Seed Turntable Is A Unique All-In-One System

Seed is one of the latest bits of turntable eye candy we’ve seen surface on Kickstarter. It claims to be the world’s first all-in-one turntable system, with excellent sound quailty, 70W output and streaming capability.

Seed has been in planning and development for the past two years by Taiwanese company, HYM with an experienced team of designers and audio technicians. Seed is mounted with an Audio Technica AT3600 Hi-Fi phono cartridge, which along with the tonearm has been meticulously calibrated to achieve a true-to-original sound. The deceptively retro system houses an amp and speakers beneath the turntable. According to HYM, their “Tri-Point” suspension system effectively holds the platter and tonearm steady, absorbing any vibrations and filtering out rumbles.

3 close up shots of Seed turntable, displaying it's platter, tonearm, cartridge and sleek aesthetic

As well as analog playback, Seed enables wireless, WiFi and bluetooth airplay and can connect to any major streaming services. It also has AUX inputs and can connect with all kinds of audio systems.

At time of posting, the Kickstarter campaign has well exceed it’s $40K goal, currently sitting at $121, 011 with 34 days to go. We can’t comment on the quality of the turntable or playback, but it goes without saying that Seed has already won over plenty of fans who are excited to try it out. With retail price at $735, it’s a pretty big commitment without having heard the thing, but the Kickstarter special is going for $429. Bargain.

While some purists may argue that combining a turntable with streaming abilities is sacrilege, you gotta admit it kinda nicely bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary forms of enjoying music.

Has Seed laid roots in your heart, or will you stick to the classics? Check out more turntables here!

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