Discogs shipping policies encourage higher sales and decreased cancelled orders

Now Is A Really Good Time To Set Up Your Automatic Shipping Policies

With postal services currently facing disruptions, we’re recommending sellers take a few moments to set up Automatic Shipping Policies in your Discogs store to communicate expectations more clearly with buyers. By having them in place, you can make sure that orders can only be placed in locations that you’re willing to ship to. Payment happens straight away which helps reduce the number of order cancellations and non-paying buyers.

UK seller, LilWang saw the difference Automatic Shipping Policies make almost immediately; “Within a week of setting it up, I noticed a considerable increase in sales. In my year on year comparison, it has really transformed my sales, leading to more multiple orders and a greater number of repeat customers.”

Main benefits of Automatic Shipping Policies for Discogs sellers:

  • Get more orders: Buyers love being able to see the full cost of their order before placing it; on average, sellers have seen sales increase by 28% as a result. In some cases, we’ve even seen examples as high as 40%.
  • More items-per-order: The number of items per order typically increases from the moment the policies are in place. Buyers can see when they add additional items to their cart that shipping is incrementally cheaper, or even free, which in turn encourages multiple-item orders
  • Decreased order cancellation: Buyers are much less likely to cancel a paid order, and even cancellations from non-paying buyers are almost non-existent.

As many as 23% of orders are abandoned (items added to cart but never checked out) due to buyers not getting a clear estimated delivery time. With Automatic Shipping Policies, you can define the expected time to deliver for each country you ship to. You can also block certain countries you’d rather not (or maybe can’t) ship to.

We can’t put it better than Rook Records in London: “I moved over to Discogs auto-shipping policies a while back, and ever since I’ve seen a marked increase in the number of orders I get. Customers can now see a clear shipping cost at the point of purchase and can pay immediately. This definitely helps improve the overall buying and selling experience.”

With postal disruptions expected worldwide in 2020, it’s a good idea to have this automation in place and provide more upfront information to your buyers. If you need some additional tips to get them going, we’ve got some insights here. This will help get more records on the turntables of people at home who need good music to get through these tough times.

Learn more about Automatic Shipping Policies and update your Discogs Shipping Policies now

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  • Mar 24,2020 at 16:36

    All right, so why don’t you guys make the Shipping Policies actually USEFUL for ALL USERS and regions?
    Here’s a few ideas:

    (Oh, has it been almost 5 years? How time flies… And how many staff members have responded to my thread ever since? Lemme see: 0)

    • Mar 25,2020 at 11:07

      Hi loukash,
      Thanks for the suggestions and for linking your forum thread here, and apologies that no one had been in touch about it sooner. We’re currently working on a number of small improvements to the shipping policy editor that we’ll be rolling out over the next 6 months to make it easier for sellers to set up with more accuracy, as well as improving how they’re displayed to buyers.
      We really appreciate your feedback and how clearly it’s been detailed in the forum thread. We’ve made a note of it and will be taking it into consideration as we continue working on automatic shipping policies. We’re also reassessing our approach to gathering feedback from the forums to avoid missing valuable input like this in future.

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