Discogs shipping policies encourage higher sales and decreased cancelled orders

An Overview of Improvements to the Shipping Policy Editor

Shipping Policies are a requirement for all Sellers on Discogs starting November 1, 2020 (Please note, the timeline for this requirement was recently adjusted. Read more about this update here). We’ve been working on a few improvements to the Shipping Policy editor to help you ensure the transition to Shipping Policies goes as smoothly as possible and that all your bases (and orders) are covered. This update aims to give you more flexibility to set up Shipping Policies in a way that suits you, while also giving more extensive shipping coverage to your listings. 

Changes to the Shipping Policy Editor 

The Shipping Policy editor will continue to look much the same as it did previously, but with added functionality.

If you’ve already taken the time to set up your Shipping Policies, this update will not affect those existing policies. They’ll continue to work as they do now, but you’ll be able to use the updated editor to add more detail to your Shipping Policies if you choose.

Please note that your Shipping Policies will need to cover all potential orders of all formats, up to unlimited weight or quantity. 

The biggest changes include the ability to combine format with weight or quantity, the ability to name your methods rather than choose from a limiting dropdown list, and a more flexible way to set your ranges to cover all order sizes.

Below is a more detailed overview of each of these changes in the order that they appear on the editor page.

Local pickup and Free Shipping move from a method to an optional checkbox for each policy.

Local pickup and free shipping have previously been included as a method. These will now be a checkbox so you can offer the option to pick up alongside standard shipping. If you choose to offer free shipping, you can set the minimum order amount for this to apply. Free shipping is displayed to buyers on your marketplace listings and in the cart. These are set at the policy level, meaning they’ll apply alongside all methods you set up for a particular region.

The long list of shipping options replaced with two fields: Shipping Type and Shipping Service.

We received feedback that the dropdown was confusing as it contained shipping services that weren’t specific to your country, and that it wasn’t possible to have multiple methods and rates using the same service name. The two fields give more flexibility and control in naming your Shipping Policies so they’re clearer for you and your buyers.

The first of the two fields is for the Service Type narrowed to just three options: Economy, Standard, or Express. The second, Shipping Service, is a free text field allowing you to name your method whatever you want. This will also be displayed to your buyer in the cart. If you offer several shipping methods with different names, your buyer will be able to select their preferred option when they checkout.

Methods can be set for all formats or specific ones

You can choose whether you want your method to apply to all formats or narrow it down with the checkboxes on the left. If you choose to narrow down to format, you can check more than one format type for your method. 

Combine Format with Weight or Quantity for your Shipping Methods

The method ranges are set by either weight (grams) or quantity (number of items) combined with the format(s) on the left. These combinations are often requested and help provide more detail to your Shipping Policies.

Set a fixed amount for orders over a certain weight or number of items, or an incremental charge per additional items/grams.

Enter a flat rate to cover orders over a certain quantity or weight. If a flat rate for “and up” feels too much like laying your shipping costs in the hands of Lady Fate, you can set an amount for each additional item or weight added (e.g. $5 per two additional items or 500 grams). A flat rate or “per each additional” amount will be required for the Shipping Policy to be applied in the marketplace. 

Why Update the Shipping Policy Editor Now?

Shipping Policies may already be more common among sellers than you think. Making Shipping Policies the standard brings more consistency to the marketplace, delivering on buyers’ expectations for clear and concise shipping costs every time. There are also a number of administrative responsibilities that we need to meet as the marketplace facilitator, which pay-at-checkout system enables us to meet.

We understand that implementing Shipping Policies takes time and effort, and requires a change in approach to how many sellers charge for shipping. With this latest update, we hope to make it easier for you to set up and maintain your Shipping Policies.

Looking for more info about Shipping Policies? Find everything you need — set-up guides with video walk-throughs, shipping rate templates, webinar recordings, FAQs, and more– right here.

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  • Nov 23,2020 at 10:11

    what a load of rubbish…lets all go back to Ebay

  • Nov 12,2020 at 07:55

    September 2020 – No ASP – 46 orders – 4000 EUR
    October 2020 – No ASP – 51 orders – 3000 EUR
    Mid November 2020 – Setting ASP – 2 orders – 30 EUR
    Thank you Discogs for destroying our business !!!

  • Nov 10,2020 at 12:24

    Have you noticed that all the negative comments have been removed from their Facebook page ? It’s another proof that Discogs is now ruled by bad people. I just wish they will bite the dust with these ridiculous new rules. We should stay on this s****y place as they have a nearly monopolistic position, but time roll, and things will probably change one day.

  • Nov 9,2020 at 10:38

    Poor poor poor !!

    This is a ridiculous and beyond aggravation to set up as a seller !!

    I can see that already the number of sellers have not set their shipping policies so everyone will be missing out of buying / selling great records due to this absolute shame of a requirement !


    I now think many will not do business on Discogs and I am seriously thinking about ditching this site now over this !

  • Nov 6,2020 at 23:55

    Complete nonsense ! How many sellers / sales does discogs loose with this new rule ? They think they’ll win more money with that, i guess it’s the opposite… What a shame… When i think of the thousands euros i gave them, all that for this…

  • Nov 5,2020 at 17:25

    why don’t we just empty our inventories completely…. just to see?… if we all do it, i doubt they would apreciate. it remind me that ebay was pretty usefull too…

  • Nov 3,2020 at 02:43

    Its unberable to watch how Discogs is lying, lying and continuing to lie, driving itself ever-deeper in its ugly lies.

    The newest blog: „Dispelling Common Myths About Discogs Shipping Policies“ is full of blatant lies again. They really think the Discogs community is stupid.

    They claim they were not bought by paypal and were not forced by paypal to introduce the Automating Shipping Shit. Who cares if Discogs has been bought by Paypal or if both only have arranged a love marriage in order to suck dry Discogs sellers and buyers??? The outcome is 100% the same.

    Discogs has already casually announced in several blogs that they will force all sellers into PayPal as the only allowed payment option in early 2021. Everyone who still doesnt see the truth what this is all about will have his second nightmare awakening once Discogs will „invite“ or shall I say blackmail you again to accept paypal as the one and only allowed payment option in 2-3 months latest.

    And in order to being able to blackmail every seller into the paypal only payment option thing they have introduced the compulsory automated and fully corrupt shipping shit where paypal will soon collect all discogs fees directly from each individual automatically processed payment. Thats all this whole ugly thing is about, guys and girls. But Discogs will keep on lying and lying about it.

    On every recent blog concerning the corrupt autmated shipping calculator Discogs has turned of the comment function. Like an authoritarian tyant or dictator they censor and try to silence and gag their subjects. Did you see it? On their recent blog „Thank you for 20 Years of Discogs“ countless fucked up sellers immediately left plenty of bitter wishes and criticism over the corrupt automated shipping policies and discogs marriage to the shark paypal. DiscPal was very fast to delete all those comments in order to appear as the beloved peoples champion. Criticism is not anymore allowed here, only brainless ovations are appreciated. Discogs, the community built site that still brags about its allegedly „cherished“ community, has turned into an authoritarian and soulless megabusiness shithole. Shame on you, Kevin and your fellow DiscPal tyrants. You have ruined Discogs to a 100% – hope you will realize it someday.





  • Nov 2,2020 at 00:11

    I got two orders and it automatically picked the price of standard shipment even though I set up a really clean and comprehensive shipment policy and in depth weight based system for all seperate world regions. It is mandatory to have this option available! annoying as hack, which in my instance is the cost of 0. The bills for the customers were automatically generated too, which they could pay instantly. Thing is, I as the seller could not pick any shipment option and had to ask the customers to pay for the shipment type an additional time via PayPal. There are receipt costs there too, so…
    Really annoying… Fix the damn thing!

  • Nov 1,2020 at 15:48

    Discogs study say “most orders is for 2 items”- their words in BLOG- so why they r forcing “All Formats and UP”?
    Why do you want to get rid of people who works for you, giving you profit- make it optional and everyone will be happy.
    Community don’t want this and looks like you can’t handle the truth. Nice way of celebrating anniversary Mr. Kevin.

  • Nov 1,2020 at 05:42

    Pure corporate nonsense. Explanation why the policies has been introuduced with no explanation why it is so complicatedd to set up and why at the end it is not working.
    Congrats discogs…

  • Oct 31,2020 at 16:49

    Discogs have now responded with this: https://blog.discogs.com/en/shipping-policies-myths-dispelled/

    Basically, it says “We will make the policies, you will do as you’re told.”

  • Oct 31,2020 at 07:52

    So many complaints. In any societies, so many complaints should at least rise some questions and launch some dialogues. But NONE ! One day prior to the deadline, i made fun to add a crazy One for All (destinations, items numbers), after trying to solve one of the 1st issue i had to solve : Based in Canada, any state in our country requires a different post for each sixe or weight !!!! And shipping to Northern Country in Canada is more expensive than to send to New Mexico (in USA). As all other complainers, this is a rellay stupid business decision, when most of sellers and buyers on that platform are individuals, not here to build a career in selling goods ! BAD MOVE, indeed !

  • Oct 30,2020 at 15:58

    another one bites the dust.

  • Oct 30,2020 at 03:50

    Browsed through sellers items for sale…ridiculous shipping costs. Because of this I won`t buy any more on Discogs. Today and tomorrow are the last days anyone can buy from me here.

  • Oct 27,2020 at 03:05

    hi discogs. after setting up the new shipping policy a month ago, my sales have declined 70%. what should be good about the new system?

  • Oct 21,2020 at 01:49

    I will not comply with an abusive & unfair top-down decision which will make a very few rich richer and impede an useful & fertile communication between us, i.e. offering several shipping options according to our will.
    Thanks to a few personal messages I’ve had the chance to personally know several customers and for me this is a major point.
    By the way, setting the policy is a complete hassle…
    I stay Human, shame on you – you’re just benefitting from a massive amount of free work passionately made by members, isn’t it?

  • Oct 20,2020 at 23:56

    I Clearly have all the things covered.
    All countries covered
    Policies set to Quantities, I really don’t see any gap, and yet, I get an 7 item order from Finland, and the shipping was NOT filled out automatically … Same for another order coming from Brasil. HOW can I know what is wrong?? I really think it’s a Discogs system bug here … Please put your time in replying to these kinds of questions. I want to co-operate, be compliant and all that, but if I don’t know what goes wrong and no one helping me …

  • Oct 19,2020 at 11:01

    – I will not set automatic shipping policies this November 1st, as you forced us without our agreement.
    – I globally disagree with this new Discogs politics.
    – Consider this statement as a strike to attack your profits, by letting my listing unavailable, as long as you will decide to abandon these unacceptable changes.
    – I will stop immediately to fill the database with new references.

  • Oct 19,2020 at 03:10

    Wow !! And I thought I was the only one having probs !?!? Dropped discogs an email saying that the new (desired) ‘Standard’ policy was overriding other policies I had painfully set up (took two days on and off to do the whole world !!) and I explained everything and asked for help. Days later I got a ‘cut and paste’ reply pointing me to the pages and pages of ‘how to set everything up’ that I’d been ploughing thru before !?!? Discogs was GREAT before, and you could ‘chat’ with new buyers as you offered them shipping options, but now it’s turned into cold selling and me sometimes having to explain the shipping rates are incorrect and appear stupid. Like, I can’t ‘see’ what a buyer might ‘see’ in another country as regards my shipping prices !?!? No more RSI…. discogs – get it sorted pronto !!

  • Oct 19,2020 at 02:24

    I sell maybe 5-10 records a year. It’s impossible to give buyers accurate rates up front, as often my packages are unique and the local post office can change their rates overnight without me knowing. I guess eBay is going to be getting new business…

  • Oct 18,2020 at 14:38

    @PotatoFieldDeals: Hmm… Though that I can understand your attitude and see it similarly I’m not sure if I want to agree. We already talked for far too long and right from the start it was easy to see that nobody wanted to listen and nobody gave a damn. No longer is the time now to keep on saying the same thing further and further, to remind or announce the same thing all over again and again. It is the right time to keep my dignity and position myself clearly with what I am doing (or not doing). Discogs will see what will happen and where it will end. No problem. I don’t need Discogs. If they want it this way – OK, here we go. There will be alternatives very soon. A vacuum never stays a vacuum for long.

  • Oct 18,2020 at 08:55

    I suggest to all angry sellers (and buyers too), to leave here a statement that mean
    – I will not set automatic shipping policies this October 1st, as you forced us without our agreement.
    – I globally disagree with this new Discogs politics.
    – Consider this statement as a strike to attack your profits, by letting my listing unavailable, as long as you will decide to abandon these unacceptable changes.
    – (and for the contributors) I will stop immediately to fill the database with new references.
    Copy and paste this text or write it in your words, but react by a massive manifestation here and before the deadline of November 1st.

  • Oct 18,2020 at 02:57

    It’s not not so much about the absurd nonsense shipping policy rules ides itself only. I really wonder that Discogs really seem to think people are such stupid sheep who will accept and swallow all this arrogant greedy ignorant messy nonsense OR they really are on kind of a lonesome suicidal mission no one ever can understand. I am tired to find out but really would like to know who came up with the idea this could work. (Don’t) HA HA HA…. Flying saucer RockNRoll…..

  • Oct 17,2020 at 07:47

    why are we forced to use the automatically shipping policies?why does this not stay everybodys own choice?
    and next step is to force us using paypal?
    discogs wants to make us believe that they received so many positive feedbacks for the change,so why everybody i know does not like it?
    i think,unfortunately it is time to find an alternative to discogs if this won´t stop.

  • Oct 15,2020 at 10:33

    I did my shipping policy for the US. $4 flat rate, and free shipping on orders over $75. When I select the free shipping box and put $75 as the minimum, it makes EVERYTHING in my shop free shipping, regardless of the total. The idea that we should all have these policies in place in 2 weeks when your policy tools don’t even work is ridiculous.

  • Oct 11,2020 at 13:46

    I just had an ANXIETY attack trying to even figure any of this stuff OUT! 2 hours later, I must admit that Discogs has lost its mind and will, no DOUBT, lose its entire seller base! I’m outta here! I’ll be taking all of my listing down and heading over to Ebay where there is no pressure about ANY of this ridiculously awful and incomprehensible baloney! Thanks for the years, Discogs, but this loss is YOURS! Bye! :-(

  • Oct 11,2020 at 03:58

    Complete madness. I’m selling as a hobby and will not have time to understand and set up all shipping options. And I do not have a degree in mathematics…

  • Oct 9,2020 at 03:33

    I don’t know if anyone has stated this before.
    A seller can create an invoice at Paypal meaning that a buyer may contact a seller & request a purchase without Discogs involvement (NO Discogs fees; their loss).
    If Discogs or anyone else believes that people won’t come up with alternative ideas about getting what they want, but instead submit to fascistic orders (comply or be cast out) are fools to say the least).

  • Oct 8,2020 at 10:00

    Absolute technical shit.
    Who is the PMO for this garbage so I can slap him myself with my worst record ever ?!
    Please help this website to get out of 2002 !

  • Oct 8,2020 at 04:45

    +1 for a flawed deployment. Overcooked and unintuitive, really jurassic interface, impossible to navigate all permutations of shipping requirements. Example, i wish to ship 12″s as cheap as possible, setting the standard rate low, but i want to ship my higher value items with trackng and insurance only, i can currently specify this in the item description, but cannot evidently disable or specify shipping rates for such items in the proposed shipping settings automation. What would the work around be for this? Cancel the order, relist the item, contact the buyer and inform them to select the correct shipping rate from the dropdown list. And how exactly would that improve the transaction not to mention the buyer/seller relations? A message to the devs, please step away from your IDE on this, just because it can be done does not mean it should be done. And to the committee, listen to your clients on this, cos lets face it, in terms of revenue that is what the sellers.

  • Oct 7,2020 at 21:20

    I was not a fan of this idea to start with- 99% of my business is international as I live in a small country and specialise in classical… I like to tailor my parcels exactly to get the best post price possible: for international post there are a lot of variables…
    Having said this, I spent the time to set up (about 60 different policies all told) and it is working quite well now. I have not noticed a big increase in sales, but I am not being stung as the policies are working quite well, and they are easy to fiddle with as I fine tune to get close to accuracy…
    So worth the time to get it right, and it should help in the long run.

  • Oct 7,2020 at 20:19

    Anyone know how to turn off auto invoice?I have tried using the guidelines but I don’t see the button to activate or deactivate.thanks

  • Oct 7,2020 at 12:33

    The new shipping calculator system is not user friendly or logical for sellers, and I sincerely hope the administrators rethink this policy.

