Release Form Version 3 – Now Available for Testing! – UPDATE: 27-FEB

Greets all!

I’ve just completed the new version of the release form (version 3). On the surface the form looks the same but it is drastically different in that all of the operations are client-based (using javascript). Adding tracks and fields no longer require a trip to the server. So it’s more like a mini-appication running on your local computer. This should make it much easier and faster to enter release data.

One important point is that this form requires javascript and a modern web browser. As of now it requires Internet Explorer 6.0, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, or Opera. I’ve tested with those browsers on Windows and Mac platforms and haven’t encountered any problems yet.

You can get to the form in two ways:

1 – When you use the existing form to add, edit, or update a release there will be a link with the option to switch to the Test form.

2 – You can use a direct link: (to add a new release) (to edit a draft or pending release, where 123 is the release id) (to submit an update to an existing release, where 123 is the release id)

If you encounter any problems, please post in this thread. But I need to know some information to debug it, such as your operating system, browser and browser version, what release you’re editing, and of course, what you did, what happened, and what you think should have happened.


[b]UPDATE – 13-Feb[/b] Thanks for all of the feedback so far. I’ve fixed the problems with modnotes not being saved and submitted.

Also I have figured out the problem with submitting non-ASCII characters but it will not be fixed until I make a separate change to Discogs. I hope to have that fixed soon but for now, please don’t use this form to submit releases with special characters, or non-ASCII characters.

[b]UPDATE – 15-Feb[/b] The “Padding Error” errors are related to the same problem with special characters. This also will not be fixed until I make some separate changes to Discogs. Again, for now, please don’t use this form to submit or update releases with special characters.

[b]UPDATE – 21-Feb[/b] The Padding Errors and problems with special characters should all be gone now. This was fixed with the unicode conversion.

The line break problem is fixed.

The “Notify me” and “Add to my Collection” tickboxes are now set correctly.

I’ve done some testing with Opera 7.5 and 8.01 and neither of them work. I’m afraid they will not be supported with this form. So unfortunately Opera users must use 8.51 for this to work.

I plan to make this live very soon so please let me know if there are any more problems with the form.

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  • md
    Feb 13,2006 at 03:06

    still getting no joy from the preview. I was just in a meeting that lasted an hour, and the preview still hadn’t come up when I got back!

  • Feb 13,2006 at 02:29

    how about the drop menu for the amount of credits to be added? wasn’t that discussed before?

    It would be nice when adding big band records and such. IMO must have.

  • Feb 12,2006 at 23:13

    Otherwise the new form looks just great, but how come when testing the links, it destroys all edited data when i hit the back button on my browser?

    I’m using the new Firefox on WinXP

  • Feb 12,2006 at 18:30

    and sometimes it doesn’t actually submit when you click submit when editing a release. so when you go back to try to submit it again, all the edits you made are gone.

    Windows XP SP2 with IE 6

  • Feb 12,2006 at 16:33

    Just a few minor problems i have come across with the form.
    1. When editing a release, I usually have to click the Preview button twice to make it work. If I click it once, it just sits there loading, then I click again and it works. Doesn’t happen every time but most of the time.
    2. Nothing too big and ultimately does not affect the final product. But when I Preview an edit for a release, when an image actually shows up, it is usually not the primary image or default image. Instead it shows the label scan or back cover or something similar.

    Windows XP SP2 with IE 6

  • Feb 12,2006 at 08:41

    completely off-topic, but just to let you ([u=nik]/[u=teo]) know:
    the old edit release–> add image page still mentions 100kB max.

    ^^make that the current V2 version :)

  • Feb 12,2006 at 07:51

    no. special characters are still changed

  • Feb 12,2006 at 07:19

    Any chance of getting the [url=]auto-capitalization[/url] done with this form? Clicking one button could auto-capitalize all text fields.

