Discogs Shipping Policies

Shipping Policies automate the process of adding shipping costs to incoming orders. You control which countries you’re willing to ship to, and set shipping costs for each country or continent, offering as many methods for each as you’d like, from Standard, to Track & Trace, to Insured.

Shipping Policies don’t just save you time and effort on manually entering shipping costs on each order you receive – they also help drive more orders.

Buyers prefer seeing shipping costs upfront so there are no surprises after they click ‘Place Order’.

Shipping Policies will become a requirement for all sellers in the Discogs’ marketplace from October 1, 2020. All listings will need to be covered by Shipping Policies. Check out our documents below offering our best tips for setting up your Shipping Policies, or sign up for one of our webinars specific to your region.

Shipping Policy Benefits
discogs shipping policies

80% of the top sellers on Discogs have their Shipping Policies set up. Many have said their only regret is that they didn’t do it sooner.

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Order cancellations plummet for sellers with Shipping Policies set up, and Non-Paying Buyers are all but a thing of the past.

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75% of buyers pay within an hour of placing the order when shipping costs are automated with Shipping Policies.

New Marketplace Features

Only available to sellers with shipping policies.

✅ Shipping Policies apply to all orders, including generated through merged orders or accepting offers
✅ Free Shipping offered as a Shipping Method
✅ Pre-filled destinations
✅ Local Pickup offered as a Shipping Method
✅ Type to search countries in the Destinations list
✅ Clear overview of countries you accept orders from and button to quickly update
✅ Minimum Order Total to give sellers more control over the orders they accept
✅ More prominent display of Free Shipping on seller profiles and in a buyer’s cart
Shipping Rates In Your Country

To save you a step on setting up your Shipping Policies, we’ve compiled shipping costs from major carriers in several countries. All you have to do is copy them into the Shipping Policy editor in your Seller Settings.

Find your country below and use these postage rates as a template:




Don’t see your country here? We’re in the process of adding more. Check back soon


“I moved over to Discogs auto-shipping policies a while back, and ever since I’ve seen a marked increase in the amount of orders I get. Customers can now see a clear shipping cost at the point of purchase and can pay immediately. This is now inline with other online marketplaces, and definitely helps improve the overall buying and selling experience.”

Rook Records

“I’ve been selling as a small business on Discogs for the last 8 years. After speaking to Discogs last year, they recommended setting up shipping policies and guided me through the process (which is fairly straightforward). Within a week of setting it up, I noticed a considerable increase in sales and on my year on year comparison it has really transformed my sales, leading to more multiple orders and a greater number of repeat customers.”

Lil Wang

“Shipping Policies is a tool that puts the entire transaction from start to finish in the hands of the Buyer. Merely automating your Shipping Policies increases overall sales, sales from new customers who join from outside Discogs, and reduces canceled order frequency due to lost attention spans over the course of the manual process. Oh by the way you get the money right away. Not having auto-shipping is like not having EZPass on the Interstate.”

Human Head Records

“When Discogs implemented Shipping Policies, we couldn’t make the switch quick enough. Up until that point, I spent most of my time adding shipping costs to orders and having to check EVERY SINGLE ORDER to make sure we weren’t undercharging – it only takes a few minutes to set up, and now we couldn’t live without it. IT JUST MAKES SENSE… do it.”

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