  • Oct 7,2020 at 11:14

    WHY??? I’ve looked for a decent, clear explanation and can’t find one.

    However, I have tried to change my shipping polices and can concur that the instructions are confusing and hard to understand. I’m giving up until it is made simpler again.

    I have been a huge fan of discogs…. until now.

  • Oct 7,2020 at 07:28

    No allowances for multiple destinational pricing. It costs me anywhere from $12 to $28 depending where in Canada I ship. 2/3 of my customers are paying more, and I have to charge shipping at a loss to the farther reaches. Gonna be good bye very soon. This must be just as awesome for your sales as it will be for mine. And, like you have told others on here, don’t expect me to sell for less. If I gotta lose, you’re gonna lose.

  • Oct 6,2020 at 02:09

    per weight / It does not work, registered mail is max 2 kg, gives fault when saving as I can not implement a stop at 2kg.

    setting up per item : double items should be 2 items , triple should be 3 items ….., now it always counts as 1 even when it are more vinyls …. .

    what is the exact weight of the vinyls on discogs, were can I find it + how to setup the weight of the cardboard protections and packaging, as this also have to be payed.

  • Oct 5,2020 at 13:37

    This is a complete mess. I had ‘local pickup’ as an option and for some reason it’s automatically invoicing buyers with zero postage, I guess because of that but I don’t really know. The editor is like something from the early days of myspace. Why can I not just go on manually invoicing as has worked fine all along? Oh, and an LP in a mailer does not weigh 230g

  • Oct 5,2020 at 03:59

    I have never had a problem in the past with any of my sales. I will leave everything as it is. If the new policy stops me selling then its bye bye DISCOGS.

  • Oct 5,2020 at 00:37

    When choosing any “specific format” the new imporved system immediately gives me a red flag “incomplete warning”, even though there is a policy setting for “all formats” but i would like to just offer a small discount for buyers of 7″ aka “small formats” in my country at least.
    new editor feels buggy as hell…been like this for weeks – what is goin on?!

  • Oct 4,2020 at 10:58

    To whomever have some common sense at Discogs, have this policy removed or at least let it be less restrictive. A seller who is selling global will never be able to have the shipping fees set for all possible permutations of formats and locations.

    Perhaps Discogs you should take the task of providing an automatic shipping tool that will consider all formats, weights, dimension and seller’s and buyer’s country.

    The actual shipping tool is a kludge and the upcoming mandatory shipping policy just proves it.

    Keep it simple!

  • Oct 4,2020 at 00:24

    This is the worst business decision since Ratners told the world their jewelry was shit.

    I bought a record collection to sell on yesterday, as this my profession. The person I bought it off says he was going to put it on discogs, but can’t be bothered with the new changes, so sold it as a job lot to me instead. I usually sell my stock on discogs, but like him, have lost interest and will be selling them in a local retro shop for 10% commission instead.

    My sales on discogs have also fallen dramatically the last few weeks.


  • Oct 3,2020 at 13:45

    I completely agree with all the previous posts and statements, I thought I was literally going mad and confused how to set the formats by type of record, cd and so on, and keep asking to put the postage for all formats, that are all different in weight and size…that in theory will not be of any use this system just got worse and other sellers like me said it before it doesn’t work!

  • Oct 3,2020 at 04:13

    I’m in the process of preparing my inventory to be relisted after two years abroad. I have just now realised how confusing and unrealistic this automated shipping policy is for a seller like myself. Relieved to see that I am not the only one who sees this. The next few hours will be spent looking for better alternatives to Discogs. This is such a shame.

  • Oct 3,2020 at 01:51

    Congratulations Discogs,what the hell is the idea behind this. Try reading some of the comments… sellers are leaving. It’s impossible to complete the shipping policy. I guess if it’s not completed sellers can’t sell? I couldn’t complete it. It’s odd that you managed to make paying your fees very simple. I don’t want to leave but it looks like I’ll have to.

  • Oct 2,2020 at 07:36

    This is insane. I took alot of time to set policies for small and large vinyl across all regions. I am still being told to select all formats when I do not sell other formats. I don’t understand what I’ve failed to do… You have made this near impossible for casual sellers to understand. Please re-think!

  • Oct 2,2020 at 05:00

    I am 85 years old and get through the hoops. Please contact me and lead me through the needed changes.

  • Oct 1,2020 at 12:07

    What I am not understanding is that if I have policies set for each format type, why doesn’t Discogs recognize that I’ve completed shipping policies for all formats? If I have one policy for Vinyl (large) and one for everything else, isn’t that all formats? I did my best . . .

  • Oct 1,2020 at 11:19

    After discogs forced me to set shipping policy, I didn’t sold anything. I set to the same prices like before. I was 3 weeks ago… Just saying.

  • Oct 1,2020 at 09:10

    Dear Discogs Team

    I believe the general feedback and overall opinion I have read in your comments re: the new shipping policy changes are, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t attempt to fix it’

    What you are trying to do is not an improvement, – let’s be very clear about that. It is a pain in the proverbial.

    As a hobbyist seller on Discogs it just makes no sense whatsoever to have this automated shipping policy implemented. Generally speaking for all sales outside of the UK I will send messages to buyers that the cost for signed for/recorded/international track and signed – whatever you wish to call it, will be X and if they are happy with X cost I will then send them an invoice.

    I do not offer standard non signed for or non recorded delivery mainly because I have been burnt in the past my unscrupulous buyers.

    I appreciate this approach will not work for sellers who have large inventory, they simply cannot message every buyer but for me with low inventory it works.

    Sometimes buyers simply chicken out when they read the delivery cost, and therefore the order will be cancelled but on the whole most buyers are fine with the delivery cost communicated out and they receive an invoice.

    Alongside this, sometimes not always, I will charge less for delivery if a buyer chooses to add additional items to their order – especially if overseas because the difference in overseas delivery cost can be fairly minimal/or the same depending on the weight/bulk.

    Delivery charges at the Post Office have a tendency to change, if they increase are we expected to once again edit all of our shipping prices, per format, per territory..

    You see, it is a pain in the proverbial.

    Perhaps, and it is only a perhaps, automated shipping policies may work for sellers who have large inventory, but again this will result in a % of buyers who chicken out when they get the automated invoice. It may be a small % but it will have an impact.

    Fundamentally, managing shipping costs in an editor is annoying and not really required.


  • Oct 1,2020 at 06:46

    Right. This mostly sucks. You need a degree in maths to work out the optimum “extra £xx per xx g” so that you’re not over or under-charging on shipping. Part of the fun is negotiating over shipping prices for some people… congratulations, this unsolicited tinkering ensures that Amazon get their custom instead now.

  • Oct 1,2020 at 04:07

    We wholeheartedly agree with all previous criticisms of this policy on this thread, which to us seems like an utter waste of time and is causing sellers immense inconvenience.

    We are unsure as to how this will affect our business via Discogs in the future. We are particularly concerned about the lack of flexibility and the naming of service types. We do not use an “Express” service when shipping from the UK, and there has been no customer demand for this service type. What customers and we do want on occasion is a ‘tracked & signed’ service.

    Also there is no provision to enable sellers to increase the shipping cost where it is necessary to buy extra insurance cover. Furthermore, we do not sell all formats, therefore being told that our shipping policies are incomplete is nonsensical.

    We hope that you respond accordingly…

  • Sep 30,2020 at 21:36

    It should be optional only.

  • Sep 30,2020 at 16:19

    please Discogs end this madness now….
    all that will happen is buyers and sellers will contact each other and perform a transaction using Paypal outside of Discogs’ knowledge – therefore no 8% commission

  • Sep 30,2020 at 11:59

    Stop this nonsense now you fools, yer killing us with this BS.

  • Sep 30,2020 at 11:28

    got to be honest – like 1000s of others have said – this is just a complete pain in the arse. i am fed up of going in each day to find that the changes i have already made (every day for the last week have not saved – even though they saved and it went GREEN saying complete). for this reason i just want to give up. But come Nov 1st – i assume that I’m going to discover that all my items listed are going to display as unavailable to the world due to this ridiculous policy – it works already for god sake!

  • Sep 30,2020 at 10:01

    This change to shipping policies is absurd and I agree with everyone here, why change something that was working fine. There are too many shipping options. Make the Editor an option, not an obligation. To me, Discogs is a hobby, not a business.

  • Sep 30,2020 at 07:34

    also lending my voice to the no change vote. it wasnt broken, so no need to fix it.. make it optional. I just attempted to setup a shipping policy and it was a hard fail. Impossible to use or understand what the hell is going on with that thing.. I dont have time for figuring it out, so i respectfully decline.

  • Sep 30,2020 at 07:14

    To every seller who had already given in to the blackmailing of DiscPal and has meanwhile reluctantly set up some corrupt automated shipping policies : WAKE UP AND CONSIDER TO DELETE THE AUTOMATED SHIPPING POLICIES IMMEDIATELY!





  • Sep 30,2020 at 04:23

    Did everyone already read the newest Discogs blog statement wherein they postpone the requirement of the automated shipping policys to November 1st?

    Very interesting to read what they say.

    They lie by saying: „The response has been incredible…“ a bad joke, haha

    furthermore they say: „We have had amazing feedback from the community and greatly appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us.“ Another bad joke. None of our feedback was really answered and honoured. Thousands and thousands of complaints and questions of upset and disgusted sellers as well as buyers remain unanswered.

    And worst of all and CRYSTAL CLEAR FOR EVERYONE WHO DOUBTED MY WORDS once I revealed that the compulsory implementation of the automated shipping editor is only the pretext and necessary tool in order to force everyone into Paypal and MAKE PAYPAL THE EXCLUSIVE AND ONE AND ONLY ALLOWED PAYMENT OPTION IN THE DISCOGS MARKETPLACE read what Discogs writes in the newest blog:

    „While our focus has been on Shipping Policies, we continue to work on integrating PayPal Commerce as our primary payment platform. Please know we will not require sellers to move to the new PayPal platform in 2020 as originally announced. We will share more details soon and will be here to help you through this change as well.“

    So DiscPal has finally again publicly announced that they are going to become 100% DiscPal very soon. They announced that they will not force sellers into their PayPal only monopolist giant corporation machine in 2020. oh what mercy you show for us! Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, mighty and merciful DiscPal! SO YOU POSTPONE IT TO EARLY 2021 TO FORCE EACH AND EVERYONE IN THE DISCOGS MARKETPLACE INTO THE OPPRESSIVE AND RIP-OFF PAYPAL MACHINE. BIG THANKS FOR NOTHING @ SELL-OUT DISCPAL!!!




  • Sep 30,2020 at 03:00

    Come on, Discogs. Just admit that you f’ed this up and roll it back.

  • Sep 30,2020 at 01:43

    I have only few vinyl to sold , but it’s not right for the other heavy seller with thousand records , be carefull what you say they deleted you message . . .

  • Sep 29,2020 at 17:59

    So, I can’t even get the number of items field to work. I can set the “to” field but the from field is grayed out, then when I add a range, the line above goes back to 1 in the “to” field. And this is just one of the issues I’m having. This is ridiculous.

  • Sep 29,2020 at 14:39


  • Sep 29,2020 at 12:11

    I’ve been trying to figure out this request for shipping policy. I do believe that most of the people selling records are older folks. Discogs needs to understand they are not dealing with young computer experts and try to make these changes much more simple. I have been trying for days now and getting nowhere. seems i wont make the October 1st deadline.

  • Sep 29,2020 at 11:34


    Add the new shipping policies and all are complete but doesn’t work!
    All orders made since I’ve update them, the buyer receive an automatic invoice with the lowest shipping costs. Same thing happening when I accept an offer. An automatic invoice is sent without any shipping options for the buyer (or for me)…
    You just create a new problem and you claim that our sales will go up but for me they go down!!!

  • Sep 29,2020 at 11:06

    Hey discogs

    this is a page created by its members.

    This is what made this page so big.

    Forcing sellers, especially small and medium ones, in trying to apply shipping policies which do not really work for a lot of the members is just against the concept of this website.

    For me, as somebody who sells parts of his collection, trying to ship to as many buyers worldwide as possible, this is just impractical if not even inapplicable.

    Stop this nonsense and remember where you came from!

  • HHR
    Sep 29,2020 at 08:33

    This new system is messed up. It needs to include a tare for packing and protection material. No way one 2LP release will stay below 500 grammes. Litterally NO ONE in the community asked to implement a new shitty shipping costs system like this. It is highly unreliable and inaccurate.

  • Sep 29,2020 at 08:11

    – I will not set automatic shipping policies this October 1st, as you forced us without our agreement.
    – I globally disagree with this new Discogs politics.
    – Consider this statement as a strike to attack your profits, by letting my listing unavailable, as long as you will decide to abandon these unacceptable changes.
    – (and for the contributors) I will stop immediately to fill the database with new references.

    This is precisely why I will be selling offline or on other platforms. You will not get one more cent from me.

  • Sep 29,2020 at 07:57


    You have completely f*cked this up, congratulations. Forcing “ALL FORMATS” is by far the dumbest decision ever made.

    On top of that, it refuses to remove or let me change/save a SINGLE POLICY.

    Give me one single good reason to sell anything on this website ever again?

  • Sep 29,2020 at 06:24

    To: “cd-dvd-oase”, it may be…: the only person from staff who replay to this comments by name was “nraney”- 6th comment from bottom: if you click in her nickname,go to account, what do you see? She present herself as : “I am the Content Editor at Discogs!”- she put exclamation mark at the end-for real! She joined Discogs on 28th May this year, has 0 point as contributor, 1 feedback as buyer and she’s not a seller. When someone commented that Discogs removed all comments from the same article and posted it again she said… you just read her words, someone with good understanding of English would be helpful if you want understand what she is saying… this kind of people are in charge of this website now…

  • Sep 29,2020 at 02:36

    20 years a seller and I have spent many hours trying to figure this out and cannot. The changes Discogs have made recently to help have not helped. For example they insist on having an ‘all formats’ postage offering but then when you add another for specific record sizes like 7″/45, the postage price still shows the same for ‘all formats’.
    They said now you can choose either ‘all formats’ or ‘specific formats’, but this proves you cannot

  • Sep 29,2020 at 00:33

    I don’t agree with PerestroikaSoulshine : the best way is NOT to remove our inventories, NOT to remove one single item, NOT to leave Discogs !

    The best way is to do NOTHING, because by doing nothing your items will be “Unavailable” from october 1st, and all potential buyers will see that ! They will notice there are a lot of unavailable items here & there, some items they may have been purchased, and maybe many of those buyers will wonder why they can’t…

  • Sep 28,2020 at 19:51

    I suggest all of us Discogs users remove our inventory from the site, start with removing your items for sale, Discogs will somehow find a way to revert to the system it made millions of dollars from us! Somehow…

  • Sep 28,2020 at 19:49

    This was the worst move Discogs has ever done! You have made it so that none of us want to even use your service anymore! I sold a record today, it cost the buyer extra in shipping costs than it should have since I had no way to customize the shipping to them as they wanted! Terrible move Discogs, really disappointed in your management on this shipping policies issue! If it ain’t broke (from a user’s perspective) don’t try to fix it!

  • Sep 28,2020 at 17:20

    Hell on earth ! Middle finger from Poland to ill people who
    they invented these crazy rules !
    No greetings !

  • Sep 28,2020 at 15:20

    + one seller leaving the place on october 1st, this has no sense and is a nightmare + loss of time and money for any seller around here.

  • Sep 28,2020 at 06:36

    It´s funny, not a long ago i ment to myself: I am glad that discogs exists. I am here since 2015. What was the differenz to ebay, amazon etc. Easy website, user friendly, and the main thing no changing of tools, or for instance drop down menus if there is no need for it. I suspected bad things as i read new terms of delivery from October 1st. Reason to make it all better. Discogs has been infected by the same virus like amazon, ebay and all big players. They have young programmer with a big salary and lots of “good ideas”. So they get together one time a week to brainstorm what could we do next? The problem is that “Alpha Kevin” from Germany is a good programmer but doesn´t know what live is about, and probable never did buy a record or cd in his young live. Why? Because Kevin doesn´t know what Records or CD´s are. But Kevin createst new terms of deliveries for Discogs worldwide and Man, Kevin and his stoned buddys are so proud… I bet we will see many changes on discogs in very near future :-)

  • Sep 28,2020 at 04:23

    What have the dinosaurs, dodos and GEMM all got in common?

  • Sep 28,2020 at 02:38

    it doesn’t work!

