Selection Section: MANIK Pulls Some Heaters From His Record Collection

It’s been 6 years since New York’s MANIK burst onto the electronic music scene in 2011. Since then, he’s had releases on Ovum, Poker Flat, Culprit, BPitch Control, Kim Ann Foxman‘s Firehouse, Huxley‘s label No Idea’s Original, and Fresh Meat Chicago.

His growing international profile has seen him bring his unique brand of house, techno, old school and new school to exclusive venues worldwide. Throughout the years he’s been behind the decks at Berlin’s Panorama Bar, Womb Tokyo, Fabric in London, Revolver in Melbourne, Q Nightclub in Seattle and many more, and undoubtedly more to come.

Besides being an acclaimed DJ with a devoted following, MANIK is also a skilled and seasoned crate digger, spending hours in record shop in search of forgotten records and hidden gems. His commitment to the art of digging and superlative taste in music come through in his performances and releases. Hear it for yourself in the mix MANIK did exclusively for Discogs last year.

We’re psyched for MANIK’s highly anticipated new album ‘Undergroundknowledge’ dropping on Ovum on October 20. Make sure you get yourself a copy!

MANIK talks us through some heaters from his record collection:

Heaters from MANIK's record collection: The Gyrlz - Love Me Or Leave Me

Guilty Pleasure Album: The Gyrlz – Love Me Or Leave Me

If you love a solid new jack swing/RnB groove to your evening, this is it. Went under the radar a bit, and The Gyrlz never quite hit like some others, but there are some stormers on here. This CD goes for like a hundred.

Heaters from MANIK's record collection: Sade - Diamond Life

Favorite Sexy Soundtrack: Sade – Diamond Life

The Queen right here. Sade is my absolute favorite. She has had plenty of albums and they are all amazing in their own way – everyone has their favorite. For me, Diamond Life takes the cake.

Heaters from MANIK's record collection: Dynamix II Feature Too Tough Tee - Give The D.J. A Break

Favorite Party Record: Dynamix II Featuring Too Tough Tee – Give The D.J. A Break

This record is everything I love about hip hop/freestyle and the 808 all merged into one. Clever samples spread throughout with a devastating groove. I will play this in some sets and it always kills.

Heaters from MANIK's record collection: Fingers Inc. - Another Slide

All Time Favorite House Album: Fingers Inc. – Another Slide

Classic house album from the definitive greatest house music group of all time. Larry Heard is the mastermind behind this project, while Robert Owens sings with his signature sound. Damn, I love this record.

Heaters from MANIK's record collection: Davina - Don't You Want It

Last Record You Listened To: Davina – Don’t You Want It

I probably play this at home like 5 times a month. My favorite record on the legendary Underground Resistance from Detroit. It was definitely one of the grooviest and most soulful to come from the label. When her vocals come in, game over.

Heaters from MANIK's record collection: Jack Frost And The Circle Jerks - Two The Max

Favorite Acid House Record: Jack Frost And The Circle Jerks – Two The Max

707 and 303. The most basic yet effective form of sleazy house music. Love Acid House so this is a tough one to pick. I could basically make a top 10 alone on this genre. This one feels right today :)

Heaters from MANIK's record collection: Aaron

Record You Wish You’d Made: Aaron”Fit”Siegel – Tonite

What can I say about this amazing record. It has the deep, funky, and often times weird vibes Omar is known for, but then this ethereal/magical vibe comes in with the synths and lead vocal. Detroit’s finest right here. All versions are dope but I think the “DD” mix is still my favorite and then the Detroit mix.

Heaters from MANIK's record collection: Aleem - Release Yourself

First Record You Ever Bought: Aleem – Release Yourself

I bought this record after I heard Larry Levan used to rinse it at Paradise Garage. I was born at at the tail end of Paradise Garage so I never got to go there clearly, but this record always makes me feel like I am back there in the middle of the dance floor. Release yourself!

Heaters from MANIK's record collection: B.T. Express - Do It ('Til You're Satisfied)

Favorite Chill Record: B.T. Express – Do It (‘Til You’re Satisfied)

Funk and soul at its finest here. This is one of my favorite records to put on when I am cooking dinner. Grab a glass of wine and cue this up. Instant awesome.

MANIK's Favorite record store: Detroit Threads, Hamtramck, MI

Favorite Record Store: Detroit Threads – Hamtramck, MI

I was first introduced to this spot through my friend, Pontchartrain, and now everytime I go to Detroit I have to go here no matter what. The collection is next level. Funk and Disco, local Detroit stuff, house classics, represses, so much good music. Mikel runs this spot and I literally never leave Detroit without a proper stack from this shop.

Grab MANIK’s new album, ‘Undergroundknowledge’ out October 20 and check out his catalog on Discogs!

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