Release Form Version 3 is now live

Thanks for all the [url=]testing[/url] and [url=]feedback[/url]. The new form is now live for all to use.

Quick recap of the major changes:

  • This new form makes extensive use of Javascript and required a MODERN WEB BROWSER, specifically Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater, Firefox, or Safari. Other browsers might work but are not officially supported.

  • Please be careful with the Back button. It will no longer undo your previous form operation. If you leave this form and come back via the back-button, it will not remember your unsaved changes, so save often.

  • You can now save drafts of release updates. After you have saved an update, you can leave the form and return and your changes will be retrieved.

  • There is now an auto-save function. The form will save any changes you’ve made every two minutes.

Please post if you have any questions.

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