  • Sep 27,2020 at 11:45

    tried 7 times, still incomplete, had order with wrong postage, refunded, paypal keeps part of refund fee

    it doesn’t work! terrible customer service, appalling rollout, no planning, no testing, no consultation,no responses from discogs on here, on the forums, to email – complete silence

    keep complaining, dont’ let them keep treating us with contempt

  • Sep 27,2020 at 11:09

    It’s a true nightmare and even if I took the time to fill in everything, your configurator just doesn’t work. When I enter European shipping policies (all formats) and then the ones for Frnce (again all formats first) the European rates overwrite the Fench ones and we don’t have a drop down list for Europe when we can unlist France if we want to create separate rates for it (as it is for the Entire world category). Even the specified formats (7″) are not taken into account even if I set up a specific format/rate for them. I’m exctremely frustrated of the tool’s functionning and disappointed how you dare to oblige us to use it when it doesn’t even work

  • Sep 27,2020 at 06:20

    Ayant utilisé le calculateur automatique des frais de port depuis plusieurs années, je peux garantir que cela ne diminue en aucun cas le nombre de commandes non payées, cela n’augmente aucunement non plus le nombre de commandes passées, cela n’empêche pas non plus certains acheteurs de passer commande, de payer et d’ensuite demander l’annulation de cette commande (cela a plutôt tendance à même augmenter ce type d’annulation)et cerise sur le gâteau cela ne diminue pas non plus le nombre de question provenant d’acheteurs potentiels sur les frais de port.
    Autre conséquence de l’utilisation du calculateur automatique, les interactions et communications entre marchands et acheteurs sont gravement impactées au point de se résumer à néant.

    Pour résumé, il n’y a donc aucun intérêt financier, ni de gain de temps pour les marchands et acheteurs à utiliser le calculateur automatique. Il y a par contre de gros intérêts financiers pour Discogs et Paypal à obliger les marchands d’utiliser ce système, plus d’impayés pour Discogs et plus de rentrées financières pour Paypal via la suggestion de payement automatique via Paypal.

    De plus le nouveau calculateur automatique de frais de port, ne permet pas la combinaison poids/format du colis/valeur des articles, ce qui risque de généré tout un tas d’arnaques possibles, problèmes d’assurance, …
    Autre problème, les tarifs des transporteurs changent en permanence et à des dates différentes, il faut donc garder le tout à jour en permanence, ce qui implique du travail régulier et non rémunérer sous peine de pertes financières.
    Pour exemple la poste française peut du jour au lendemain et sans avertissement aucun supprimer les envois vers certaines destination suite aux conditions sanitaires actuelles (COVID19).

    Suite à tous les problèmes et fausses vérités énoncées plus haut, je n’ai pas réglé ma facture de septembre et ne réglerai probablement pas celle d’octobre non plus. Mes 18.000 articles resteront dans les étagères jusqu’au moment où Discogs n’obligera plus les marchands utiliser le calculateur automatique de frais de port.

    Having used the automatic shipping cost calculator for several years, I can guarantee that this does not in any way decrease the number of unpaid orders, nor does it increase the number of orders placed, nor does it prevent some buyers place an order, pay and then request the cancellation of that order (it tends to even increase this type of cancellation) and the icing on the cake does not decrease the number of questions either from potential buyers on the shipping costs.
    Another consequence of the use of the automatic calculator, the interactions and communications between merchants and buyers are seriously impacted to the point of being reduced to nothing.

    To summarize, there is therefore no financial interest, nor time saving for merchants and buyers to use the automatic calculator. There are on the other hand big financial interests for Discogs and Paypal to oblige the merchants to use this system, no more bad debts for Discogs and more financial receipts for Paypal via the suggestion of automatic payment via Paypal.

    In addition, the new automatic postage calculator does not allow the combination of weight / format of the package / value of the items, which risks generating a whole bunch of possible scams, insurance problems, etc.
    Another problem, the prices of carriers change constantly and on different dates, it is therefore necessary to keep everything constantly up to date, which implies regular work and unpaid under penalty of financial loss.
    For example, the French post office can delete shipments to certain destinations overnight and without warning due to current health conditions (COVID19).

    Due to all the problems and false truths set out above, I haven’t paid my September bill and probably won’t pay the October bill either. My 18,000 items will remain on the shelves until Discogs no longer requires merchants to use the automatic postage calculator.

  • Sep 27,2020 at 05:57

    To : “eyeandearcontrol”
    Good look with your refunds, as PPal will keep fees for any overpayment if you do Partly Refund, my advise, give full refund every time and ask to pay right amount again. If you set up posting prices for “unlimited and up” really high PPal will be happy with overpayments. You will lose money.

  • Sep 27,2020 at 05:14

    The new shipping policy is restrictive. It forces the seller to use one particular courier. Now, more than, shipping vendors and prices are changing day to day. The best advantage for a buyer is for the seller is to have flexibility to choose the most advantageous shipping depending on the order value, weight and required expediency, this is especially so for international shipping. This cannot be offered within the new restrictive policy. Due to the non-sensical grading of shipping values what will happen for me is that I will likely reduce the international zones I ship to. How does that make it better for the buyer or for Discogs? I find the new policy action to be anti to the feel of the Discogs community. A great disappointment.

  • Sep 26,2020 at 23:55

    Yeah, this is stupid. However, here’s what I am doing.

    1. Limit sales to regions with relatively predictable shipping costs (Canada and the US for me)

    2. Set shipping rates to the high end of ridiculous as is necessary to cover all possible scenarios

    3. Change seller terms to state that any excess postage will be refunded

    4. Change seller terms to reserve the right to cancel any orders where shipping exceeds the shipping amounts stated in the idiotic shipping policy editor

    Ultimately just reduces the areas I can sell to and drives people away because its fvcking stupid, more cumbersome and less accurate.

  • Sep 26,2020 at 18:36

    Here, tell Discogs what you think…


  • Sep 26,2020 at 14:54

    I don’t want to go to the postal office for a 5$ CD during a global pandemic and as far as I can tell there is no minimum order amount function?
    Speaking of pandemics, I gather that these sort of events disrupt logistics. In conclusion, maybe the time is not right for finetuning these oh so granular shipping policies? Absolutely confusing decision by the management at discogs, out of touch with reality.

  • Sep 26,2020 at 09:11

    Is it even legal, to force us to accept selling unlimited number of items in order, when we cannot predict what real posting costs would be? or knowing if we can post them together in one parcel ?

  • Sep 26,2020 at 08:55

    – I will not set automatic shipping policies this October 1st, as you forced us without our agreement.
    – I globally disagree with this new Discogs politics.
    – Consider this statement as a strike to attack your profits, by letting my listing unavailable, as long as you will decide to abandon these unacceptable changes.
    – I will stop immediately to fill the database with new references.

  • Sep 26,2020 at 07:04

    This new shipping thing is a nightmare and such an un-needed headache. Like one commentator in this forum said, “Why fix something that ain’t broke.” I like how things were done before. Please change the mailing policy back to the way it was. This new thing’s an abomination.

  • Sep 26,2020 at 06:55

    Excuse me Discogs Team,

    Who asked for this? I’m a private seller wich generated almost 2000 US Dollar for you. During all those years I never had any issue or complaint with my customers regarding shipping costs. I calculate the actual shipping costs for each order so that the customer gets the cheapest method of shipping. Everybody happy so far.

    There are no flat rates or weight rates regarding worldwide shipping. High value orders must be send by Registered Shipping. Cheap orders can be shipped by low cost shipping. I also check which courier (DHL, PostNL, etc.) has the cheapest rate for that actual order.

    So, keep things as they were. Don’t change a winning team.

    If not, I have to stop selling via Discogs. That should be a pity.

  • Sep 26,2020 at 06:13

    All Order values – The value in the “Order Subtotal must be at least/under” field should be 0…

    This should be the INSURED value… under £20 under £50 etc… at least 0? under 0? really? If they were paying under zero I wouldn’t waste my time sending them the records! at least/under £20 means everything below £20 right down to zero and beyond if you like… even though I haven’t got any items available for under zero makes no sense! Somehow Europe is complete without this. but UK and US still incomplete. The ‘and up’ I just put a high figure as I don’t want to use couriers with items over 2kg and that’s why I already don’t list heavy box sets. My buyers usually buy 1-3 items max in one go and I judge it by weight and value…

  • Sep 26,2020 at 05:33

    Was this tested before with a test group?
    Most of my shipments international shipments of 1 item.
    To keep it simple – I use a flat global shipping rate for each format. I know I lose $2-$4 on shipments to Australia/New Zealand but I have 4-8 of these, so I don’t mind “paying” ~$25 a year to keep it simple.

    The issue is the top weight range limits.
    For some countries, there’s a cheaper rate offer for express parcels up to 500g which costs less than the usual registered airmail rate.
    I cannot use it because the “and up” demand.
    There shouldn’t be any limitations here.
    There’s no chance discogs will crack all policies of postal services around the world.

  • Sep 25,2020 at 17:10

    After setting up 3 new Shipping Policies for the United States, Canada, and the rest of the World, I got a message stating “This shipping policy is incomplete, it is missing one shipping method that covers:
    ◾All Order sizes – The final rate range must end with “and up” to handle any number of items or weights.”

    There is no way to CHANGE any Shipping Police once you save.

    The ONLY Option is to Delete and re-enter everything from scratch — and hope the newly re entered policy meets Discogs’ requirements.

    I guess it’s time to go to MusicStack, EBay, Amazon.com, etc. Discogs seems to be planning on shutting down — or blocking 98% of sales — because their Shipping Policy setup and application doesn’t work, and that failure will prevent any business from being transacted.

  • Sep 25,2020 at 14:52

    In order to comply with the new shipping requirements I decided to limit the countries that I would ship to to just the UK and so I went through the whole process of setting up the shipping costs effectively charging more than I would normally in order to ensure that I didn’t lose out. However, having set it up next time I look all the charges that I set have disappeared and the only thing remaining is that I now ship only to the UK.

    I don’t sell enough to waste any more time trying to comply so come October 1st if this policy is implemented I will have to have to end my five year relationship with Discog.

    Shame, but it is your ball and if you want to mess it up it is yours to mess up.

    I would love to know how much these “improvements” are going to cost, I suspect someones job.

  • Sep 25,2020 at 12:55

    It’s a BIG BIG Mess so combine so many different formats and actually not the brightest idea from Discogs.
    At least Discogs should create an option for the seller to be able to confirm stock for each order and then give the final ok for Payment to the buyer. This would avoid a lot of trouble, money-saving, and of course negative feedback for Sellers.

  • Sep 25,2020 at 10:01

    This is a complete nightmare. Even within my own country shipping costs aren’t the same from region to region and there is no way to account for this. Parcel size is another factor that your system does not consider. I never had a problem working on a case by case basis and my sales volume is too low for this exercise to be worth my time. Not doing this. lol

  • Sep 25,2020 at 09:02

    The title of this article should read ‘changes to shipping policy’ (not improvement). A counter offer for the seller would be an improvement.

  • Sep 25,2020 at 01:52

    I don’t think you’re that crazy to decide to wipe out discogs and years of contributor work. to lose thousands of sales and related earnings. what really happened? are you working for ebay? are you launching a new sales platform? it is really sad that you are destroying this community.

  • Sep 24,2020 at 23:33

    …Wow, the Community! THEY don’t give us anymore the right to reply in THEIR newest topics about the ASP coming. LOGICALLY IT MEANS THEY KNOW WHAT WE THINK, AND IGNORE OUR NEGATIVE REACTION.

  • Sep 24,2020 at 16:46

    Btw, I will also remove all my submissions and all my contributions, and I hope everyone else will do the same. Why should I keep on helping a site that treats the users like shit?

  • Sep 24,2020 at 16:38

    From Norway the shipping for 1 x 45 are €6,- to Europe. 1 x LP are €17,-

    With this new shit system I have to put the same shipping for 1 x 45 as for 1 x LP, how the f… do you mean that this is an improvment for the buyers here at Discogs?

    I am by far the biggest seller here, but I have all together around 6.000 items listed and by October 1 they will all be removed.

    This is by far the biggest shit I ever have seen for an online markedplace. Even eBay are now better than Discogs.

  • Sep 24,2020 at 12:49

    What a naked scam.

  • Sep 24,2020 at 11:56

    – I will not set automatic shipping policies this October 1st, as you forced us without our agreement.
    – I globally disagree with this new Discogs politics.
    – Consider this statement as a strike to attack your profits, by letting my listing unavailable, as long as you will decide to abandon these unacceptable changes.
    – (and for the contributors) I will stop immediately to fill the database with new references.

  • Sep 24,2020 at 07:34

    Please remove those 2 UNUSEFUL and NONSENSED options…


  • Sep 23,2020 at 22:34

    En août 2020, j’ai passé du temps à comprendre ce vous souhaitiez et coller au plus près de la réalité.
    Tout semblait ok, sauf que ces derniers jours, je m’aperçois que les changements ne sont pas conformes à votre volonté.
    Je ne vais pas y passer des heures de plus. Soit vous revenez à un système plus simple, soit vous dîtes au revoir à votre commission. Discogs n’est pas éternel. Des sites comme Gemm n’ont pas evolué et ont mis la clef sous la porte. A bon entendeur…

  • Sep 23,2020 at 11:23

    Yes, I know, I hope this site go blank on first October if they don’t change their mind, but I’m pessimist on this one.
    I think many people don’t get they don’t care about your fees. If merge with PP is true, top guys will get bonuses so big they can retired.

  • Sep 23,2020 at 10:11

    To wiecbork02-3-8

    They already removed/hidden/… close to 400 comments from angry sellers/buyers.

    Discogs, censore, close account and so on when you do not think as you should, as they think.

    Big sellers maybe sell a bit more dur to less competition, but will they cover the loss from all others? It means they also have to support the 100% amount of Discogs fees.

  • Sep 23,2020 at 09:51

    and who are you “TheRevealer”? With this fake account and not even one record on sale, telling people who make living here to stop selling, or if you are seller , why r u(?)- so brave to hide under this name. Very young person judging on style of yr posts. There be a lot of big boys, clapping to you cos they will have less competition on market for a while.
    I won’t set up policies for now bcs it’s just stupid. 400.000 contributors at Discogs, how many commenting here ? 200-300?
    You think they care if there is 49 million products on sale instead of 58 millions? Somebody replayed to this comments? There be a new people coming, nobody will even remember this. Deal was done behind our backs, one big unlimited “and up”.
    Not to hurt anybody- just to put this situation in context.

  • Sep 23,2020 at 09:34

    To: “johns-rare-records”: I wonder what do you know about reality?
    eBay has 18 million customers, keeping the same amount of records here and there you will sell at Discogs only 10% of what you sell at eBay,
    you will pay bigger fees, but also there are promotions for sellers.

  • Sep 23,2020 at 08:39


  • Sep 23,2020 at 07:31

    This is a complete disaster!

    Belgian post charge us very different charges for all countries, even those located within the EU, and all with different exponential incremental amounts.

    I’ve just spent over four hours setting this thing up, knowing that we’ll run into many problems – unhappy customers because of potential overcharging, a prediction of many PayPal refunds due to items being out of stock (it’s impossible for a ‘physical’ shop to keep the Discogs database 100% up to date and accurate…

    I feel we have been forced to complete this as I’m not gonna ‘cut my nose off to spite my face’.

    I’m sure most of these comments will go unread by Discogs…they have no idea how a record shop runs or works.

    What a shame it’s come to this, they are gonna lose an awful lot of dealers.

  • Sep 23,2020 at 06:47

    and of course:

    – I will not set automatic shipping policies this October 1st, as you forced us without our agreement.
    – I globally disagree with this new Discogs politics.
    – Consider this statement as a strike to attack your profits, by letting my listing unavailable, as long as you will decide to abandon these unacceptable changes.
    – (and for the contributors) I will stop immediately to fill the database with new references.

  • WOV
    Sep 23,2020 at 04:44

    and of course:

    – I will not set automatic shipping policies this October 1st, as you forced us without our agreement.
    – I globally disagree with this new Discogs politics.
    – Consider this statement as a strike to attack your profits, by letting my listing unavailable, as long as you will decide to abandon these unacceptable changes.
    – (and for the contributors) I will stop immediately to fill the database with new references.

  • WOV
    Sep 23,2020 at 03:27

    Simple Thing
    I as seller have to have the choice to set up send invoice for a purchase manually or automatically,
    not driven by discogs
    this is a bad move and will cause many users to quit selling

  • Sep 22,2020 at 21:49

    The new shipping policy is realy bad, i am just a collector and selling some of my record collection i dont play anymore. Its all to complicated and time wasting to set this new shipping. I refuse to use this.