  • Feb 11,2006 at 15:22

    I know some people wrote this before, but I’ll still report it again. There are “accent” problems:

    [b]Error ====> how supposed to be[/b]

    Assemblée Productions ====> Assemblée Productions
    Vice-À-Vie ====> Vice-À-Vie
    À Qui De Droit ====> À Qui De Droit
    Médiatik ====> Médiatik
    De Montréal À Montréal ====> De Montréal À Montréal

  • Feb 11,2006 at 13:01

    had trouble saving to draft. Most the time it would save the draft but would not save the picture in the draft, even though it was uploaded in the release form. –Win XP with SP2, IE 6

  • Feb 11,2006 at 12:59

    I just noticed a couple of issues/differences with the old one:

    – Save regularly! Hitting the back button of your browser will cause you to loose all your edits;
    – It seems to have difficulties with accented characters;
    – I tried to delete some lines on the global credits part of the form. After 2 or 3, the X button disappaered.

    I’m using Firefox 1.0.7.

  • Feb 11,2006 at 12:45

    I updated three releases with the new release form (and these were complete updates with tons of extra artists) and I had no problem. I use Netscape 7.2 with the Macintosh OS-X version 10.3.9. Thanks Teo.

  • Feb 11,2006 at 11:43

    my images (3) were gone in my release. Same for my mod. notes. Several chars like ä and ü are converted wrong. [r=622269] is that submission

    But it is nice, for a try

    W2k, Firefox 1.07 with some extensions

    *have edited it in the old way*

  • Feb 11,2006 at 10:14

    It trips on the © symbol as well. It changes it to “©”.

    Firefox 1.0.3 / Mac OS X 10.2.6.

  • Feb 11,2006 at 09:46

    Tried twice on one release and got 1st Padding Error, 2nd was server error

    otherwise fine much easier and faster to input and add credits
    however it appears as if i lost hour and a halfs work

    can the administrators find the updating pending for me
    Bauhaus – in the flat field – Jade Music

  • Feb 11,2006 at 08:13

    @ Plastic_Demons_4_U

    I just confirmed your bug. Pic dropped from this one too:

  • Feb 11,2006 at 07:59

    Javascript still has nothing to do with Java…

  • Feb 11,2006 at 07:51

    I just tried the new form for a 4xCD box set.
    Very nice performance gain on the form!
    My platform is WinXP / IE6 and all the Microsoft Updates.

    Preview was fast and responsize. However after hitting the Submit button it took a while to come back.
    The submission failed with no error. The only way I knew it failed was when I went to my Submitted Releases nothing new was there. Even after hitting Ctrl-F5 and reloading the Submitted page…nothing.

    The release I was testing with and submitted the old form:

  • Feb 11,2006 at 06:34

    The release I submitted has just been accepted but I notice that although an image was submitted with it, it doesn’t appear to have made it through the submission process.


  • Feb 11,2006 at 04:06

    just updated a couple of releases and everything works perfect here… and fast as well!!
    maybe it’s just a coincidence but no probs at all

    working with XP SP2, Firefox 1.0.7 and all the latest versions of java and god knows what more

  • Feb 11,2006 at 02:10

    I complained about that one already.
    is it just the preview or will it be like that after it’s been approved?

  • Feb 11,2006 at 02:03

    another minor yet annoying problem (don’t know if it’s been mentionned already): generating preview returns all text added in notes section as one continuous line / don’t look too good

    @ urbazon: i “fixed” my character problem saving the generated preview as draft and then editing problem through the “old” system … still saves big time crediting extra artists

  • Feb 10,2006 at 16:59

    But, yes, this version is like a gift from the sky!
    10x for it! Just fix those little buggies… :)

  • Feb 10,2006 at 16:56

    Yup, still the same problem with non-standard characters!
    PLZ hurry up with fixing it, I get confused more and more with all those freaky characters! :D

  • Feb 10,2006 at 15:25

    happy to read this as i thought i’m the only one that give them one of five for last two years.

  • Feb 10,2006 at 14:58


    I just love your comment on that Tiefschwarz album. sad but true, if you ask me…

  • Feb 10,2006 at 14:49

    same problem mentionned above with “special” characters – Françoise Cactus / Brezel Göring / Justus Köhnke

  • Feb 10,2006 at 14:18

    I have a problem with those notes.
    please see [url=]this update to see what I mean[/url].

    I wanted those notes to, erm, seperate lines but they seem to be continious instead. kinda hard to explain but you know what I mean… right? ;)

    but I really like this new system. rock on!

