Discogs shipping policies encourage higher sales and decreased cancelled orders

An Overview of Improvements to the Shipping Policy Editor

Shipping Policies are a requirement for all Sellers on Discogs starting November 1, 2020. 

We’ve been working on a few improvements to the Shipping Policy editor to help you ensure the transition to Shipping Policies goes as smoothly as possible and that all your bases (and orders) are covered. This update aims to give you more flexibility to set up Shipping Policies in a way that suits you, while also giving more extensive shipping coverage to your listings. 

Changes to the Shipping Policy Editor 

If you’ve already taken the time to set up your Shipping Policies, this update will not affect those existing policies. They’ll continue to work as they do now, but you’ll be able to use the updated editor to add more detail to your Shipping Policies if you choose.

Please note that your Shipping Policies will need to cover all potential orders of all formats, up to unlimited weight or quantity. 

The biggest changes include the ability to combine format with weight or quantity, the ability to name your methods rather than choose from a limiting dropdown list, and a more flexible way to set your ranges to cover all order sizes.

Below is a more detailed overview of each of these changes in the order that they appear on the editor page.

Local pickup and Free Shipping move from a method to an optional checkbox for each policy.

Local pickup and free shipping have previously been included as a method. These will now be a checkbox so you can offer the option to pick up alongside standard shipping. If you choose to offer free shipping, you can set the minimum order amount for this to apply. Free shipping is displayed to buyers on your marketplace listings and in the cart. These are set at the policy level, meaning they’ll apply alongside all methods you set up for a particular region.

The long list of shipping options replaced with two fields: Shipping Type and Shipping Service.

We received feedback that the dropdown was confusing as it contained shipping services that weren’t specific to your country, and that it wasn’t possible to have multiple methods and rates using the same service name. The two fields give more flexibility and control in naming your Shipping Policies so they’re clearer for you and your buyers.

The first of the two fields is for the Service Type narrowed to just three options: Economy, Standard, or Express. The second, Shipping Service, is a free text field allowing you to name your method whatever you want. This will also be displayed to your buyer in the cart. If you offer several shipping methods with different names, your buyer will be able to select their preferred option when they checkout.

Methods can be set for all formats or specific ones

You can choose whether you want your method to apply to all formats or narrow it down with the checkboxes on the left. If you choose to narrow down to format, you can check more than one format type for your method. 

Combine Format with Weight or Quantity for your Shipping Methods

The method ranges are set by either weight (grams) or quantity (number of items) combined with the format(s) on the left. These combinations are often requested and help provide more detail to your Shipping Policies.

Set a fixed amount for orders over a certain weight or number of items, or an incremental charge per additional items/grams.

Enter a flat rate to cover orders over a certain quantity or weight. If a flat rate for “and up” feels too much like laying your shipping costs in the hands of Lady Fate, you can set an amount for each additional item or weight added (e.g. $5 per two additional items or 500 grams). A flat rate or “per each additional” amount will be required for the Shipping Policy to be applied in the marketplace. 

Why Update the Shipping Policy Editor Now?

Shipping Policies may already be more common among sellers than you think. Making Shipping Policies the standard brings more consistency to the marketplace, delivering on buyers’ expectations for clear and concise shipping costs every time. There are also a number of administrative responsibilities that we need to meet as the marketplace facilitator, which a pay-at-checkout system helps us to meet.

Looking for more info about Shipping Policies? Find everything you need — set-up guides with video walk-throughs, shipping rate templates, webinar recordings, FAQs, and more– right here.

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