Release Form Version 3 – Round Two!

Greets, Since my last updates in the previous thread I’ve made several improvements and bugfixes to the form. If you had problems with it before can you please try again.

You can get to the form in two ways:

1 – When you use the existing form to add, edit, or update a release there will be a link with the option to switch to the Test form.

2 – You can use a direct link: (to add a new release) (to edit a draft or pending release, where 123 is the release id) (to submit an update to an existing release, where 123 is the release id)

— all links on the form are supposed to open a new window. Some people mentoined that links opened in the same window. I changed it so links open with “target=_blank” instead of “target=_new”. If the links still open in the same window, please let me know.
— it is not possible to save drafts of updates. I’m looking into adding this as an option later.
— The back button will take you to the previous page, NOT the last time you previewed. It’s not possible to change this, short of disabling the back button.

Any problems with the form, please post in here!

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