  • Sep 22,2020 at 13:39

    This is literally out of order! I still cannot believe that Discogs is turning into some kind of greedy monopolist like Amazon and eBay partnering with Paypal and pretty much screwing everyone who made it great, i.e. we the people who really love music!
    I will not set automatic shipping policies this October 1st, as you forced us without our agreement.
    Consider this statement as a strike to attack your profits, by letting my listing unavailable, as long as you will decide to abandon these unacceptable changes, (and for the contributors) I will stop immediately to fill the database with new references.
    I really hope the majority of us will do the same. Boycott !!!

  • Sep 22,2020 at 13:13

    I would set up this “All formats” but if I go by “weight” it will show to buyer different amount than possible in reality- size is changing parcel costs- not only weight or quantity! and even if I add some big costs for “unlimited number” to please their greed, what with refunds from big payments, will I get back fees from PP? PPal will be profiting on every overpayment as they don’t give back fees for partly refunds. They keep fees for money I didn’t earned. Why to set up unlimited numbers – when nobody will use it ? except maybe big retailers, is this changes for them? to get rid of individual sellers?

  • Sep 22,2020 at 13:01

    – I will not set automatic shipping policies this October 1st, as you forced us without our agreement.
    – I globally disagree with this new Discogs politics.
    – Consider this statement as a strike to attack your profits, by letting my listing unavailable, as long as you will decide to abandon these unacceptable changes.
    – (and for the contributors) I will stop immediately to fill the database with new references.

  • Sep 22,2020 at 12:57

    Link on “shipping policies” page don’t connect you anymore to this article, they added new article when you cannot comment and link is taking you there, not here where the comments are

  • Sep 22,2020 at 12:11

    As Discogs guys seems to ignore our discontent, we have to cut massively their revenue in October. The more messy it will be, the more powerful our collective protest will be visible.
    I suggest to all angry sellers (and buyers too), to leave here a statement that mean
    – I will not set automatic shipping policies this October 1st, as you forced us without our agreement.
    – I globally disagree with this new Discogs politics.
    – Consider this statement as a strike to attack your profits, by letting my listing unavailable, as long as you will decide to abandon these unacceptable changes.
    – (and for the contributors) I will stop immediately to fill the database with new references.
    Copy and paste this text or write it in your words, but react by a massive manifestation here and before the deadline of October 1st.

  • Sep 22,2020 at 12:00

    It’s not the programmers’ fault, believe me. Programmers can think logically and have probably told the decision maker several times that this cannot be programmed.
    Only a decision maker who cannot think logically can have come up with this stupid idea. He only knows greed and even more money.
    I’ve been a software developer for decades and I know that you can’t program something like that.
    All formats are now e.g. For:
    – combined orders from different formats
    – USB music sticks
    – 10 “vinyl
    – VHS cassettes
    – 8-track
    – 7 “Shape Picture Discs, which are almost the size of an LP
    – shellac
    – 12 “CD video discs
    – any type of box set, from small and very light to very large and very heavy
    – CDs that are in a small or very large book (how does the system differentiate that from normal CDs ????????)
    – CDs or 7 “together with large magazines (how does the shipping computer know that a large magazine is included)
    – and much more
    I ship with the Hermes shipping company. There the prices are graded according to box size. The max. Weight is always 25kg for all sizes.
    I also send smaller sound carriers without tracking the shipment in an envelope, e.g. single normal thick CDs up to 2cm thick. Up to 5cm thick is also possible, but then costs a lot more.
    The USB stick e.g. could I e.g. send in an envelope depending on the size of the box it is in.
    But now I am forced to choose the largest possible box size from Hermes for “all formats”. And that is very expensive.
    So nobody will buy an order from different formats or one of the above special formats in the future.
    And it is precisely these sound carriers that are often rare and expensive. I sure have min. 2,000 sound carriers in my collection of over 30,000 sound carriers with special formats.
    None of this is programmable.
    I will therefore not set anything for “all formats” either. Let them gray out my records on October 1st, 2020. Have fun with it.
    I’m a collector and it’s a hobby for me. I don’t have to live on it. But they make it difficult for the many small shops and discogs risks a big loss of sales with the shipping guidelines.
    The only winner in all of this is at most PayPal and no one else.

  • Sep 22,2020 at 10:27

    It is not the first time the operation of this platform becomes dominated by programmers and thus becomes 101% non-user friendly, but this is the most ball-breaking case BY FAR!

    Why-the-hell did you have to change shipping policies? I sent stuff over to half the globe and I didn’t have a SINGLE problem. What-the-hell does the ALL FORMATS setting help us or you at? It is just insane. Was it set up by a clerk in a public service office it would make sense but I assume you are a business! Every single post and comment is making fun of this change. Don’t you think it is time to either a) provide sufficient rationale explanations (and solutions) or b) push the Undo button? You will have to eventually, me thinks!

  • Sep 22,2020 at 10:14

    What an absolute shit show. I’ve sold on here for years and everything was running smoothly for me and now this updated policy is a convoluted mess that’s impossible to get updated correctly. When I try and make changes to my policies so that they are “complete” and hit “save” they aren’t saving, and when I refresh the page I see all of my original policies again with an error “the policy is incomplete.” I’ve wasted so much time on what should be a very simple thing. It seems as if Discogs hired 14 year olds to program their site. What a shame because there’s so much that was great about this site.

  • Sep 22,2020 at 07:15

    I was very happy when I met this platform.
    I could classify my records and buy any record I was looking for.
    That was on December 12, 2013
    A year ago I also decided to start selling some records.
    Now I find that with this new policy of informing the prices of postage, only favor the professionals of the sale. The particulars no longer we are going to be able to sell with the difficulties that they impose to us.
    It seems to me that they have just put an end to the sale of the site. In order to buy from a professional, it is better to do it from their website.

  • Sep 22,2020 at 01:40

    Ah I see, someone deleted the post that mentioned how many items at the market place are gone over night.

    So I will start counting again:
    22.09.2020 – 10:39 AM – 56.005.769 Items

  • Sep 22,2020 at 01:23

    Back in the days, when I found out About Discogs I was su happy. Finally a site for Music Lovers. Aspecially for Vinyls that you can’t buy at the local store.

    I loved everything about this site. For example that you can make an own library of your stuff you own.

    But the best part was that I could very easily buy and sell records. And now? What is happening to this masterpiece of site is breaking my heart. This place was perfect for us all and you ruined it.

    This bullshit shipping Policy stuff is the end of all. For me, a non nativ englisch speaking person, it is nearly impossible to understand that editor. The fact that it won’t work anyway I don’t have to admit again.

    Bye bye Dicsogs.

    Hope you People behind this site are happy with your descissions and the money and can sleep well.

    It’s a shame what is happening here…
    F you!

  • Sep 21,2020 at 11:54


    I like to offer a small discount to buyers who order multiple times in my marketplace. I already asked the Discogs team a long time ago to add a discount line for us on the orders pages. They answered: “yes we are working on it”. But still nothing after several months… So far, I apply this small discount by asking for less shipping costs than what is normally requested. As of October 1st, how do I get it done? It’s absurd ! In addition, it’s fine to indicate an estimated weight for items for sale… But when the shipping costs are calculated according to the weight, we cannot stay in the approximate… It’s to the nearest gram! So I risk to loose money! I also often suggest sending my CDs without their jewel cases, for sellers who accept it, to save them money on shipping costs. I will no longer be able to leave this possibility to them, since I cannot configure this in the shipping rules/policies. Finally, take into account the weight of the packaging! It’s absolutely necessary to add an option which allows us to add a weight tare, and with a criterion of order weight and / or number of items. Because a CD can be sent in a simply bubble-envelope, but five CDs must be sent into a cardboard, which will not have the same weight … In short! I would have preferred to apply the amount of shipping costs I want for each order, as I have been doing since the marketplace opened on Discogs!


    I hope my English will be always understandable. I’m French and it’s not my natural language ^^

  • Sep 21,2020 at 11:37

    This is really confusing and idiotic. Discogs why exactly are you doing this? Be prepared to lose many loyal customers if you decide to go through with this. It is hairbrained nonsense and the shipping policy area is too specific and nearly impossible to fill out correctly. I am a graphic designer and I understand you guys have had many issues with your interface over the years but those were NOTHING compared to this crock of sh&%

  • Sep 21,2020 at 10:26

    I think there is a simple answer to this stupid thing: EBAY,
    shame on you Discogs for this, it is impossible for me to fill this out, your shipping policy update is the worst you have done,

  • Sep 21,2020 at 08:06

    i tried to figure it out but it all seems too confusing so no more selling for me i guess. sure this makes it easier for buyers (though will definitely result in more expensive shipping costs for them) but for sellers, especially casual sellers its too confusing and too much of a hassle. it was so easy before. an end to an era. i suspect there will be a lot less to buy from come october 1st.

  • Sep 21,2020 at 06:51

    You have used the knowledge and insight of millions of contributors over the years because Discogs exists only because of us. And now you will decide us as if we were just robots at your service. You only think about making a profit, I hope that the community of fans and music lovers to whom you owe absolutely everything will all start from what must be called now: the amazon of music. SHAME ON YOU

  • Sep 21,2020 at 05:54

    Please Discogs reconsider!! The price rates are far too complicated and detailed to be able to set as a default with all the variances of weight, format, and shipping service the price charges pose. Whilst I understand the possible convenience from a buyer’s perspective, the seller is in danger of losing money when the calculation might be wrong, not to mention the nightmare of trying to set it up. The UK has already experienced three price rises from Royal Mail since January, two of these rises in the last three months, July and September! Price rises are usually annual. Please suspend this, at least for now, especially at this difficult time. Timing couldn’t be worse!!

  • Sep 21,2020 at 05:45

    This is the most ridiculous thing ever happened to this (up ’til now) fantastic community. I’ve tried to update my shipping policies for two hours now, but it keeps saying it’s incomplete and won’t save my changes. Now I’m fed up on this, so let’s see how it works out. Maybe I won’t be able to sell or buy any more records on Discogs after October 1st, but so be it then. Back to eBay in that case…

  • Sep 21,2020 at 05:35

    So from Oct 1st, when everything I want to buy is ‘not available’, I shall just message the seller and paypal the seller direct. Perhaps when Discogs start loosing out on their fees, they will rethink this stupid shipping policy.
    It probably makes sense for big sellers, but not for all the little guys and gals on here just selling a few hundred items.

  • Sep 21,2020 at 05:32

    I intend to start selling a few items from my personal collection and have just tried making a shipping policy. OMG, what a joke.
    What’s wrong with the buyer enquiring the shipping price, and the seller responding? Total flexibility that way.

  • Sep 21,2020 at 05:21

    Hi discogs,
    you’re new shipping policy is one of the biggest mess I’ve ever seen. I had a good time and a good business too with you guys. But now it’s time to say goodbye and leave you alone with these stupid requirements. Let’s go back to ebay.

  • Sep 21,2020 at 04:37

    Update for every seller on the upcoming October Protest/Boycott against the compulsory automated shipping policies and the sellout of DiscPal


    Every seller is also encouraged not to take down his inventory by himself but simply let everything as it is so that also every potential buyer sees in October what kind of big corporate take over and sellout is happening in Discogs. There will be millions of „unavailable“ items in the marketplace if DiscPal really will mark them as unavailable. Potential buyers need to see this in order to join the protest and start getting fucked up also.

    As I see quite some of the sellers who oppose these changed have lowered their heads already and gave in to the DiscPal dictate by setting up this corrupt shit: That’s very weak and really not a good example of solidarity. WE NEED SOLIDARITY AND DETERMINATION TO ACHIEVE OUR GOAL TO DEFEND OUR INTERESTS AND DIGNITY AND FORCE DISCPAL TO TAKE BACK THIS RIDICIOULOUS SHIPPING SHIT.

    This only works through depriving them their revenue by boycotting the new shipping shit.

    So don’t be weak and be ready for some weeks of protest/boycott. Nobody needs to boycott endlessly. Everbody is free to join the protest for as long as thinks he can maintain it. Be it only one ot two weeks or better 3,4,5 or 6 weeks or longer if you can manage it.


    Rest assured that many sellers will join in the protest and not set up these shipping policies in October although not voicing too much public opposition. They fear the punishing fist of authoritarian Discpal but are fully ready and willing to join the protest silently.



  • Sep 21,2020 at 03:55

    I suggest to all angry sellers (and buyers too), to leave here a statement that mean
    – I will not set automatic shipping policies this October 1st, as you forced us without our agreement.
    – I globally disagree with this new Discogs politics.
    – Consider this statement as a strike to attack your profits, by letting my listing unavailable, as long as you will decide to abandon these unacceptable changes.
    – (and for the contributors) I will stop immediately to fill the database with new references.
    Copy and paste this text or write it in your words, but react by a massive manifestation here and before the deadline of October 1st.

  • Sep 21,2020 at 03:37

    I suggest to all angry sellers (and buyers too), to leave here a statement that mean
    – I will not set automatic shipping policies this October 1st, as you forced us without our agreement.
    – I globally disagree with this new Discogs politics.
    – Consider this statement as a strike to attack your profits, by letting my listing unavailable, as long as you will decide to abandon these unacceptable changes.
    – (and for the contributors) I will stop immediately to fill the database with new references.
    Copy and paste this text or write it in your words, but react by a massive manifestation here and before the deadline of October 1st.

  • Sep 21,2020 at 02:50

    Started yesterday entering those new shipping options and already have two upset buyers.
    1. that stupid “all formats” does not really work as discogs tries to explain it. Buyer purchased one 45 and was charged more than double the postage because with “all formats” I had to cover ALL FORMATS. Didn’t use the specific format for “small vinyl”. Refunded the access-postage.
    2. A regular buyer always orders a few records, but sends me individual orders for each record. I just merge them when he is done. Now, with this automatic invoicing and paying, he had to pay right away after ordering the first 45. He informed me that he wanted to order some additional 45’s but didn’t do it because of this immediate payment.

    Has anyone at discogs really thought this thing through? And threatening your customers – yes, that’s what we are – to enable their business because you can#t get this done right!

  • Sep 21,2020 at 01:49

    fuck, i will not go on with that.
    reinstate ask for shipping and it will be okay.
    but this forced on nonsense… no way.
    it is impossible to comply with this idiotic policy.
    sorry, wait … no, i am not sorry.
    change that or most of us (me included) will leave you standing in the rain.
    mario aka comic1

  • Sep 20,2020 at 17:43

    Discogs must be having a lot of bitcoin waved under their noses to go ahead with this farce…

    Anyway, now my listings are to Australia only and free shipping. Which has halved my listings and reduced sales by about 60%. I am going to unlist everything on October 1st and see what happens. Will probably stay around, but only to get rid of ordinary cds & vinyl.

    I re-opened my Bay store and now have to re-list a couple of hundred items. And paid my Discogs bill on credit card just to deny PayPal a few bucks.

  • Sep 20,2020 at 15:51

    I don’t have time for this shit…

    Why not make the new shipping policy optional?

    Anyway, I don’t appreciate making threats, so I’ve taken my store offline, temporarily. I will not put myself or my customers through this crap. I suggest everyone do the same and not wait until Oct. 1st.. You don’t have to delete your store, just as long as it takes to see how this plays out. This is also not the first time in internet history that a community had to look for another platform, so no one should be afraid of leaving and setting up somewhere else.

    To think that not understanding this new shipping policy was on me.

  • Sep 20,2020 at 15:18

    I couldn’t get the ‘specific formats’ option to work and curiously the YouTube webinar explanation of how to set up a shipping policy also doesn’t show this. It only shows the ‘All formats’ option. My guess is that this functionality is still being worked on by the tech guys. So currently if I have a sales order for different formats (LPs and CDs say) it won’t be correct based on the shipping policy that has been accepted as correct by the platform. Insisting that sellers comply with a system that is half-baked strikes me as excessively authoritarian and I completely understand why 100% of the comments here kick-back against this policy. A massive drop in fee income will surely result in a re-think. After all its not the Discogs guys packing up the stock and taking it to the post office.

  • Sep 20,2020 at 14:40

    The new shipping policy is a disaster. This is a mess. I think I will sell my records somewhere else. Thanks for ruining this community – a community which was build up by fans and record nerds! THANK you discogs.

  • Sep 20,2020 at 12:22

    Two oders today with completely confused buyers! Thank you, discogs!