  • md
    Feb 10,2006 at 14:18

    This is looking really nice, but the never-materialising preview and the mod notes disappearing is somewhat of a problem. Absolutely love the speed of it though.

  • Feb 10,2006 at 14:04

    Kevin, I’m on the latest FF version & XP Pro S1. Everything worked perfect with the editing form so far. The same goes for the add release form, except … the images I uploaded to my submissions didn’t appear on the pending sub.

  • Feb 10,2006 at 14:02

    I work with Opera 8 and added and edited a release and both went fine, thanks Teo

  • Feb 10,2006 at 12:16

    one little thing – after you submit your form there is no link to return to the release page. that is all.

  • Feb 10,2006 at 10:38

    Excellent I like it, works fine in Firefox.

    Nice to not have to remove the empty lines.

    Only thing I don’t understand is why you have to save to draft before you can load an image?

  • teo
    Feb 10,2006 at 09:47

    Image uploading has been fixed. And I’m still working on the other problems.

  • Feb 10,2006 at 09:32

    If the form is using “AJAX”/XMLHttpRequest methods, only browsers that fully support it are Ffox 1.5+ and Latest Camino. Others will have partial or no support at all. At least Opera has been one of the very problematic browsers(doesn’t really work at all – or really badly. Haven’t tried their latest,v9) as well as Safari (better than Opera, though). IE6 has mostly worked, but it takes ages to execute XMLHttpRequest via ActiveXObject Msxml2.XMLHTTP.

  • Feb 10,2006 at 07:49

    Problem with accents when preview: exemple:

    Sté Strausz -> Sté Strausz’

    and when i click on it to view the page it doesn’t work because he’s searching for “Sté Strausz'”

  • Feb 10,2006 at 05:58

    Loving the new release form but I’ve found a few bugs, will report on them when I get home :)

  • md
    Feb 10,2006 at 03:35

    Yes I noticed that at home on Firefox last night actually. The form seemed to preview perfectly but the mod notes disappeared from both the preview and the live submission.

  • Feb 10,2006 at 03:16

    Moderator notes disappeared after saving and/or sending a new release. I had to use the old form to put some moderator comments.
    Firefox on XP.

  • md
    Feb 10,2006 at 03:06

    I’m using IE ver.6.0.2800.1106 here at work and am not getting any joy from the preview (and as such am unable to submit anything). It just swirls around and never creates the preview.

  • Feb 10,2006 at 01:33

    Editing again and it is corrigible.

  • Feb 10,2006 at 01:30

    The Umlaut-Bug is up again [url=]Tonträger[/url]

  • Feb 9,2006 at 23:48

    ‘Preview’ isn’t working for me… Clicked button (once, and then a few more times, both top & bottom), no loading, nothing, only a little ‘Error on page’ message down in the bottom corner. Everything else fine though, love it! (didn’t try pictures, put those in afterward, or submission, did that from a normal sub page)

    I’m on IE6, XPPro SP2 & [url=]here’s mah pending[/url].

  • Feb 9,2006 at 20:59

    And again, “Incorrect Padding” .. sigh, and I was so fond of it. teo, thanks for all your hard work, I’m sure it’ll be totally rawkin’ soon =)

  • Feb 9,2006 at 20:44

    I was working on a minor update for [r=296476], and all looked beautiful. There’s no easy way to revert like with the current/old style, where going back in the history would restore any text you deleted.

    The update was complete, and I was about to release a flock of doves, but upon hitting “SUBMIT” –
    “[b]Server Error (Incorrect padding)[/b]

    This page generated an error. This is a problem with Discogs and the administrators have been notified.”

    And it was all lost. I am Using IE 6.0.2800.1106 in Win2k SP4.

    I’ll try in Firefox

  • Feb 9,2006 at 18:44

    Server Error (local variable ‘r’ referenced before assignment)

    This page generated an error. This is a problem with Discogs and the administrators have been notified.

    FF 1.5


    lost all everything after pressing submit :'(

  • Feb 9,2006 at 17:35

    The upade on a release with german signs like ä ü ö destroys them.
    See track 1-10 on this.



