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Selection Section: Bloody Mary’s Most Formative Records

Life has been busy for the French-born, Berlin-based DJ, producer and label owner, Bloody Mary, ever since she first discovered electronic music at a rave as a teenager. She left that party with a new passion which led to the start of her record collection, getting her first turntables and catching an incurable crate digging bug. She rose through the ranks of the techno scene in the South of France, landing her first residency at Studio 88.

Bloody Mary moved to Berlin in the mid-’00s, where she started her own imprint, Dame-Music in 2010. The label was born from her passion for vinyl and ambition to ship quality dance music around the globe. Dame-Music is known for its consistently high-quality releases that blend techno and house music. By working closely with (musically) kindred spirits, the label maintains its unique sound and thrives on its love for raw and analogue sounds. To this day, the label’s roster boasts names such as Boo Williams, Anaxander, Innerspace Halflife, Axel Boman, The Analogue Cops, and many more.

Her latest EP, The Synesthesia Experience came out in September on Josh Wink‘s label, Ovum Recordings and sees her return to her passion for the acid sound. She’ll be supporting this release the way she does – rocking festival and club crowds around the world as both a vinyl DJ and hardware based-live act across all continents. Her unique music taste and elegant onstage presence has scored her coveted slots at renowned dance festivals WMC Miami, Movement Detroit, Piknic Electronik Australia and Barcelona, ADE and Off Sonar, as well as beloved clubs, Fabric London, Tresor and Panorama Bar Berlin, Smart Bar Chicago and more.

Bloody Mary pulls some personal favorites from her record collection:

Bloody Mary's Favorite Records: The Human League - Dare

Record from your collection that’s most dear to you:  The Human League – Dare

That would be Human League’s “Dare”. I completely love the full album, it’s a masterpiece!

Bloody Mary's Favorite Records: Laurent Garnier

Record or artist that’s had the biggest influence on your music taste: Laurent Garnier

It’s too hard to name a single record or artist, but the one who comes straight to mind is Laurent Garnier. He did so many good things for the techno scene in France back in the ’90s. He has always been the best example as an artist, he’s extremely talented and very humble.

Bloody Mary's Favorite Records: The Other People Place - Lifestyles Of The Laptop Cafe

Holy Grail Record (The one you haven’t been able to get your hands on – yet): The Other People Place – Lifestyles Of The Laptop Cafe

I was looking for this one for so long but the price had always been too crazy… Finally the album was repressed last year and I got my hands on a copy.

Bloody Mary's Favorite Records: Prince - Controversy

All-time Favorite Record: Prince – Controversy

I love Prince, and this record is on rotation really often in the mornings at home. I wish I had the chance to see him live in concert.

Bloody Mary's favorite records: Various - 7 Year Anniversary

Record On High Rotation At The Moment: Various – 7 Year Anniversary

This is the latest vinyl from my label Dame-Music, number 035. It’s 3 versatile tracks made by Boo Williams, Milton Bradley aka Alien Rain & myself and The Analogue Cops, which allows me to play it in different parties/festivals recently.

Bloody Mary's favorite records: Radiohead - In Rainbows

Record You Play A Lot On Tour (in flight or on the bus/van): Radiohead – In Rainbows

An airplane favourite of mine. Radiohead’s music makes me relax.

Bloody Mary's favorite records and artists - Helena Hauff

Record or artist you want to get into more: Helena Hauff

I’ve been following Helena Hauff for the last two years. I love her taste in music and she always makes me dance in the club. She pulls out many old records in her DJ sets and knows how to mix them all perfectly with new stuff. Her studio room is also very interesting and I like the way she’s producing music.

Bloody Mary's favorite records and artists: Thomas K. Heckmann

Record or artist that has had the biggest influence on your work as an artist: Thomas P. Heckmann

At least one vinyl from Thomas P. Heckmann is a must in my DJ sets. In my record collection I have so many of his tracks under different aliases. I’m so proud and happy that I signed him on my label Dame-Music. The vinyl will be out in December 2017, also including tracks from KiNK and myself.

Bloody Mary's favorite records: Yazoo - Don't Go

Which record do you wish you’d stolen from your parents’ collection: Yazoo – Don’t Go

My mum was working in a national radio station in the 80s. I grew up influenced by her musical taste and her love for the vinyl format.

Bloody Mary's favorite records: Wink - Evil Acid

Last record you listened to: Wink – Evil Acid

I’m packing my record bag at the moment to play in Barcelona tomorrow with Derrick May and more. Following that, I’ll head to Croatia the day after, where I’ll share the decks with one of my favourite acid producers, Tim Taylor. I’m listening right now to this Ovum Record which is one of my favourites on the label. I’m now happy to be part of the Ovum family as an artist, I’ve loved and respected Josh’s work for many years.

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