  • Sep 20,2020 at 11:35

    Now I spend a lot of time in this alread, but it does not work: I do send with and without insurance (that cannot be selected) and shipping is so diverse that I have to put in many, many prices that may change over time whilst I have no orders from these countries. PLEASE ENABLE SHIPPING ON REQUEST – PLEASE!!!

  • Sep 20,2020 at 10:13


    videos with a duration of 45 minutes to give an idea of why and how shipping policies shall be implemented? Are you fckn kidding me!?

    thumbs down!

  • Sep 20,2020 at 08:20

    I have wasted far too much of my time trying to suss this stupid shipping policy out, I will run the risk of my stock not being available than waste any more time, I have yet to see any one post anything positive about this policy and you’re bully boy tactics will do more harm than good to your reputation
    Shame on you Discogs 👎

  • Sep 20,2020 at 07:19

    I had updated a few today and it’s already cost me time and effort and loss of postage as when it says incomplete, all formats have to to ticked, so i did and postage cost to the USA when from my normal charge down to half the postage because you cannot just tick specific and if you do it says incomplete. It’s driving me crazy. Simply solution leave it as it is or make it easier than this.

  • Sep 20,2020 at 06:24

    To Johns-rare-records : I agree that there is no real alternative to Discogs TODAY (…) :

    CDandLP has a very small traffic compared to Discogs or eBay, and it’s a completely different kind of marketplace (trusted third party system, no independence for the sellers, payment AFTER items are received by the buyers, much higher fees).

    Yes, eBay may be a huge car boot sale, but all the same… as an experiment, I recently put three 100+ € LPs for sale, and two of them have been quickly sold, without hassle.

    I also agree with Bicherfa : discuss about the ASP seems useless… and no need to leave or put inventory on draft, better to do NOTHING… and from october 1st when buyers see a lot of unavailable items, maybe they will ask themselves questions…

  • Sep 20,2020 at 05:23

    The perfect commercial suicide.
    Only a fool can devise a shipping cost calculation that includes the rates of all couriers in the world for worldwide shipments of objects of such different objects and subject to all conceivable individual variables.
    Only a blockhead can put it into practice, driving his customers on the run and driving his company to commercial disaster.
    Discogs is doing it.

  • Sep 20,2020 at 04:01

    @ johns-rare-records – Sep 20,2020 at 02:15

    you are missing the point. Tell me one reason the existing system has to be changed? Who has complained? Did buyers flee discogs by the thousands? No, everything has been working fine. The only thing I can think of DC is changing this, is to generate more money for them, by channeling the posting costs via Paypal. It is this fundamental truly capitalist system, which leaves aside any human involvement, i.e. sellers and customers wishes and needs! I am very surprised that many sellers even discuss this impossible tool instead of uniting with everybody and boycott these measures.

  • Sep 20,2020 at 03:37

    This is utterly bonkers. I tried to make these shipping policies work, but it’s greatly flawed like all Discogs related ‘tech’. I already hated to use their slow and useless mobile app. With these quite unnecesary new policies it’s finally time to go elsewhere. What a complete waste of time and effort.

  • Sep 20,2020 at 02:15

    Whist feeling empathy with the many hundreds of sellers who are dismayed with the new shipping policy enforcement; I am a realist.
    It will happen no matter how many sellers complain.
    And who are these complaining? Mostly like myself, small time enthusiasts with a thousand or so items to dispose of. In the scheme of things, a tiny drop in a very big ocean.
    Like the rest, I found the editor would not work, as soon as I got one method set up, the rest returned to free postage. I eventually applied to Discogs support,
    and a very helpful guy named Yoram, found the problem. I was using Firefox. Whilst an excellent browser, the various ad blockers and other security
    devices were corrupting the policy editor. On using Internet Explorer, the problems went away.
    It is true that the ‘all formats’ policy eluded me, but setting an impossibly high postage rate for large quantitles (which will never happen) solved that problem.
    Yes this isn’t great, and a nightmare for mixed format orders, and the tie up with Paypal sucks, but Discogs is still the only game in town.
    Look at the alternatives?
    Ebay -a cyber car boot sale
    CDandLP -very small time
    Music Stack -history (as good as)
    Elvinyl -Mickey Mouse clone of Discogs, so badly promoted, virtually no one knows of its existance.

  • Sep 20,2020 at 02:12

    I’m glad it’s not just me who this this is utter nonsense, I’m off to sell my records somewhere else, the tax policy was a p1$$ take, but this is madness. It would take weeks to set up. Goodbye!

  • Sep 20,2020 at 01:15

    I tried to post this comment more than 3 times on different blogpost and they’re still not published. Does discogs censored them just because I tell the truth?

    I’m against this new obligation because as I said many times, this asp doesn’t work for belgian, french, canadian and german sellers, if discogs believes than those sellers won’t miss him, just let them try for one month.
    They probably lose:
    close to 1,337,968 items from canadian sellers
    close to 3,117,339 items from french sellers
    close to 1,460,372 items from the belgian sellers
    close to 7,515,060 items from the german sellers

    Let see what discogs becomes with close to 13.430.739 items greyed and unavailable for sale. It’s close to 25% of the whole marketplace. They will make more benefits for sure…

  • Sep 20,2020 at 01:01

    Esto es un desastre para todos los vendedores,no veo a nadie que hable bien de lo que han echo con el nuevo sistema de envío,vuelvan a dejar las cosas como estaban.

  • Sep 19,2020 at 22:48

    Discogs just shot itself in the foot. Good luck with your revenue streams, Discogs.Your shipping policies form just proved you couldnt organise a pissup in a brewery. i’ll just sell on Ebay or CDandLP.
    Your sales tax charges was already offensive, you just added salt to the wound!

  • Sep 19,2020 at 20:07

    I encourage every seller to remain defiant against the DiscPal tyranny.

    Everybody who has already decided to thoroughly leave discogs, thats fine. You can come back once DiscPal has turned back into Discogs.


    October Protest / Boycott means: We will not be forced into submision and we will simply REFUSE to set up these crazy compulsory shipping policies which are only for the sake of DiscPal aka Paypal. Even if that means DiscPal will mark our listings as being unavailable/unpurchasable for the time being.

    There is no need to publicly agree on the October Protest/Boycott. Everybody with self respect who is ready to stand up for his freedom and beliefs is wholeheartedly welcomed to join in silently. SIMPLY REFUSE TO SET UP THE CORRUPT SHIPPING EDITOR SHIT!

    In other parts of the world people have to risk their lives in order to protest against dictatorships and for the restoration of their dignity and freedom. The only consequence we face is a couple of weeks without our discogs income. This is well worth it in order to teach the new authoritarian DiscPal a painful lesson and to bring it back to reality



  • Sep 19,2020 at 18:04

    Spent 2 days trying to figure this out, then the first order I got after I thought I’d finished set the shipping cost to ZERO! It’s a waste of everyone’s time and it’s not going to work

  • Sep 19,2020 at 17:06

    After the Filmogs, Bookogs, Posterogs fiasco, etc. all closed on August 31, Mr. Lewandowski states: “This was not an easy decision, but we have not been able to give this project the attention and focus that it needs to prosper. At the same time, there are still many opportunities and things to improve on Discogs, so we will be putting all of our focus on Discogs.”!!
    – So what are these “opportunities” and things to improve on Discogs?
    – changing shipping policies…
    And who benefits from this magnificent “improvement”? – Paypal only.
    This is unacceptable – music lovers strongly cultivate a sense of freedom and do not like to be treated like sheep.

  • Sep 19,2020 at 16:44

    You now have 10 days to stop this nonsense. Otherwise you will have big financial losses every day from October 1st, 2020.

  • Sep 19,2020 at 16:29

    Ok at the moment there are still 54 million records for sale on discogs. I’m curious how much there will be from October 1st, 2020.
    Good luck with your automatic shipping calculator and your marriage to the shark PayPal. But without me and possibly hundreds or thousands of other small salespeople.
    I will sell my 30,000 records collection on my own website and on Ebay. I don’t have to live on it either, it’s just a hobby for me, like many other small salespeople here.
    But I’m sorry for the many small record stores that have to make a living from it. You destroy their existence.
    In the end, however, you chop off your own legs and destroy a wonderfully functioning collector’s platform.

  • Sep 19,2020 at 14:40

    What utter madness. Who came up with this, and then who looked at it and went “yeah that’s fine”. Then someone programmed it in and didn’t think “hang on, this isn’t right, it doesn’t make sense.”
    I can only imagine there must me something more sinister behind this, or was it the Tory government implemented this new policy? (or both). Sort this mess out Discogs.

  • Sep 19,2020 at 14:02

    I’ve just spent (and probably wasted) about 2 hours trying to set up JUST the UK policy. I thought I’d completed it, but no: “This shipping policy is missing a shipping method that covers all Formats and Order values”. You want me to set a policy that covers the ‘never going to happen’ scenario of someone buying 20 records at £500, or 40 at £1200, or all my records in one go?? Well I don’t know how to do that.

    What probably would have been nice, would be dummy example policies in our Seller settings, or templates for the most common policy types, or the ability to export and import, so sellers could work together, instead of asking tens of thousands of sellers to spend 10 hours each in their silos setting up possibly the same type of policies…

    I have the rest of Europe, US, and ROTW to set up in exactly the same way once I figure this puzzle out. So it looks like my Inventory will be unavailable for a while then. Really really bad change management folks.

  • Sep 19,2020 at 13:11

    What sort of lunatic came up with this?
    He or she must be raving mad. I would have to take a month’s holiday and employ a post office agent to help me.
    I will stop using discogs and buy and sell vinyl elsewhere.
    Best regards and good luck

  • Sep 19,2020 at 12:53

    What a total waste of time. Not selling anymore until this is sorted. Is this a Boris Johnson idea ?

  • Sep 19,2020 at 12:01

    Can just agree with everybody else, this is just a mess. Your system to make streamlined shipping costs is just bullshit and is not based on the reality that shipping cost are and how they work. Its sad to see a website that brags about the biggest database of music (that was built by the community) is so far of the reality of they´re usere and they´re needs and wants.
    shame on you business daddy for giving a shit about us.

  • Sep 19,2020 at 10:50

    Gotta agree with everyone else. This required shipping policy is insanely complicated and flawed. There are so many examples where this won’t work. Please re-consider this policy as it is going to be a logistical nightmare for both sellers and buyers.

  • Sep 19,2020 at 10:04

    To make this work for sellers in the UK you need to add the value of an order into the options. Packages up to a value of £20.00 are covered against loss or damage by Royal Mail for the cost of postage. ie One CD with a value of £20.00 posts for £1.64 1st class and is fully covered. One CD with a value of £20.01 to be covered for loss or damage has to be sent using the Signed For option which costs £2.94 1st class or £2.70 2nd class. At the moment the shipping module completely ignores this making it unfit for purpose. You need to add a field taking into account the total value of an order. That would make it easy to complete a shipping module in the way you want.

  • Sep 19,2020 at 10:00

    Covid-19 affected the whole music industry, bands, labels, releases, biz, gigs etc. An apocalyptic nightmare worldwide!!! And Discogs trying to make the whole thing more complicated, with stupid shipping policies kinda like a nightmare especially for sellers!! I’m a small seller & i will not be part of this out of the question update!! Shame on you, no respect to all these people!!! Without people you’re nothing! People have the power, not Mr. Kevin Lewandowski & Zink Media, Inc!!! Cheers!!! :-)

  • Sep 19,2020 at 09:30

    This whole thing is just too complicated to work out, I am just a small seller I don’t need the stress of trying to work out all these shipping rules.

    I have set something up the best that I can for the moment but I am not convinced it is correct or that it will work. If everything goes wrong I will just move to a different sales platform. There are few other companies offering a similar service now that hopefully don’t have these offer complicated systems.

  • Sep 19,2020 at 09:29

    What do you mean with ‘Please note that your Shipping Policies will need to cover all potential orders of all formats, up to unlimited weight or quantity’ ????

    How could we calculate an UNLIMITED (!!!) WEIGHT OR QUANTITY ???

    We could NOT calculate an unlimited amount of records, especially if we never shipped more than 5 or 6 items to one customer in the last years.

    We will not play your game!
    If you still remain to force us WE WILL QUIT DISCOGS and sell on other platforms.

    I think that we will not be alone. So please consider to change this. Thanks.

  • Sep 19,2020 at 09:19

    We are really really NOT happy with Discogs choice to force us to have ‘Shipping Policies’! You could have ask us sellers before you force us! It feels like a totalitarian regime!
    Sorry, but this should not be the way to work with your partners (we the sellers). I mean we make money thru Discogs, but Discogs too make money only thru US!
    We are disapointed.

  • Sep 19,2020 at 07:11

    Can you let my negative comments about ur new policy appear here?

  • Sep 19,2020 at 07:10

    My post was not publish because it criticize discog new policy so funny

  • Sep 19,2020 at 06:45

    It’s amazing to see so many people to be piss off, it seems discogs don’t give a shit, the platform is becoming too mainstream. In term of shipping I am so flexible with the people, I try to adapt my offer so I can’t have any standard. I have so many different options and people who buy from me have been quite happy with. Cross fingers, hope you going to lose a lot of business and think twice before to impose rules. Maybe time for another platform to emerge much more respectful of their users

  • Sep 19,2020 at 04:47

    After reading a lot more of comments, i will just leave everything as it is now. You may set my items to be unavailable, discogs. I can not meet your requirements yet, though i tried and may try again. I am quite courious, if your plans will hatch like presumed – but i really doubt this. If you have guts, you will at last take notice and react upon all these comments – but alas, i really doubt this too, since there is only one comment by discogs found here as far as i have been reading. Well, we will see what comes off of this move.

  • Sep 19,2020 at 04:11

    As i have read quite a couple of the comments in this blog, i cann only agree. These new shipping policy sucks noodles. I tried to set it up as requested, but i can´t even set all up by choosing countries. National (german) postage is way different from EU-countries. I tried 15 minutes now, and already i am able to say it won´t work. This will crash and burn, and i suppose i will have to remove my items frome sale here, which is a pity, because this platform is kinda great to sell my stuff out of my private collection. It seems now that i have to sell elsewhere. This new shipping policy is a real downer.

  • Sep 19,2020 at 04:03

    Damn, I tried to figure it all out. But I just can’t get it right. What a silly move this is. I’m glad I own a store cause it looks like I’m not gonna be able to sell on Discogs anymore.

  • Sep 19,2020 at 03:48

    This changes about shipping police does not work with reality. It will not make anything better for sellers or buyers… It is not possible to make general shipping costs (+ it is even far more impossible due to all those corona related changes that acured in the last months..). I never got one negative feetback from any of my buyers (sold over 700 CDs the last two years).

    If this step will not been overworked or changed I will quit selling my stuff via doscogs ! It feels not too good cause I realy liked this platform a lot…

  • Sep 18,2020 at 21:25

    Hey, I just got a reminder for my monthly seller fees. So are we all just planning on not paying them this month, right?

  • Sep 18,2020 at 21:15

    I’m having a panic attack after my fourth hour of trying to make sense of what my shipping policy is now. I already had a long day and I am more frustrated in years. Thank you for making so dumb and useless.

  • Sep 18,2020 at 18:04

    Discogs you guys really are putting yourself out of business with this move! Your shipping modules make no sense and are creating confusion, you will lose buyers, sellers and revenue with this. Loved this platform, this is the first time I am baffled and frustrated with it. Shame…

  • Sep 18,2020 at 15:44

    Well, I like many others here cannot make the shipping policies work. Can’t set a valid policy without an “All Formats” option. As soon as an “All Formats” option is added, it overrides all other options. Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid… I give up. No selling I guess after Oct. 1. Bye now!

  • Sep 18,2020 at 14:36

    No need for everyone to publicly agree to the resistance and the october protest. I fully understand that many of you already fear to speak your mind as you see the authoritarian power of DiscPal looming over you and fear that it might turn against you once you voice opposition.


  • Sep 18,2020 at 14:34

    Its a total perversity by itself that discogs, a community built site which would be nothing if it were not for the countless INDEPENDENT efforts of its members to build this database, binds its fate and therefore the fate of its community to the mercy of paypal. WITHOUT EVEN ASKING! WITHOUT COMMUNITY CONSENT! BY CENTRAL COMMITEE DICTATE! As everybody knows, paypal is a totally authoritarian, endlessly greedy and mercilessly arrogant shark that dictates its conditions upon those under its umbrella.

    Discogs is dead now. Discogs has turned into DiscPal – an ugly and soulless giant corporate behemoth

    It has revealed that it is the wolf in sheeps clothes.

