boy Records releases I laid my hands on. Cybotron though was special to me. Later I found out that Juan Atkins, the godfather of Detroit Techno, who started Model 500 and his label Metroplex a few years later was the maker of this record.

George Clinton Atomic Dog Dimitri Top 10

3. George Clinton ‎– Atomic Dog

I’ve developed a fat-beats and rhythms fetish in the beginning of the 80s. George Clinton’s P.Funk was right up my alley.

Bob James Take Me To The Mardi Grass Dimitri Top 10

2. Bob James ‎– Take Me To The Mardi Gras

I used to be the scratcher/DJ in hip hop formation Freakaristic. One of my first ever live gigs was for a hip hop event in Paradiso, Amsterdam in the mid 80s. The beats and bells in the first part of this record I always used for scratching.

Donna Summer Dimitri Top 10

1. Donna Summer ‎– I Feel Love (Patrick Cowley Mega Mix)

This was one of the first records I ever bought. I fell in love with the modular synths, the drive and energy straight away. It is the basis of what became house music 10 years later.

Crate Diggers Amsterdam is part of Amsterdam Dance Event’s free ADE Hangover on Sunday the 21st of October. Check out the line up and join us at NDSM-Wharf for some Digging and Dancing! 

Header image Dimitri by Rose Photography

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