Crate Minds: Records Of Interest With Mirko Rotzsch At Inter Records

Crate Minds showcases some of the best sellers on Discogs. Here you’ll get to meet the people behind the crates (virtual and otherwise), insight into the life of a record seller on Discogs, how they got here, and learn tips on selling records from the best in the biz.

To many of us, 2002 is but a distant memory – the Prince of Darkness was a reality TV star, Eminem’s The Eminem Show was the biggest selling album of the year in the US, and baby Blanket was dangled from a balcony. Weird times.

However, for Inter Records‘ Mirko Rotzsch, it was the start of a blossoming relationship with Discogs. As an early adopter (the Discogs Database was a tender two years old, if that), he cut his teeth on moderating the submission queue on Discogs and, like a true disciple, has barely spent a day away since.

Catching the CD and record selling bug from his father in the ’90s, Inter Records was born in 2013 with the acquisition of a 13,000-strong collection. Now with almost 60,000 items for sale on Discogs, and an enviable seller score with over 8000 ratings, it’s clear Inter Records’ family history in the business and long-standing Discogs expertise has put him in good stead to become one of Discogs’ best sellers.

With such an impressive track record, get to know the man behind the crates and find out what makes Inter Records tick.

Mirko Rotzsch holding a record

How long have you been using Discogs?

I opened my first account in August 2002 as an enthusiastic label discography “completer”, coming from a Netherlands-based discography site (can’t remember the name). In those days, it was not easy to find enough information on the WWW, so I was glad when Teo started Discogs. I developed my skills through moderating the submission queue on Discogs, and am now a guy who’s only spent about 100 days in almost 18 years NOT on this site. Not to mention over 70,000 rank points across my accounts.

How did you get into selling records?

My father founded a CD and record store in 1991, mainly selling Jazz, Soul and Pop. We started selling Techno/House in the 90s. I worked at Hardwax Dresden and started in 2013 on my own Inter Records. I bought an insane 13,000+ collection from an hifi store in Bonn, Germany. That was the start of Inter Records.

Tell us your favorite story about selling record?

In the mid 90s when worked at Hardwax Dresden, Spiral Tribe from the UK came around on their way to the pressing plant in Czech Republic, where they pressed the Network23 vinyl. It was my first contact with people living in tents and cars, sharing meat bones with their dogs and raving the whole weekend on speed(core). They were all dirty but very friendly and we always bought 10 or 20 copies of each release on their return to UK. Now I know I should’ve bought some more copies.

What is your favorite record of all-time?

This is the saddest question, as this reminds me of thousands of great records I never ordered, but probably Rodriguez – Cold Fact or DJ Shadow – Endtroducing.

What is the most valuable item you’ve ever sold?

Ruby & The Mudflaps – Do The Boogie and John St. John – You Can’t Mean It, each for €450.

What does your personal collection look like?

See favorite records, and just to name a few more: Boards Of Canada – Music Has The Right To ChildrenOrchester Ambros Seelos – Tanz, Gesundheit, Lebensfreude, Underground Resistance – The Final FrontierManfred Krug – 1, Elecktroids – Elektroworld, Peter Fox – Stadtaffe, Monks – Black Monk TimeArchive – You All Look The Same To Me, Panta Rhei – SameDanger Mouse and Sparklehorse – Dark Night Of The SoulFalco – EinzelhaftSpektar – Nepoznate Boje Spektra, Orchester Walter Kubiczeck – Das Unsichtbare Visier. From Elektronica to Prog Rock via Cosmic Disco, Rare Groove and Soul. I’m allowed to store about 4,ooo records in my living room – the other 6,000 (mainly Techno, House, Disco) are in boxes in the basement.

Some of Mirko Rotzsch's many records

What is your number one tip for buyers on Discogs?

Don’t trust sellers with a rating below 90%.

And for sellers?

Give buyers with low ratings a new chance to increase their level. Be kind and not too impatient!

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