  • Feb 9,2006 at 16:56

    now works for me too!
    congrats teo ;)

  • Feb 9,2006 at 16:33

    It is great to have no loading when you save, add artist per track, etc… Works great!! The only thing, I don’t really care, is that when you save to draft it doesn’t put roles in alphabetical order, for example :
    Producer – X
    Artwork By – X
    Organ – X

    as it did before :
    Artwork By – X
    Organ – X
    Producer – X

  • tom
    Feb 9,2006 at 14:31

    Works fine 1st time in firefox 1.0.7

    Looks sweet & fast

  • Feb 9,2006 at 14:08

    i just submitted 2 updates and all my modnotes were gone. Instead of them it appears ‘test test’.

  • teo
    Feb 9,2006 at 13:53

    Thanks for all the feedback so far. I’ve reproduced the images error and will fix that.

    Merius and helix, I will find a way to fix the character problems.

    dj_pc, I tried Opera 7.43 and it is lacking support for a lot of the javascript that is in use here. Unfortunately I don’t think I can support that version right now. In the meantime I suggest you use 8.0 if you need to use Opera.

  • Feb 9,2006 at 13:49

    Character problem here on [r=620650] with é. Damian O’Néill -> Damian O’Néill on preview.
    Looks ok in the form field but is saved to draft the same as the preview.

    A lot faster though :)

    W2k, IE6 (6.0.2800.1106, SP1)

  • Feb 9,2006 at 13:48

    congrats [u=teo]! i think this will be a vast improvement on a number of levels and will probably (if i understand my server technology correctly) greatly reduce the number of “Could not connect to Search server” messages simply by way of not having to go to the server everytime a field is updated, etc., as you mentioned. :)

  • Feb 9,2006 at 13:48

    In case of trouble, try this easy work`round:
    fill in new cgi -> save draft -> close tab -> open draft in old cgi -> do watcha like…, works fine for me. (FF-Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Win98; de-DE; rv:1.7.12)

    this cgi (thru beta-phase) will be an ease, `really waited for.
    thanx a lot : )

  • Feb 9,2006 at 13:43

    OK, just tried adding my first release with the new form.
    I use WinXP with SP2 and IE 6.0 with all the latest fixes.

    * I tried uploading a picture, it said it was successful, but no picture to be seen in preview or after submit.
    * When editing the submission (to add the picture again), I also notices that my modnotes were gone, and the ‘Add to my collection’ flag was not ticked.

  • Feb 9,2006 at 13:42

    preview is fine in firefox 1.0 and IE 6.0 for me but in opera 8.01 the circle picture now disappears and the grey lines are left (like it loads normally but [url=]doesn’t display[/url]) but wait for other opera 8+ users as my version also doesn’t show timestamp hooverings anymore for instance

  • Feb 9,2006 at 13:22

    bug report:

    Tried to edit a release and everything went smoove and easy. Preview and submitting worked as well. But I had to cancel the pending as a french accent was transformed from “Âme” to “Âme”.

  • Feb 9,2006 at 13:18

    it happens only with edit. button works perfectly when adding a new release.

  • Feb 9,2006 at 13:17

    when editing a draft the upload image button disappears…

  • Feb 9,2006 at 13:08

    Yes, I just submitted this: using the new release form and almost everything worked like a charm. The Preview was almost instantaneous for me and I had no problems with it. And adding credits is SO much easier now I love it to death.
    I did have one problem though. When I clicked ‘Add New Image’, the window popped up and I browsed to find my image. Then I clicked ‘Upload’. Once it was done it said “Image successfully uploaded” and then I clicked the ‘Close this window’ button and then nothing happened. There was no image added to the submission or anything and it didn’t show up it the preview either. Tried more than once but couldn’t get it. So I saved it to a draft (which worked great by the way) and added the Image using the old release form.

    oh, and I have Windows XP sp2 with IE 6.

  • teo
    Feb 9,2006 at 13:08

    Okay, great news. I did find one javascript syntax problem and corrected it about 20 minutes before you posted. Maybe that solves it for others too?

    I’m downloading Opera 7.54 right now to see what’s causing the breakage.