    Anyone ever had the „fun“ of being arbitraily banned by paypal? If not go googeling and see how patroinizingly, how disgustingly arrogant they treat those people. They don’t explain anything, they give you no reasons and refuse any communication, they simply freeze your money for six months and simply rule and you have to obey like the feeble peasant that you are in their merciless giant corporate eyes.



    Dont get me wrong. Everybody should be free to use paypal if they want to. Paypal provides a service for international payments. Expensive and with shady terms of usage, yes, but a somewhat convenient service as long as neither buyers or paypal decide they there is a problem and everybody who wants to use paypal should of course be free to do it. Although there are also really better, friendlier and way cheaper alternatives for international payments like for instance Transferwise that are being kept small. Paypal of course does everything to ensure it keeps its de-facto monopoly for international payments and thus can dictate its authority over those under its umbrella

    But its a total offense and basically a onesided declaration of war that DiscPal wants to force everyone under the umbrella of paypal. Europeans (who already pay higher discogs fees due to EU taxes) will be deprived of the frequently used free bank transfer and everybody else in the world will loose the freedom to independently decide which payment option they want to use. This means a large large increase in fees for every seller who up til now uses – at least in parts – different payment options than paypal. AND IT WILL MEAN THE END OF THEIR DISCOGS CAREER FOR ALL BUYERS AND SELLERS THAT CANNOT OR REFUSE TO USE PAYPAL!


    AND ALWAYS REMEMBER: The one and only reason for the introduction of the compulsory Shipping Editor is to ensure that each and everybody in the discogs marketplace is forced into paypal.

    So those of you who are merely totally frustrated because of the 100% inadequete and corrupt shipping editior that is forced upon you please always remember this is only done for the benefit of paypal.

    This is the one and only reason for your suffering!



  • Sep 18,2020 at 14:24

    I’ve been a software developer. And discogs is first class implemented in almost all areas.
    But this shipping cost module is very far from any reality.
    In their video they only show a simple shipping method based on the weight or number of records. But this does not work with most shipping companies e.g. in Germany. Because the size of the shipping bag or package must also be taken into account. And you can’t set something like that automatically. A double CD in a thick box can e.g. do not send for the same price as 2 individual CDs, as the max. Thickness is exceeded. It is the same with the combined shipping of different sound carriers, not only the weight is decisive, but also the box size.
    Again, this cannot be programmed and standardized. Please read the many comments. It seems you don’t do that.
    In addition, most of the sound carriers that are sold here cost less than € 10, mostly even less than € 5. Nobody would e.g. Pay $ 44 for shipping to Kannada, like in your nonsensical video.
    It only proves that you have no idea of ​​reality.
    I will definitely not set these absurd shipping conditions that I then pay extra, or I have to set so high that nobody will buy anything anyway.
    Goodbye discogs. I hope you lose millions in the first few months and then come back to your senses.

  • Sep 18,2020 at 14:05

    Dieser neue Editor funktioniert einfach nicht. Mehrere Stunden habe ich daran gearbeitet. Keine Chance. Warum muss das sein? Es hat alles super gut funktioniert. “Sad but true” aber das war es wohl mit Discogs. Werde mich jetzt leider bei Ebay registrieren.
    Good bye

  • Sep 18,2020 at 13:31

    This message from “Official Discogs” is arrogant as can be.
    If you were unable to understand all comments below: we don’t want your changes or links to your “seller rep: yes boss what a fantastic idea!” The way you threatening contributors say all we need to know about you, make my listings invisible, all 700, and celebrate!

  • Sep 18,2020 at 13:09

    is it true that paypal will be mandatory with discogs? paypal has held onto to my money for weeks at a time, more than once. i have over 10 years of 100% positive feedback. after the current pandemic started, i was out of work & needed money for basic groceries. i sent numerous messages to paypal about how i REALLY needed for them to release my money but their soulless response every time was that i needed to prove my social security (after 10 years of that not being a problem). their system showed that my ss# was resolved but their chat help continued to tell me the same thing. eventually i declined every buyers payment & called each buyer up in a phone call to explain what paypal was doing to me. every buyer resent their payment to me through another service. then i shut down my paypal account & went to the grocery store.

  • Sep 18,2020 at 12:52

    i tried. this new shipping policy thing & my brain are not compatible.

  • Sep 18,2020 at 12:13

    @knieskopp: I feel the same way. I think that the software developer majored in singing & clapping …. I entered a shipping price of € 1.55 for 1CD in Germany without tracking. So that this shitty traffic light turns green at the edge, with All Formats then € 5.99. Which corresponds to the package price up to 5 kg DHL in Germany including tracking. Interestingly, what appears in my shop as shipping for 1CD’s ??? Well who knows? Bewler …? Bewler ….? Right, of course € 5.99 …… That’s all not true, is it?

  • Sep 18,2020 at 12:01

    If you must do something like this which takes time it would be more sensible to wait until after Christmas. If you don’t I can see many problems and many loss of sales for all.

  • Sep 18,2020 at 11:59

    what has happend to the option free shipping? Is that an option given?

  • Sep 18,2020 at 11:26

    If you were unable to attend this week’s webinars, please utilize the replay to set up your shipping policies:
    US | https://youtu.be/LHY41pillVE?t=536
    EU | https://youtu.be/4zxe6x0t4uo

    This is demo is meant to help you understand the new editor. Discogs by no means dictates what world regions you are required to ship, that is up to each individual seller. However, you ARE required to have a complete policy for regions you choose to sell to by Oct. 1 otherwise your items will show as “unavailable for sale” in incomplete regions.

    If you are having trouble or need assistance, please email your seller rep:
    North/South American Seller Lead, Christopher | cmasagatani@discogsinc.com
    European Seller Lead, Russ | rryan@discogsinc.com

  • Sep 18,2020 at 10:55

    My second post (first is No. 100) – I now tried the editor.

    My actual policy is as simple as possible (for Germany) – shipping for CDs (no matter how many) is 1,90€, for LPs (and other formats) the flat is 4,80€. Entered this as policy for LPs, tested it – works fine.

    But: My policy doesn’t fulfill the new requirements! I have to add a price for “All formats”, otherwise my policy is not complete and I’m banned as a seller!

    Sounds easy – added it (Flat 4,80€ for “all formats”, what I understand as “mixed formats) – tested it – now my 3€-CD is displayed as 3€ plus 4,80€ shipping. 7,80€ instead of 4,90€.

    This is so ridiculous – must be the shittiest software that I ever have been forced to work with!

  • Sep 18,2020 at 09:52

    have ALL music I need. don’t need discogs. what in the world do they think all this unnecessary changes shall be good for. do the doo. keep it going on. what is it? noone does. what is what? what? hä???

  • Sep 18,2020 at 09:47

    noone does.

  • Sep 18,2020 at 09:41

    what I don’t understand is why this change? Have customers complained about charges? Which would be the only acceptable reason for changing a system. What are the benefits for discogs or for that matter the disadvantage for letting be the existing system? Why go against most of the sellers and also buyers? This really intrigues me. I will surely sell elsewhere as this will never work, if discogs decides to stay firm on their decision against it’s whole comunity. Disrespectful to all of us, that’s what I call it!

  • Sep 18,2020 at 09:20

    Tried for a few hours to work this one out….a complete disaster. Why change something that works.
    All this will do is make sellers leave in droves.

  • Sep 18,2020 at 08:09

    This new method is absolutely foolish and not functional in my country.
    In Italy we may respect weight levels for using postal services, but the weight of an item (as vinyls as CD’s or DVD’s) is not always the same:
    it depends by the quality of vinyl, by the package, by the case.
    Each weight level is ambiguous:
    for example a vinyl + its packaging swings between 300 and 400 grams and the level rate is fixed at 350g.
    so you can pay a lower level or an higher level according to the final weight: i can not fix it before.
    For example a CD + its packaging swings betwen 90 and 120 grams and the level rate is fixed at 100 grams.
    I don’t want to speculate on my customer;
    When I am a seller, I would like to ask him the exact cost because, when I am a buyer, I would like the seller asks to me the correct cost.
    That’s it.
    Then I tried to fix my shipping policies in the easier way possible, but the system declares it “INCOMPLETE”.
    Why this ?

  • Sep 18,2020 at 08:04

    Ich verstehe die Idee nicht – je nach Land und Versandwunsch Wunsch liegen die Versandkosten zwischen 1,55 Euro (unversicherter Brief in Deutschland) und 70,00 Euro (versichertes Paket nach Neuseeland)…
    Zwischen meinem Wohnort in Deutschland und Australien/Amerika, usw. giobt es massive Unterschiede…
    Bisher habe ich Kunden angefragt, wie sie die Datenträger gesendet haben möchten – mit einem GENERELLEN Preis wird niemand mehr bestellen oder ich zahle drauf…
    Ist das so gewollt??

    I don’t understand the idea – depending on the country and the shipping wish, the shipping costs are between 1,55 Euro (uninsured letter in Germany) and 70,00 Euro (insured parcel to New Zealand)…
    Between my residence in Germany and Australia/America, etc. there are massive differences…
    So far I have asked customers how they want to have the media sent – with a GENERAL price, no one will order or I will pay for it…
    Is that what you want?

  • Sep 18,2020 at 07:55

    How can I now calculate the lowest shipping costs if I always calculate them according to the payment method (which I agree upon beforehand):
    – Paypal inland
    – Paypal abroad
    – Bank transfer
    – …
    I think there’s no way around it, except for the ones to EBAY.

  • Sep 18,2020 at 07:31

    Your site will be dead soon with your stupid/absurd new shipping policies. You won’t be the new Amazon. Think about it.

  • Sep 18,2020 at 07:20

    The new ASP is unusable, so it looks like discogs are happy to lose my business after paying over $30,000 in fees

  • Sep 18,2020 at 06:53

    To many variables for the ASP to be usable, just some examples:
    Prices vary because of the value of the item, high value items cost more with post insurance.
    As records are not standard weights, to set up by weight you will have to weigh every item when you list it.
    The same can be said for setting limits on numbers because of the weight variation. 9 X 12″ can be the same as 7 LP’s
    2 cds can be sent as a large letter but a double cd with a wide case has to go as a small parcel.
    No facility to offer more than one shipping method, standard, tracked, tracked and signed.
    Courier companies are changing prices all the time, they can vary day by day.
    No facility for shipping on orders with multiple Formats.
    just a few of the problems

  • Sep 18,2020 at 05:35

    Why discogs ..why?

  • Sep 18,2020 at 05:34

    Dear Discogs
    I want to say thank you for having been such an incredible site. As a database and selling platform, Discogs has been IMO second to none. It is my go-to database. As a hobby collector, I buy regularly and I also sell 50 to 75 items most months. It is with confusion that I read the instructions for the new Shipping Policy and with dismay that I have realised the limitations and inefficiency of the new mandatory system. For reasons already expressed by others in this comment section, I won’t be able to manage setting up or maintaining the new system. I’m afraid that October 1 will be the end of my being a Seller on Discogs. I guess someone else will eventually establish an alternative site and I will be looking out for such a site to start up again on. Now I’m no mug, having been the benefactor of a Grammar School education and 35 years in running my own manufacturing business but his change of direction leaves me open mouthed in awe at the rank stupidity of changing a system that works perfectly well. The great shame is that Discogs currently works perfectly well. Given that the new system will potentially frustrate buyers and sellers alike, I wonder why Discogs is implementing it. What is a business/platform/shared interest site with disgruntled buyers and sellers? Who exactly does the new Shipping Policy benefit? I have no problem at all in responding to buyers, providing individual shipping rates as required. In fact, this communication between parties is often an enjoyable aspect of the transaction. I have truly appreciated Discogs as it was. Thanks again.

  • Sep 18,2020 at 05:30

    I have been selling my Cd collection for a few years, all over the world, with 100% rating but I’m not going to spend time trying to understand this nonsense.

  • Sep 18,2020 at 05:19

    I have been here since 2007 but have really only started listing my record over the past year, as it stands I have just over 3k listed with another 6k standing by to list ( these are now on hold ) I have just called a supplier of mine who was working on a deal to buy the entire stock from an ex radio station 20k records, this I have also put a hold on.
    I left eBay because of the way they where heading and making it impossible to speak to MY customers.

    This is a slippery slop and it is one that should not be taken, I have no problem with Pay-Pal and have used them for many many years, I have a major problem trying to understand the shipping polices that need to be done, hence I will sit back and see what happens on the 1st October, if all my listings are pulled or become invisible then it will be your lose not mine, I guess eBay will gain from your lack of understanding from your sellers.
    I will have to look at taking my entire stock back to that dreaded dark place, but at least the postage is easier and can be dealt with in less time it will take to re-do all my listings.

    It is not often that a selling platform listens to it’s sellers, so how about you be the first to listen to them?
    You really have no idea how this is going to effect this site do you, sellers and buyers will leave in droves.

    I am lucky in the sense I do not have to rely on your platform as my own Website will move forward. I started that some four years ago and that is going very well.

    I like it here and hope to remain here, but that can only happen if you scrap this new update, it is not often a platform please so many people in one swoop, but you have the option to did this?


  • Sep 18,2020 at 04:56

    Well that’s the end of me selling on here. I’m not a professional seller, and have less than 100 items for sale. I’ll be listing those on eBay, and just using discogs for buying, and keeping a list of my collection for insurance purposes.
    Bye bye discogs. It was fun while it lasted.

  • Sep 18,2020 at 03:33

    it’s too complicated and foolish .. I can’t spend hours doing this bullshit .. I delete the account

  • Sep 18,2020 at 03:28

    Let people do all the work for you letting them think they are part of a community. Man, I can’t believe I got trapped into this. Discogs turns out to be a wolf in sheep clothes. A greedy wolf that sells it’s soul to the devil with no problem. And people notice!!! PayPal does NOT return any of the fees when you have to refund. Another greedy company that makes you depend an when the job is finished collects. Just like Discogs. A match made in hell.

  • Sep 18,2020 at 03:26

    An automatic shipping policy system will never cover every corner of shipment’s reality. It may help Discogs to *believe* things will go quicker but the main problems will still be MANY!
    1. It shunts the important contact and dialog between buyer and seller
    2. Any uncovered corner will either generate sales losses or problems for the seller because the sale gets blocked since not fitting a holy programmed square or forces the seller to lose money on a shipping cost not featured on the system
    3. Discogs will both lose sales money and sellers
    4. Communication will become more problematic and Discogs will see a huge increase of support requests or claims, which will be costy for them
    5. No one at Discogs seems to have understood that a simple additional button saying for ex. “Ask the seller” would help covering all the unmatched situations. This says a lot about brain storming capability!

  • Sep 18,2020 at 03:01

    A death kiss to all serious record collectors! Hello and Good bye,Discogs! It was nice knowing you as long as you stayed alive and healthy! A pity that Covid19 obviously got you too. Hej då,good bye,farvel,au revoir,tschyss,arrivederci,adios,hwyl,tot ziens,antio,sayonara!

  • Sep 18,2020 at 02:43

    I don’t understand this change, and am so disappointed that the site I was considering to be the best for records passionate is becoming a business as others. And your shipping policies update page doesn’t work anyway! It doesn’t save changes and it is much complicated to understand, time wasting. I am sorry to say that I will have to leave your site due to your decision. I think that eBay and others like cdandlp or Rakuten will take benefit from you strange (stupid??) decision. Bye bye and good luck.

  • Sep 18,2020 at 02:40

    Frank Zappa could have said : Discogs is not dead… it just smells funny !”.

    As a very modest non-professional seller, I am inclined to say : Old Discogs, OUR Discogs is dead…

    Because fact is : As Discogs didn’t propose neither a vote nor even a poll to the sellers about this drastic shipping policy change, that means their decision was made from the start !

    Proof is : no communication despite of hundreds negative comments in 3 different blogs (about 700 or 800, including 300+ comments which were deleted), & those comments probably are only the top of the iceberg… we can suppose there are thousands of sellers who are unhappy.

    There seems to be no more real community… but not dictatorship, which would mean “Shut up !”, just fake democracy, which means “Keep talking, my friend !!” : hence the blogs, where unhappy sellers may vent their anger… but of course Discogs (at least the “new improved” one) don’t give a shit !

    All that leaves to think that Discogs has been (or will be) sold to Paypal or I-don’t-know-who, and you know the script, it’s in the good tradition of “Thanks for all, but here we are and we know better than you what’s good for you !”

