Revamped Submission Error Checks

We have finished the fairly large task of rewriting all of the existing submission form error checks, and the new code is now live on the site as of now.

We have done many tests on this new code, but as it is quite complex, and the number of different ways data can be entered is large, we would like to ask that you keep an eye out for any problems, and please don’t hesitate to report them to us here.

The rewriting of the code now means we can add new error checks more easily than before. As a start on this, we have added the following new error checks:

  • No data in artist ‘Join’ field
  • If label is None, then block sub
  • If catno is ‘not known’, ‘unknown’, ‘?’, ‘#1’, ‘0’, ‘1’, ‘000’: add error to check catno
  • If catno includes ‘B000’, add error to check catno
  • If catno includes ‘LC’, add error to check catno
  • If format is vinyl, check for LP and 12″ to 4″ size descriptions, warn if none
  • If format description is LP, and 12″ or 33 RPM are added: add error message
  • Error for missing track titles
  • If some track artist fields are filled in, make sure all are
  • Thanks to everyone who has helped suggest new error checks, we look forward to adding more soon!

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