Release Form Version 3 – Now Available for Testing! – UPDATE: 27-FEB

Greets all!

I’ve just completed the new version of the release form (version 3). On the surface the form looks the same but it is drastically different in that all of the operations are client-based (using javascript). Adding tracks and fields no longer require a trip to the server. So it’s more like a mini-appication running on your local computer. This should make it much easier and faster to enter release data.

One important point is that this form requires javascript and a modern web browser. As of now it requires Internet Explorer 6.0, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, or Opera. I’ve tested with those browsers on Windows and Mac platforms and haven’t encountered any problems yet.

You can get to the form in two ways:

1 – When you use the existing form to add, edit, or update a release there will be a link with the option to switch to the Test form.

2 – You can use a direct link: (to add a new release) (to edit a draft or pending release, where 123 is the release id) (to submit an update to an existing release, where 123 is the release id)

If you encounter any problems, please post in this thread. But I need to know some information to debug it, such as your operating system, browser and browser version, what release you’re editing, and of course, what you did, what happened, and what you think should have happened.


[b]UPDATE – 13-Feb[/b] Thanks for all of the feedback so far. I’ve fixed the problems with modnotes not being saved and submitted.

Also I have figured out the problem with submitting non-ASCII characters but it will not be fixed until I make a separate change to Discogs. I hope to have that fixed soon but for now, please don’t use this form to submit releases with special characters, or non-ASCII characters.

[b]UPDATE – 15-Feb[/b] The “Padding Error” errors are related to the same problem with special characters. This also will not be fixed until I make some separate changes to Discogs. Again, for now, please don’t use this form to submit or update releases with special characters.

[b]UPDATE – 21-Feb[/b] The Padding Errors and problems with special characters should all be gone now. This was fixed with the unicode conversion.

The line break problem is fixed.

The “Notify me” and “Add to my Collection” tickboxes are now set correctly.

I’ve done some testing with Opera 7.5 and 8.01 and neither of them work. I’m afraid they will not be supported with this form. So unfortunately Opera users must use 8.51 for this to work.

I plan to make this live very soon so please let me know if there are any more problems with the form.

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