    Please look at the blog from september 10, title of which is : “Discogs hits another milestone in 2020…” .
    I let you savor its last paragraph : “We would like to extend a massive THANK YOU to all of our contributors over the years. The Database would be absolutely nothing without your diligent work and relentless digging over the past 20 years. We hope the Database is a source of both comfort and knowledge during this extremely odd time. We look forward to 14 million!”.

    Put together such a paragraph and this imposed ASP editor thing, and don’t you feel like some little ache at the bottom of your back, huh ??

    After careful consideration, the best solution, for unhappy sellers who have only “manual” shipping policies, seems to be : to do NOTHING, i.e. not to set up shipping policies.
    From october 1st, many buyers will notice that a myriad of items are unavailable here and there, so maybe that will question them…
    Meanwhile “old Discogs” got hardly 2 weeks left, so maybe it would be good to inform buyers in the “seller’s terms” page.

  • Sep 18,2020 at 02:35

    This is total crap. Getting dizzy even trying to change anything. Unworkable system. Discogs: reconsider. This is gonna cost you so many customers and invaluable dealers!

  • Sep 18,2020 at 02:28

    could you please implement a section for each shipping method where you can add the insurance value, which a package would be insured to when selecting that certain method.
    Would be helpful! Thanks

  • Sep 18,2020 at 02:27

    As others already pointed out ‘why change a running system’? This is stupid and much too complicated. Why not make an order and wait for an invoice? And if you ultimately need to know the shipping costs in advance, how about sending the seller a message?

  • Sep 18,2020 at 01:50

    well Im sure Ebay and cdandlp.com are rubbing their hands right now ! Well Done Discogs !

  • Sep 18,2020 at 01:49

    by the end of october discogs will discover that they have no selles left, as this thing does not work and is completely unrealistic and nobody can really make the changes. I’ve tried and all I get is a pink massage telling me, that it is incomplete. Never change a running system to one which is not possible to implement, let alone to install!!!

  • Sep 18,2020 at 00:20

    What’s the reason sellers should set up shipping policies for formats that they does not sell, to countries where shipping can vary so much and where you do not get any order and for amounts that no one ever buys? Rubbish

  • Sep 18,2020 at 00:00

    So you’re really going through with this?? Why break what’s not broken

  • Sep 17,2020 at 23:58

    Dear Discogs
    I want to say thank you for having been such an incredible site. As a database and selling platform, Discogs has been IMO second to none. It is my go-to database. As a hobby collector, I buy regularly and I also sell 2 to 3 items most months. It is with confusion that I read the instructions for the new Shipping Policy and with dismay that I have realised the limitations and inefficiency of the new mandatory system. For reasons already expressed by others in this comment section, I won’t be able to manage setting up or maintaining the new system. I’m afraid that October 1 will be the end of my being a Seller on Discogs. I guess someone else will eventually establish an alternative site and I will be looking out for such a site to start up again on. The great shame is that Discogs currently works perfectly well. Given that the new system will potentially frustrate buyers and sellers alike, I wonder why Discogs is implementing it. What is a business/platform/shared interest site with disgruntled buyers and sellers? Who exactly does the new Shipping Policy benefit? I have no problem at all in responding to buyers, providing individual shipping rates as required. In fact, this communication between parties is often an enjoyable aspect of the transaction. I have truly appreciated Discogs as it was. Thanks again.

  • Sep 17,2020 at 22:47

    Remember: This changes will produce a lot of overpayments. PPal don’t return fees anymore if you do Partly Refund for overpaid Postage. They will benefits BIG TIME, we will lose. If you set up prices for “all formats” huge to be done with this, imagine if some idiot /or connected to them will do this payment and they will charge you…

  • Sep 17,2020 at 20:45

    Discogs there is covid 19 like most countries I cannot send anything out of Australia with Australia post as all the economy mail is suspended.
    I have had to search with difficulty to find a courier that can send by plane world wide,it’s simpler that I email the customer that their order can only ship by tracked courier and I let them know this so they are aware of additional charges due to this if I put up my rates in advance no one will touch my shop as courier is 40 percent dearer than the economy rate that I advertise which I cannot use at all.
    Most people will struggle with the policy update which is just ridiculous.
    Non paid buyers happen deal with it,same as eBay,it’s the buying and character of buyers always you can’t change it.

  • Sep 17,2020 at 20:07

    It’s quite obvious that whichever Discogs developer-geniuses came up with this shipping tool believed that postal shipping works the same in the United States as it does everywhere in the world.

    I’m sorry to say it that it doesn’t.

    To begin my deliberation of this blasphemy, Canada Post doesn’t offer flat rate shipping. Oh, how I wish I could send an unlimited amount of LPs within Canada for $4; but I cannot. In fact, Canada Post tried offering (a rather expensive) flat rate shipping option about six months ago. It completely bombed, and as far as I am concerned, it no longer exists. So why exactly am I being forced to set up a flat shipping rate for my shop, when this method literally does not exist in my country? As of right now, I’ve set my flat rate shipping rates to $1,000,000, as the entire concept of “flat rate shipping” is essentially meaningless to Canadian buyers and sellers.

    Secondly, I am now being forced to recalculate my pre-existing rates which I have already meticulously calculated, and have spent hours carefully adjusting in order for the shipping rates to be as accurate as possible, along with the delivery times themselves. So here’s to another two hours of cantankerous clicking and inputting information on Canada Post’s (sub-par) website to figure out how much everything will cost me to ship.

    And lastly – well, at least for this post – how do I make sure that I am not losing money with automatic shipping with additional item costs, and should I need to recalculate these shipping rates, whether to lower or raise them, how do I do so? The recent haphazardly smashed together blog posts published over the course of the past few weeks don’t touch on this anywhere.

    I thought it was both rational and logical to not fix something that was not broken. But alas, I congratulate Discogs on doing so. Please, on behalf of everyone who has commented on this blog post, and prospective buyers and sellers who will undoubtedly get into a kerfuffle with this new system one way or another, I urge the revert to the already functional shipping rate system. I get it; you want to make money. But scaring people away with something like this isn’t going to make you any.

  • Sep 17,2020 at 19:32

    Discogs has finally pissed me off with the clunky, time consuming useless shipping tool. Now inaccurate invoices are being sent automatically when I previously charged the exact cost by the correct service. I’m considering going back to eBay or some other music website.

  • Sep 17,2020 at 19:32

    Garbage. Just the archaic structure of making the rules alone. The old way worked great. Now I have to spend a day figuring out per country what the rates will be? How about you write some code & figure it out?

  • Sep 17,2020 at 18:03

    The ‘improvements’ Discogs made to shipping settings is an unuseable corset. This is an product of small-mindet eggheads.They beliefe that Yugolavia is still an existig state and the European Union may not be listed. They still believe that customer alway buy only a specific product group like vinyl (large) or vinyl (small). That would be nice. But how can I calculate in advance the shipping for all the variation possibilities. For example: 2 Vinyl (large) + 1Vinyl (small) + 2 CD. Please take back
    the improvements.Trade procedures are unique and shall remain.

  • Sep 17,2020 at 17:39

    hello , i have seen many sellers go , some of my favourite sellers too ,
    sellers can talk here untill they weight a kilogram , it won’t help , obviously !
    the only thing that will help is when all sellers (outlaws) unite and take out their inventory for a few days !?
    you gotta hurt them where it hurts the most ,….

    the problem = sellers are competition , people in general are divided , so
    we all deserve a life in hell / good luck to everybody / peace !

  • Sep 17,2020 at 16:51

    This policy is crazy. You will pay for this outrageous choice.

  • Sep 17,2020 at 16:12

    Hey Folks,

    stop asking Discogs why they are doing all this. They will never give you an honest answer. They lie about their motives in their fancy styled blogs and afterwards, as you see, they prefer to not answer at all to any of our complaints. On the contrary, they even deleted more than 300 negative outraged comments from this thread in order to make it appear as if there was less resistance against their horrendous decisions

    Understand: Discogs has completly lost the touch to its base. We are not interesting for them at all! They do not care the least! They impose central commitee decisions on you and tolerate no dissent because they think they are in the position to simply do it. „Obey or fuck off“- thats what they are saying to you, to us, who have built that site with our contributions. Get that finally.

    But I can tell you who and what discogs does care for: It’s Paypal and money. Money squeezed out of its sellers through unfair and enforced means.

    To remind you again: This whole compulsory shipping editor thing is just the necessary tool they have decided to use to make sure each and every payment of the discogs marketplace is made through their new greedy and exclusive „partner“ paypal! EVERYTHING IS DONE ONLY TO INCORPORATE PAYPAL INTO DISCOGS. BECOMING DISCPAL OR BETTER THE DISCPAL MONSTER.

    As I already explained: Up til now an estimated 30% or likely even more of the payments in the discogs marketplace are made through other payment options than paypal. Especially in Europe. Discogs and paypal, who have decided to team up, see the potential of revenue they can generate by forcing everybody to use paypal. And how can they make sure that everybody will exclusively use paypal? Very easy: By introducing a mandatory automated shipping calculator with discogs fees being directly collected from each single transaction checkout through paypal. And discogs has publicly announced that there will be no seperate monthly discogs invoices anymore. All discogs fees will be collected by paypal through each individual transaction in the marketplace.

    Discogs knows very well that the shipping calculator does not work properly and that it is not properly manageable for sellers without being incorrect and making losses and having a lot lot lot of hassle. But in their big corporate reasoning thats acceptable and in parts also wanted by them since it’s still a win-win-situation for discpal. There will be many cancellations and additional payments and for each of them the discpal monster earns additional dirty money. In addition to the 30% or more of payments that they plan to have come in through paypal.

    Those of us who can afford it should leave the platform. Discogs is not discogs anymore. It has become the AUTHORITARIAN DISCPAL MONSTER.

    Every other seller with some self respect who denies being a slave and who denies being oppressed by the new discpal monster should at least refuse setting up the enforced shipping system by October 1st. If that means your listings will be made unavailable, so be it. The least you can do is to let discogs feel for some weeks what the cost will be to try to subjugate the community. The only language the new authoritarian discpal monster understands is MONEY. And every seller has the power to contribute to a really really large chunk of money that will be lost to the discpal monster.

    I know it may not be easy for some medium or bigger sellers to loose on their discogs income for a couple of weeks but be strong and go sell your stuff elsewhere in October. Lets make Octiber the month of protest. Although its of course not perfect, go sell a round in ebay or wherever. Every platform that does not try to enforce central commitee dictates over their community is better than the discpal monster.

    Lets see how the discpal monster will react when it feels a big financial loss by the end of October. It will surely awake and react faster than through our endless pleadings and gentle appeals. Maybe it will then come to the conclusion that the only way to save itself is to metamorphose back from the discpal monster into discogs again. And then we can maybe give discogs a new chance again in November.

  • Sep 17,2020 at 15:56

    Goodbye discogs, hello (again) ebay!

  • Sep 17,2020 at 15:29

    Oh, well – it’s been a good ride, but I knew it wasn’t going to last – things that are good don’t last too long in this world nowadays, it’s always some greedy and manipulative corporate entity that sucks on it and fucks it up. Goodbye, Discogs

  • Sep 17,2020 at 15:06

    So now you won’t even put up my “nice” 2nd comment, so I guess everybody just gets to say their “beef” just once (like China’s 1-child policy).
    So, I’m just gonna “let it all hang out” like one of my old bosses used to say, even if it’s only for your precious ears to hear.
    Besides being “greedy” & “stupid”, you are too proud for your own good, and since I’m not watching the NFL this year, and making no Superbowl predictions, here’s one for the discogs site…
    You will lose a ton of sellers, and a chunk of buyers too (when they start pulling out their hair because of your confusing shipping system), which will equate to less money rolling in to you & your new business partners!
    Ah, I feel soooo much better.
    The time & joy I spent in contributing to your site was “well spent”, because I truely love music & those that produce it. I have spent a lot of my life seeing great live concerts, meeting great artists & playing their wonderful music most of the passing day, and I will continue to do so, regardless of greedy, stupid people who are only in it for the money.
    Now, that was great! I’m so hungry now I’m gonna go have me a cheeseburger with the works!

  • Sep 17,2020 at 15:00

    registered letter up to 1kg = 15eur. above 1kg we can only ship as package so please ask for specific rates for your country based by total weight.

    wasn’t this a genius policy for the last 50 years?

    wasted hours learning how to set up and in the end it’s shitty. the worst and weakest move by discogs, it doesn’t even work to set it right, try 300 times, always warning error…
    wtf does a pink warning “THIS POLICY IS INCOMPLETE: This shipping policy is missing a shipping method that covers all Order sizes” even mean?? what are order sizes??
    i do everything by the movie step by step and keep getting the warning!
    tnx….back to ebay.

  • Sep 17,2020 at 14:49

    This will be the end of discogs as we know it.

    Impossible for sellers in Holland and all other small sellers

    This is a disastrous move by Discogs. I’m a small seller and the insane amount of work I have to do to create shipping options for every country I ship to (many countries) and all the different sizes and weights, really makes me consider to stop using Discogs all together.
    How about this?????? it’s not western europe or north or south in the editor it’s a zone to post in the Netherlands
    This is not possible . And then i have 3 ways . for example regular 9 euro, no track. with track 13 and then i registerd 15,50 euro.
    How about this????? Stop with this.

    Europa zone 1
    België, Denemarken (excl. Faeröer Eilanden en Groenland), Duitsland, Frankrijk (incl. Corsica en Monaco), Italië (excl. San Marino en Vaticaanstad), Luxemburg, Oostenrijk, Spanje (incl. Balearen, excl. Canarische Eilanden), Verenigd Koninkrijk (excl. Gibraltar en de Kanaaleilanden), Zweden.

    Europa zone 2
    Bulgarije, Estland, Finland, Hongarije, Ierland, Kroatië, Letland, Litouwen, Polen, Portugal (incl. Azoren en Madeira), Roemenië, Slovenië, Slowakije, Tsjechië Albanië, Andorra, Bosnië-Herzegovina, Canarische Eilanden, Cyprus, Faeröer Eilanden, Gibraltar, Griekenland, Groenland, IJsland, de Kanaaleilanden, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Macedonië, Malta, Moldavië, Montenegro, Noorwegen, Oekraïne, San Marino, Servië, Turkije, Vaticaanstad, Wit-Rusland, Zwitserland.

    For Example Switzerland is Western Europe but is a zone 2 for shipping and regular is 12 euro . Germany is zone 1, also Western Europe but is 9 euro regular shipping. Also registered shipping is different. This is not possible to do this in Editor! This is nonse!!

    How about registered shipping and regular shipping. This take hours an hours to edit .

    Now i am looking for an other selling possibility.


  • Sep 17,2020 at 14:33

    You took down my previous comment, let me “rephrase that”.
    Wow. I have been chewing on these “breaking news” for a few weeks now…. and it’s not good. The “new shipping policy” (which I have really tried to understand) is really confusing, and it probably won’t work well, to put it mildly. It was good while it lasted.
    AY Chihuahua!
    10 years of my contributions “down the drain”.
    I guess these guys never heard of “if it’s not broken…. DON’T FIX IT!”
    So, no, I won’t come onboard with “the New Boss” (a little bit of Pete Townshend word use, there), I’ll just ride out into the sunset. Sell & Buy elsewhere.
    “Adios… Amigos de Musica!”

  • Sep 17,2020 at 14:23

    thanks to all the contributors for giving discogs the releases of so many millions of articles that they have never owned these vinyls, including rare ones, this is a slap in the face.

  • Sep 17,2020 at 14:20

    I’ve dealt records for over 45 years with a carefully-built positive reputation. I recently moved all 45’s from ebay, having amassed over 39,400 positives over the last 22 years.
    My kickoff Discogs listings each have detailed shipping prices and offer buyer amenities for all sorts of size and format combinations.
    In short I am a small volume hi-quality seller.
    These changes seem antithetical to the Discogs philosophy. Not b/c measurements are metric but b/c you are attempting to add burdensome structure to what is already a simple system. Ever heard of the KISS principle?
    I left ebay mostly b/c of managed payments and the need to constantly fix the unbroken and also due to their not balancing seller & buyer “rights”. Now I am questioning if I made the right decision.

  • Sep 17,2020 at 14:16

    How about this?????? it’s not western europe or north or south in the editor it’s a zone to post in the Netherlands
    This is not possible . And then i have 3 ways . for example regular 9 euro, no track. with track 13 and then i registerd 15,50 euro.
    How about this????? Stop with this.

