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Your Store on Your Terms: Seller Settings to Use Alongside Shipping Policies

Shipping Policies are a requirement for all Sellers on Discogs starting November 1, 2020 (Please note, the timeline for this requirement was recently adjusted. Read more about this update here)

There are a number of Seller settings you can use in combination to ensure your store is running on your terms. We recommend making the most of the following features to take charge of how orders are coming into your shop.

Besides the Seller Terms, all other settings are optional but can be powerful additions to get worthwhile orders from preferred buyers.

Seller Terms

While you no longer need to have your shipping rates listed in your Seller Terms, it’s still an essential tool for communicating with your buyers upfront before they order from you. This creates clear expectations for your buyers so everyone gets what they want, and leaves happy.

Buyers will still be required to read a Seller’s Terms before checking out to ensure they understand and agree to your conditions of sale. Here are a few things to be included in your Seller Terms:

    • Impacts on your ability to send to a specific country (e.g. COVID-19, general 2020-ness).
    • Any regional tax you’re obliged to collect (for sellers in some regions, this should also be handled in your Seller Settings).
    • Type of packaging you use.
    • Grading information.
    • FAQs for you or your store.
    • Whether you’re willing to take/send photos or audio clips, and whether that applies only to items over a certain value.
    • Your return policy.

Minimum Order Total (Optional)

Time is precious, and you may not want to spend your time packaging and posting low-value orders. To ensure you only get orders over a certain value, enter your Minimum Order Total in this field. This will prevent buyers from placing orders below that amount; they will be prompted in the cart to add more items from your store to their order to be able to check out.

Please note, although your complete Shipping Policy will need to have a method that applies to all order values (“Order subtotal must be at least 0.00”), your Minimum Order Total will override this. Orders below the value you input in your Minimum Order Total won’t be able to be completed.

Minimum Buyer Rating (Optional)

Having Shipping Policies set up doesn’t have to mean you lose all control over who you sell to. With Minimum Buyer Rating, enter the lowest buyer feedback rating you’re willing to accept orders from.

Buyers with a feedback rating below that score won’t be able to place orders with you.

Block certain buyers if you know the username (Optional)

If you’re aware of a buyer you’d rather not interact with, you can enter their username in this box to exclude them from ordering from you.

Be sure to hit the save button for each of these settings.

Automatic “Non-Paying Buyer” Cancellation (Optional)

You define how many days you’re willing to wait for a buyer to finalize the order with payment.

By default, buyers get up to four days to complete their order. You can leave this open-ended or limit the payment window to a set amount of days (e.g. cancel the order if you have not received payment within seven days of the invoice being sent).

These settings are a handy addition, but they won’t mean much if you haven’t got your Shipping Policies set up by November 1. We’ve got everything you need to get started, from set-up guides, video demos, shipping rate templates, FAQs, and more.

Feature image by Damian Zaleski.

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