Saving Submissions

There’s now an option to save submissions for later reference. When you’re viewing a history page you can click the “Save this submission” and it will be added to your saved list. If it’s already saved you can click the “Don’t save this submission” link to remove it from your saved list. And if you’re inside the submissions browser just press the [b]s[/b] hotkey to quickly toggle the save status.

There’s also a new option in [url=/users/prefs]preferences[/url], “Auto-save submissions after I comment or vote”. When you have this enabled it will automatically save every submission after you post a comment or vote.

To get to your saved submissions list there is a new link for it in My Discogs (only visible when you have a saved submission).

This function will take the place of viewing “items I’ve voted on” and “items I’ve commented on” as it’s more flexible and can be used for many more scenarios. If anyone wants everything they’ve commented/voted on added to their saved submissions please PM me and I’ll add them for you. And please specify if you want comments, votes, or both.


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