Selection Section: Nuno dos Santos’ Top 10 B-Sides And Rediscovered Gems

by falsepriest

We’re reach out to some of our favorite DJs and asking them to share some of their most loved releases with us for our Selection Section. Nuno Dos Santos has long been something of a legend in the Dutch music scene. The Portuguese born, Netherlands raised DJ is also the music producer behind underground hits, like ‘Hamming‘, and is head honcho at rising record label, Something Happening, Somewhere. Nuno Dos Santos is famed for his marathon sets, which are just as likely to take you on a techno journey filled with ambient intermezzos, as a vibey house set with lo-fi soundscapes fueled by poignant arps. Nuno Dos Santos releases Trigonometry of Love – his debut EP for label Something Happening, Somewhere – on 24 March.

Nuno Dos Santos shares his favorite rediscovered gems and B-sides from the early 90s-00s. Have a listen to  all these tracks for yourself in the playlist and check out Nuno’s take on them below:

Nuno Dos Santos favorite b-side Equilibrium by Carl A. Finlow

1. Carl A. FinlowEquilibrium, (Device) (2002)

A beautiful piece of electro vibes. Wonky baselines and melodies. I’m a sucker for those. It’s hypnotizing in it’s endless repetition and gently evolves. For me there is only one way to experience and fully appreciate such a track: eyes closed. Timeless.

Nuno Dos Santos favorite b-side Tape Measure by Doctor Rockit

2. Doctor RockitTape Measure, (Accidental) 2004

Had to upload this one myself as it wasn’t available on YouTube. I guess there is still so much good stuff that isn’t on there yet, though the general notion is that it’s a catalogue of everything audiovisual human kind has produced in the last century. The last 12” as Doctor Rockit which is one of the many Matthew Herbert monikers he has used over the years. It’s also released on Accidental, which is the label he has been running since 2000. The label name ties in very nicely with his approach to music production and the manifesto he wrote. What can I say… That distinctive Herbert sound with those weird dark crunchy samples combined with that positive playful and naive melody. Perfect!

Nuno Dos Santos favorite b-side 2 Voyages by MLO

3. MLO2 Voyages (Ashley Beedle’s Concrete Martial Funk), (Aura Surround Sounds) 1996

Ashley Beedle in a broken forward driving remix which I also uploaded myself. Those crusty claps combined with the drum machines, filtered chord samples and swirling synth lines smoothly coming and out create a lovely sound world. Still sounds super fresh!

Nuno Dos Santos favorite b-side Symphonic by Roy Davis Jr.

4. Roy Davis Jr.Symphonic Days, (Chord 44 Records) 1996

It starts out with this simple conga loop, but the groove is so addictive combined with that small little synth flute. Everything is in motion, it sounds quite similar but at the same time keeps changing. At a certain point it becomes quite trippy and haunting. And those disco strings that are sometimes sampled short as a rhythmic sound, but later flourishes and unfolds fully as a sort of theme that releases the whole groove. Not too long though, pretty soon it returns back to the core.


Nuno Dos Santos favorite b-side Slither by Skintrade

5. SkintradeSlither, (Soma Quality Recordings) 1994

A trippy, high energy track. Every time that bass motif goes higher you’re sort of lifted and transported while the energy keeps building. You get some breathing room right in the middle but then returns to that trancey synth melody. Exceeding expectations, it never transposes again but teases you that it’s going to happen any minute, never fully reaching it. It’s a solid 134 bpm, but this track still excites me after all these years!

Nuno Dos Santos favorite b-side, Feelings Engine by The Actors Pedantry

6. The Actors PedantryFeelings Engine, (Ampoule) 1999

This whole EP is lovely. It sounds so organic; I can even hear squawking gulls somewhere in there. They morph and turn into electronic manipulated sounds and back again, so it’s neither the one thing or the other and keeps me listening actively to what’s going on. That bell melody is the main driving element in the track, while the rest of the sound-world sort of revolves around it. Super lush and strange at the same time.

Nuno dos Santos favorite b-side, After Dark by Andrea Parker and David Morley

7. Andrea Parker & David MorleyAfter Dark, (Infonet Electronic Recordings) 1995

It’s not super rare but I remember when this came out it made such a deep impact on me. It’s dark and haunting but it also has that melancholic and hopeful vibe in it. Still a very powerful experience!

Nuno dos Santos favorite b-side, David Donohoe - Just

8. David DonohoeJust, (Minimise) 2000

One of my all time favourites! The way this builds up in a Detroit kind of way with a very melancholic vibe still touches me. Those melodies and chords somehow clash a little bit at times, but it only adds to the character and mood. You really get sucked in all the way and it becomes so emotional at a certain point when it feels like the heavens open up for you, pure bliss.

Nuno dos Santos favorite b-side, The Modwheel - Essalam

9. The ModwheelEssalam, (Heard) 1997

Tom Middleton in full effect on a b-side I recently discovered. A long intro that continues with that typical Arabic scale melody. After the intro it turns into this monstrous hypnotic driving beat that keeps building but keeps those Arabic vibes sprinkled throughout. The whole track feels super positive! As if you were walking in the desert for hours on end and suddenly walk into this oasis.

Nuno Dos Santos favorite b-side Daily Sacrifice by Gigi Galaxy

10. Gigi GalaxyDaily Sacrifice, (Teknotika Records) 1995

I was so in love with this label back then! It has that warehouse sound all over it… A jacking groove combined with strange rhythms mixed with those dark strings, you really get into another zone. In a way it’s quite a simple track, with few elements but combined they sound massive and create a powerful, hypnotic affair. Again, I uploaded it myself – maybe I should start a whole YouTube channel with these tracks.

Pre-order Nuno Dos Santos’ new EP, Trigonometry of Love ahead of it’s release on 24 March, or check out his earlier releases here