Crate Minds: Mathias Gordon Of Recordsale-de

In our Crate Minds series, we highlight the people behind the Discogs accounts. This time we would like to introduce you to Berlin based recordsale-de. They have an incredible stock of 1,200,000(!) items, most of which are offered on Discogs. We asked CEO Mathias Gordon about the story behind their Discogs account.

Can you give us a bit of background on yourself?

Due to the lack of the skills of playing my own music, I have been a music enthusiast from a very young age. I opened my first club by the age of 22, turned castles into party locations, and toured Europe and Russia with many bands.

Please tell us more about recordsale-de, its history and the rest of the team!

Recordsale was founded on my balcony after my brother died. He was more a record collector than I was. He always complained that there was no decent internet shop for vinyl records out there, so it was a kind of metaphysical courtesy to my brother to found recordsale-de and make it the hopefully best record store worldwide.

Our second employee was my neighbor packing the packages. He is still on board. We are 60 music maniacs from 15 countries, working for recordsale-de at the moment, doing the grading, the pricing, the packing, the service, the cleaning and the taxes. We are an official training company in cooperation with the trade chamber. We pay salaries negotiated by the union, in these terms we are pretty old school. There isn’t a single employee who isn’t passionate about vinyl. That makes us a great company I guess.

What sets your business apart from others?

Simply size and professionalism. Think of a common record from the past 60 years, we definitely have it in stock. Also many rarities and obscurities of course.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

My colleagues, the music all around, especially in our “cathedral”: the warehouse.

You travel around the world to purchase records. What has been your most exciting adventure/best memory?

The first container from the US was exciting. We bought 80,000 12-inches in Florida. I was impressed by the professionalism with which our US partners handled everything, apart from the paperwork, haha! And buying a huge collection from Hans Pokora’s collection. Thank you, Hans!

What’s your most unexpected find in recent years?
Two original first presses of Can’s Monster Movie in one collection, and the honor to be able to buy them.

If we were digging through your personal collection, what would we find?

My personal collection is veeerry eclectic. I wouldn’t listen to music at home which doesn’t touch me emotionally, but what kind of music that is, varies of course.

Is there a record that you would never sell? Which one and why?

I do not stick to material things too much, but I wouldn’t give away my brother’s funeral song.

What does the record scene in Germany look like?

In Berlin it’s great and very diverse, it’s a mecca I guess.

How do you see the future for vinyl records?

Same as it will be for books, for paintings, for handmade furniture, for sailing boats: They will never disappear.

What is your number one tip for buyers and/or sellers on Discogs?

Keep away from anonymous sellers.

Anything else you would like us to know?

We are not the ultimate vinyl resource on the web: We’re just an ordinary record store!

Check out what recordsale-de has in store for you in their Discogs shop!

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  • Jul 11,2019 at 07:13

    I was also rather unhappy with the actual condition of some records, and a member of their staff replied that they were doing “visual grading” only in order to keep working hours at a sane level. I found that hard to believe, as a record’s looks alone indicate nothing at all. In other words: they do either not have enough staff to do get the job done properly, or they are selling more records than they can handle. Anyway, sales numbers seem to be high enough despite the negative feedbacks so there is probably little reason to change anything. That’s okay – most buyers will be happy, if they do not care. I just wish recordsale had a warning in their seller terms. And unfortunately, they are not the only big seller who sticks to “visual grading only”.

  • Jul 10,2019 at 22:59

    I agree completely that their 99.6% feedback rating is not that good for a high-volume seller. They have quite a few records from my wantlist, but I have avoided them so far because of the hundreds of non-positive feedback comments.

    I have been further put off by that photo of their warehouse. I can see several shelves of records leaning at quite an angle, which must be putting many covers at risk of damage, and even potential vinyl warping. Presumably they don’t understand or don’t care about proper storage, which could explain some of the grading issues.

  • Jun 22,2019 at 03:54

    Totally agree with the comment sjcee wrote up above – it was my one and only experience buying at Discogs that left a bitter taste. The issue was with falsely graded Covers. When I peruse my singles and see what was sent me from this seller, I still get a sense of distaste up to this day, 5 years now from said purchase.

  • Jun 21,2019 at 14:17

    Interesting read, used to meet the guy regularly in the same postoffice when bringing in tons of packages back in the days…
    On the other side I must admit that I find it quite critical to promote a shop/seller which/who collects that much neutral and negative feedback (mainly for wrong grading or cover issues) as a dicogs seller!
    Though the percentage may rather seem small, the total number of ~1.800 non positive feedbacks is quite scary…

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