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Selection Section: Simon Doom Picks Milestone Records

Selection Section flips through the treasured collections of some of our favorite bands, musicians, DJs and producers. This week we’re joined by  Simon Doom. 

Simon O’Connor released his debut album, “Babyman” under the moniker Simon Doom this year, and the reviews have been raving. praised lead single “I Feel Unloved”, saying: “Ugh. This song is so good, with a verse like sunshine and plinkety guitars that are very Albert Hammond Jr.”, and NME named it among their list of best songs of 2017 in April. It’s hardly surprising that the musician whose impressive resume boasts work in bands like Kuroma and Amazing Baby, as well as alongside Tommy Stintson of The Replacements, is able to so effectively craft a unique brand of power pop that’s as innovative as it is accessible. Check out “Babyman” in full!

Simon Doom digs deep into his collection for his Selection Section:

Simon Doom's selection section: Madonna True Blue

First Record You Ever Bought: Madonna – True Blue

(On Cassette). I was 6 years old when the movie “Dick Tracy” came out and became obsessed with Madonna… arguably my first crush? Anyway, I saved up $9 in change over the summer and wanted that tape. I bought it from the tape and CD stand that is often pictured outside “Monks’ Diner” in “Seinfeld” establishment shots. I grew up down the street.

Simon Doom's selection section: Cymande

Favorite Party Record: Cymande – Cymande

It just has something for everyone… perfect mix of chill and exciting. You can dance to it, but you don’t have to… ya know?

Simon Doom's selection section: The UV Race - Homo

Record on high rotation at the moment? The UV Race – Homo

Australians are killing it Punk-wise these days.

Last record you listened to: Relaxation Rain: Sounds To Aid Sleep (not in database)

…I am on tour, ya know?

Simon Doom's selection section: Judgement Night Soundtrack

Record You Wish You’d Made: The Judgement Night Soundtrack

Imagine if I was the architect of Rap-Metal?

Simon Doom's selection section: The Crow Soundtrack

Over-rated Record: The Crow Soundtrack

I mean… actually it’s pretty rad. Low Point: Rollins Band covering Suicide. High Point: Nine Inch Nails covering Joy Division/Pantera covering Poison Idea.

Simon Doom's selection section: Robyn Hitchcock and The Egyptians Fegmania

Record that has had the biggest influence on your work as an artist: Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians ‎– Fegmania!

Every song is a story… psychedelic and funny. Musically it’s “And Your Bird Can Sing” with New Wave production!

Simon Doom's selection section: Flys Own

Record that most influenced your current album: Flys ‎– Own

This influenced Babyman more sonically than lyrically. I first heard of The Flys when Dan Treacy, of TV Personalities, posted one of their early tracks on Facebook. I finally found the “Own” LP and played it to death. I can see why it was overlooked. It jumps all over the place. It sounds like The Only Ones sometimes, Wire sometimes, Chris Spedding sometimes, The Fall sometimes, and then goes kinda Tubeway Army meets Nick Lowe. It probably wears too many hats for ’79, but for me, it was perfect.

Simon Doom's selection section: Scharpling Wurster - Rock Rot & Rule

Record You Play On Tour (In the bus/van): Scharpling & Wurster ‎– Rock, Rot & Rule

Sometimes you need a break from music and just wanna laugh, ya know?

Simon Doom's selection section: Sit & Spin Records, PA slipmats

Favorite Record Store: Sit & Spin Records, PA

The perfect Punk record store… T-shirt selection downstairs is mind-blowing!

Add these to your collection on Discogs! And catch Simon Doom on his upcoming tour dates:

  • July 14th – Union Pool – BK – Belated Album Release Show
  • July 20th – Baby’s All Right – BK – with Re-TROS
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