  • Feb 9,2006 at 13:00

    For the first time, preview has worked perfectly for me. It took a blink… :)

  • Feb 9,2006 at 11:57

    Suddenly everything is as before, think teo stopped the testing.

  • Feb 9,2006 at 11:33

    I have XP IE 6, still waiting BTW!

  • Feb 9,2006 at 11:22

    On pressing preview am having same problem – nothing happens!

  • Feb 9,2006 at 11:18

    as teo wrote it should pop up immediatly so no need to wait any longer than some seconds

  • Feb 9,2006 at 11:06

    Fall asleep while waiting for preview, just woke up and it still wasn’t there. Now I stop the action.
    I had a problem by add artists per track. That didn’t worked.

  • Feb 9,2006 at 11:03

    I’m on WinXP, IE6.0 with all updates. Preview is generating for at least 5 minutes…

    On Opera I cannot add artists and extra artists per track: “Not Working Yet” or is that an Opera problem? (I’m running 7.54)

  • Feb 9,2006 at 10:56

    Foreign character support is a bit shaky. I copypasted [a=Klaus Schønning] into the java form and saved the draft. It looks ok while still in the submission form, but if you exit to the drafts list it appears as Klaus Schønning.

    I am also not getting any previews. (PC / IE 6.0)

  • Feb 9,2006 at 10:54

    I tried editing one of my pendings. When I click on the link for the new form, I get the form but it’s blank. I’m using Firefox

    edit: Apparently it links to instead of the link with the release#.

  • Feb 9,2006 at 10:54

    same teo

  • Feb 9,2006 at 10:51

    tried again after Teo’s post. It still keeps loading and loading and loading…

  • Feb 9,2006 at 10:51

    still taking too long for IE6.

  • teo
    Feb 9,2006 at 10:50

    Okay, I’ve just made a few changes that may improve things with the preview.

  • Feb 9,2006 at 10:46

    i’m on IE btw

  • Feb 9,2006 at 10:45

    I also have the preview problem, submitting on

  • Feb 9,2006 at 10:45

    draft saving is working fine for me.

  • Feb 9,2006 at 10:44

    used can’t even use a subdomain. Page can not be displayed…

    in opera:
    – adding a pic “sucessfully”, saving draft. pic doesn’t show up on addrelease nor on the release page
    – save draft: Saved Draft # at 7:40 PM the linked id doesn’t show up (but does perfectly in IE)

  • Feb 9,2006 at 10:43

    i’m trying to add a release using and the preview doesn’t seem to work. it’s generating for about 2 minutes…

  • teo
    Feb 9,2006 at 10:39

    for everyone with the preview problem, are you submitting on or a subdomain like, ?

  • Feb 9,2006 at 10:35
    this the release i was trying to update, still nothing happened maybe i made smth not supposed to be done?
    just adding the featuring credit to last track and hitted preview.. but doesnt seem to do anything..

  • Feb 9,2006 at 10:33

    preview is not working in add, edit/ or update/ just the circle rotating. tried opera, firefox and IE

  • teo
    Feb 9,2006 at 10:31

    metatron, what browser? what release are you editing?

  • Feb 9,2006 at 10:29

    it doesn’t generate a preview. and it’s doens’t add a picture. its written thats everything is ok, but there’ no picture on release page.

  • Feb 9,2006 at 10:28

    A big improvement. Brilliant!

  • teo
    Feb 9,2006 at 10:27

    draeke, are you still having that problem? If you’re editing a draft please let me know which one. It should happen instantly. And you don’t need any plugins.

    Monk, javascript will be required when this new form goes live for everyone.

  • Feb 9,2006 at 10:20

    You don’t need java to run javascript.

    edit: a few seconds too late :D

  • Feb 9,2006 at 10:20

    Javascript is not Java.

  • Feb 9,2006 at 10:19

    what if users don’t have java? will it work like v2?
    does AOL allow java already? :D

  • Feb 9,2006 at 10:16

    Ahhh :)

    generating preview… takes ages / doesn’t seem to do anything?

  • Feb 9,2006 at 10:14

    hello, the generating preview field is running since 5 minutes already. is that normal :)? or maybe do i need some special java plug-in? i am on win xp sp2, with ie 6.0 and all the possible patches / updates of xp/ie.

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