    Europa zone 1
    België, Denemarken (excl. Faeröer Eilanden en Groenland), Duitsland, Frankrijk (incl. Corsica en Monaco), Italië (excl. San Marino en Vaticaanstad), Luxemburg, Oostenrijk, Spanje (incl. Balearen, excl. Canarische Eilanden), Verenigd Koninkrijk (excl. Gibraltar en de Kanaaleilanden), Zweden.

    Europa zone 2
    Bulgarije, Estland, Finland, Hongarije, Ierland, Kroatië, Letland, Litouwen, Polen, Portugal (incl. Azoren en Madeira), Roemenië, Slovenië, Slowakije, Tsjechië Albanië, Andorra, Bosnië-Herzegovina, Canarische Eilanden, Cyprus, Faeröer Eilanden, Gibraltar, Griekenland, Groenland, IJsland, de Kanaaleilanden, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Macedonië, Malta, Moldavië, Montenegro, Noorwegen, Oekraïne, San Marino, Servië, Turkije, Vaticaanstad, Wit-Rusland, Zwitserland.

  • Sep 17,2020 at 14:13

    Have Discogs responded to anyones feedback yet?

  • Sep 17,2020 at 14:12

    Dear Discogs Staff

    I thought that I completed my policy then I found out that the message “This policy is incomplete”.

    Even if you’re living on the commission you don’t understand how shipping is calculated.

    1. there’s no such fucking shipping method cover all.
    – airmail / small package covers under 2kg.
    – over 2kg should be shipped Sal or Air Package which cover under 30kg to most countries.
    – over 30kg, who the fuck is going to order over 30kg on Discogs?

    2. Minimum order thing?
    Are you kidding me? there’s a certain country I can ship only if the value is over $50 by Express service.
    then this option doesn’t cover less than $50, it’s incomplete.
    are you kidding me?

    3. what I did?
    I made one shipping methond, Personal Jet. which costs $2500 per item. now it’s complete.

    you guys must have been drinking all day and night thinking this automatic shipping policy will bring more profits to you?


  • Sep 17,2020 at 14:07

    This is not possible! In europe there are 2 zones. It’s not the south or the north, east or west Europe. For Example Switzerland is Western Europe but is a zone 2 for shipping and regular is 12 euro . Germany is zone 1, also Western Europe but is 9 euro regular shipping. Also registered shipping is different. This is not possible to do this in Editor! This is nonse!! How about registered shipping and regular shipping. This take hours an hours to edit and also a lot of bugs

  • Sep 17,2020 at 14:02

    First of all, I think that this is a HUGE mistake. It’s going to be hell trying to set this up in the first place, and just as much of a headache when the carriers update their pricing.

    But tell me this. How do I set postage based on both weight AND value? Here in the UK, if I sell a 12″ with a value of less than £50, then the postage would cost £3.90. However, a 12″ record of the same weight but a greater value, will affect the postage costs due to the need for the appropriate insurance coverage.

  • Sep 17,2020 at 13:54

    This has got “Disaster!” written all over it.
    I have managed in some way to get something down and saved on this shipping policies form but I’m not looking forward at all to when this kicks in and gets automated and implimented. I am envisaging people getting enormous shipping bills that were not intended from any sellers at all. Why are they changing anything? The current system has worked perfectly for years and everybody has been happy.
    I’ve noticed that many people haven’t been able to get their forms completed and keep getting the “This policy is incomplete” thing. To override this you just have to open a fresh box that says “Add a shipping method”, then tick the “All formats” box and just leave it blank. That seemed to work and got me the “This policy is complete” badge. Though what actually happens when the orders start coming in is anybody’s guess.
    With a bit of luck this whole shipping policy thing will get reversed and dumped as it should and we’ll be back to be happy bunnies. If not, then it’s been great knowing some of you.

  • Sep 17,2020 at 13:46

    Every one of my listings on Discogs shows my Seller Terms.

    My Seller Terms contain my Shipping Policies.

    U.S. First CD ships for $4. Each additional CD ordered at the same time is $1 more to the shipping.

    International orders are charged shipping by weight at cost.

    It couldn’t be more simple than that!

    But Discogs wants us to fill out ridiculous policies for separate countries and separate rates for each?

    That is just dumb!

    And the way your new shipping policies are set up, it is impossible to create the policies you want. After spending an hour with no useable policies created due to the abysmal directions, I gave up.

    Time is money and I won’t waste any more time trying to get it right, when it is impossible to do.

    This is a perfect example of policies set up to “Fix” something that is NOT BROKEN!

  • Sep 17,2020 at 13:42

    Fuck this shit.
    Eating an elephant with only a teaspoon is easier.
    Even Trump is not as dumb and crazy as this fucked up idea.

  • Sep 17,2020 at 13:39

    Wow. I have been chewing on these “breaking news” for a few weeks now…. and it’s not good. The “new shipping policy” (which I have really tried to understand) is really confusing, and it probably won’t work well, to put it mildly. It was good while it lasted.
    AY Chihuahua! These gringos are real-ly stupid.
    10 years of my contributions “down the drain”.
    I guess these guys never heard of “if it’s not broken…. DON’T FIX IT!”
    So, no, I won’t come onboard with “the New Boss” (a little bit of Pete Townshend word use, there), I’ll just ride out into the sunset. Sell & Buy elsewhere.
    “Adios… Amigos de Musica!”

  • Sep 17,2020 at 13:37

    This is a disastrous move by Discogs. I’m a small seller and the insane amount of work I have to do to create shipping options for every country I ship to (200+ countries) and all the different sizes and weights, really makes me consider to stop using Discogs all together.

    As has been suggested, it’s likely the CEO of Discogs wants to starts a new adventure and is prepping it for the buy by a bigger conglomerate that will happen. Vinyls are hot nowadays, so everyone can be sure there’s been talks going on.

    The community appreciates this sincere betrayal after all its hard work in creating the library Discogs has build its business model on.

  • Sep 17,2020 at 13:30

    As a hobbyist who sells at the VERY MOST maybe three items per month, the new requirements are completely over-burdensome. I do not have the time or resources to accurately enter policies for every possible shipping nuance – not to mention the fact that I will need to regularly update them as each country changes its rates. While this may work for a lot of larger retailers, you are going to lose a lot of smaller sellers from the marketplace. But maybe you don’t care about the smaller sellers?!

  • Sep 17,2020 at 13:10

    Salute “pilastr”! WORDS OF WISDOM!
    I’m trying to imagine who are this top people at discogs forcing this? Maybe it’s someone like copy of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers, with his MiniMe, and Number 2 saying : “Yes Master, do it! We will have more kg of money!”. What’s striking is, they r using this site full of music with Freedom Ideas, wonderful records by Dj’s, rebels, hippies, how do you think what would Jim said to them, or Jimi, Janis, Jerry or Ian C., Ramones or especially Frank… if Discogs would say to them : IT’s COMPULSORY!

  • Sep 17,2020 at 13:08

    YOU ARE SOOOO LAME!I have no words to express my disappointment, completely inadequate programming of the website and search engine, the stupidest possible shipping policy editor that is a complete waste of time. You suck BIG TIME…

  • Sep 17,2020 at 13:06

    It’s impossible to do..Everything I try to set and save remain incomplete
    How can I work in this condition?

  • Sep 17,2020 at 12:48

    LOL Good luck discogs. This will backfire. You assume that every postal system works the same as USPS? My prediction is you will be forced to backtrack this draconian decision, or you will shut down. I won’t be creating shipping policies. Why? it’s impossible to figure out and doesn’t work with calculated shipping that Canadapost has anyways. Wake up and cancel this nonsense before you are dead.

  • Sep 17,2020 at 12:48

    This is a dealbreaker for me. Because I use Paypal buttons to processes orders sold on my own website, I use the Paypal shipping policy tool which calculates shipping based on total price. That means any order that come to my Paypal shopping cart via Discogs will have shipping added automatically as calculated by teh Paypal shipping policy. If Discogs really insists on thinking of itself in a vacuum, I can no sell on Discogs.

    This shit wasn’t broken until some bean-counter committee with its hydra-head shoved up its ass came along with a “fix.” Fuck you guys, we all contributed COST-FREE to building this database and now you impose central-committee decisions without community input, meant to serve who exactly? Fuck cookie cutter software, fuck Discogs. The END.

  • Sep 17,2020 at 12:47

    I have set policies for each specific format, and that i have set long time ago. So now discogs says “This shipping policy is missing a shipping method that covers all Formats and Order sizes”.
    There must be a bug in the programming.
    On the other hand it is NOT POSSIBLE to combine diffrent record formats automatic. Because i send with Hermes. And Hermes has diffrent package sizes with diffrent prices. So no one of these policies would work with Hermes.
    If, from the 1st of October, I am forced to indicate prices that I can’t set, because I only know the size of the shipping box when I got a order, then I will probably have to sell on a different platform in the future.

  • Sep 17,2020 at 12:35

    Jesus christ…Discogs, what are you doing ?

  • Sep 17,2020 at 12:28

    This is riddled with untold number of problems. I am not going to do what Discogs wants, just because it suits them – it will not help sellers and likely it will end up costing them.
    As has already been said, there are endless possible variations/permutations for shipping and which do change all the time and without notice and without knowing by how much they change. To expect the seller base to set into stone, at a single moment in time, every possible permutation – every possible part of the world, order size, order value, order weight, etc, is quite simply ridiculous and the stupid idea of someone in Portland.

    The shipping editor is a nightmare to understand (there is no actual video, just some recorded & difficult to follow mouse cursor screen movements masquerading as help).
    And I just do not have the time nor the inclination to spend many days figuring out how to do all of this, for no justifiable or sensible reason(s), just because someone from this site wants it that way.

    There are lots of issues with Discogs. Creating a mess for sellers (and ultimately costing Discogs in lost commissions as sellers go elsewhere) is not one that needs to be given any priority.

  • Sep 17,2020 at 12:01

    Like many other Canadian sellers, I will be migrating my listings to eBay and other platforms as your changes simply will not work for us. To set up fair shipping rates to everywhere I ship based on actual weights of items would take many, many hours of weighing and researching rates. For instance, the carrier I use has different rates for each European country. Why should I bill someone in Italy the same as the UK if the rates are different? And the weight classes change every 50g or so, meaning I would need dozens of policies for EACH country.

    This is not going to work!

  • Sep 17,2020 at 11:38

    Where is the tracked/non tracked shipping option in this editor? For European sellers/buyers the bank transfer payment option is forbidden? Is this a US only platform?

  • Sep 17,2020 at 11:29


    That’s exactly the problem I ran into.
    If a simple test like that fails …

  • Sep 17,2020 at 09:16

    Well I’ve just spent the last hour going around in circles. I’ve got it set up and it adds the shipping correctly for 1 item, but as soon as another is added to cart the shipping changes to determined by seller! I updated the weights and quantity in the Inventory and tried setting up by policies by weight and quantity and both do the same. Oh well, I’ll just flog them on ebay and facebook!

  • Sep 17,2020 at 07:49

    WTF is with the “and up” feature that means if you don’t offer unlimited number of items, your shipping policies are “incomplete”? Many shipping methods place 2kg limits on the service. How do you apply a flat rate or a per gram rate on more than 2kg parcel. Sure you can start a new 2kg parcel, but the initial rate reverts back to a set price first before the increments begin. That feature makes no sense. In fact it’s offensive.

  • Sep 17,2020 at 05:58

    The offers that Discogs must have had thrown at them to sell the site must be eye-watering. Tens of millions, easily. Hundreds of millions, probably.

    The lack of any real interaction with the site users over this issue suggests to me they have decided to sell, at some point. They know they are going to take a hit in the short term but within 12 to 24 months they will be able to present an e-commerce servile product still worth a staggering amount of money.

    Additionally the changes will filter out a lot of the more “discerning” record collectors/dealers, leaving a more Amazon-y customer/seller base which will be more attractive to the sort of companies wanting to fold Discogs into their “e-commerce portfolio”. Hopefully that **** Murdoch will buy it and see its value plummet by around 95%. Myspace, cough, cough…..

    People leaving might give a bit more strength to others in the same field, whether established or start-ups, because competition is a good thing.

  • Sep 17,2020 at 02:09

    Here’s what all small sellers who refuse to accept this forced change do on October 1st
    (1) Set up no shipping policies.
    (2) With no shipping policies your items for sale will be greyed out for all buyers, so no one can put items in their cart.
    (3) Go to inventory and click the tick box for editing all items. Reduce the price of everything by 8%.
    (4) Cut and paste the following message into the description field of every item. “Please message me directly, if you wish to purchase”.
    (5) In messaging arrange a private off-cogs sale for every purchase.

    Sure, Discogs may eventually block you, but like, you closed your store anyway. They’ll be blocking A LOT of sellers, lol. Hardly conducive to their raison d’etre.

  • Sep 17,2020 at 01:39

    Enclosed is a small “excerpt” from the discogs central corporate values. Let’s see when these will be changed…

    Central corporate values
    Passion for music
    We share a passion for listening to music, making music and/or studying it.

    We are all part of a successful team that works at eye level; we treat each other openly and respectfully.

    Discogs is a project that would not be possible without a large community of music-obsessed people with a common goal.

  • Sep 17,2020 at 00:34

    Does anybody really believe, somebody from discogs is reading all our postings here? They are promising more sales by using this editor and this it is…it is only about the money. They do not take care about doubts of some annoying sellers – pack your things and go… they are not interested anymore into private sellers or unprofessionals…they want to dry out this platform and have only the focus on the big players. I never was afraid of the 1st of October until now…we won’t stop this editor…all members good luck by using it.

  • Sep 16,2020 at 14:10

    Time to crowd-source fund a brand new site. It CAN be done. Discogs didn’t always exist. Neither did E-Bay. We can set it up any way we like.”Resurgence” online database and marketplace.

  • Sep 16,2020 at 13:51

    To echo the thoughts of many other users, this is a pointless and terrible idea that will drive away business. Unworkable and unreasonable shipping policy requirements, ‘fixing’ something that wasn’t broken in the first place. What on earth are you thinking. I’m setting up a transactional website and moving all my stock there and to eBay. Discogs will be a reference site for me only now, and nothing else. What a shame.

  • Sep 16,2020 at 08:36

    Do they care about “records’ community”, what they know?(they removed shellac format), they don’t care about work we did for this site. No replay to all this comments below is best proof. It feels to me like big finger from Discogs to all collectors, sellers and buyers- that’s how it feels to me, I would love to remove my 339 submission from that site, all info & over 1000 pictures added, I can’t. They so grateful they will make items I’m selling not visible for buyers.

  • Sep 16,2020 at 08:27

    If they think you can mix fragile shellac records in parcel with others items set up “their greed all formats”. You can do it by weight, write items from 1 gr to 2 gr -posting costs £10000.00 and from 3 gr up posting £500.00. Greedy new system will give you message “This Policy is Complete!” congrats. Buyers won’t bother their greedy “all formats” and you have policies set up.
    Just remember this sick change of policies is just cover up for deal with PPal to take your money with every transaction if this is truth. I won’t agree to that.

  • Sep 16,2020 at 05:28

    Just tried this shipping policies editor.
    This tool is not working.
    I added a rate for 1 record and for 2 up to 4 records. And then the message appeared: “This shipping policy is missing a shipping method that covers all Order sizes” … aha…
    How can I create a rate with an infinite amount of records?
    Furthermore “Economy”, “Standard” and “Express” isn’t really a good range to select from. There are currently more options available when I send the invoice.
    Sorry guys, but this editor is crap.

  • Sep 16,2020 at 04:49

    Here’s one more comment (in broken English) from Germany from a “small” seller since May (and buyer for 8 years) with a feedback of 100% satisfaction.

    Discogs’ premisses are wrong: I sold a lot more because I could communicate with the buyers! Instead of “sending” an automatic invoice.
    – I had the time to go through their want lists
    – We found better shipping fees when discussing options. Just three examples:
    1. Parcel with tracking and insurance costs 20+€ to Switzerland – buyer proposed to have it shipped with another carrier without insurance for about half the money (and wouldn’t have bought otherwise).
    2. Buyer from Italy ordered 4 LPs instead of just 1 when I told him, that shipping cost would be the same for 4 items.
    3. It’s not allowed for private sellers to send “goods” as a letter to foreign countries, and postage for parcels starts at 9€. We found a solution to get CDs shipped for a reasonable price in all cases. With automatic invoice, I would have sold just one(!) CD to collectors outside Germany.
    – I will have to take 20 European countries out of my shipping policy, because there is no delivery actually caused by “Corona” or because shipping cost would be 25+€ – (almost) all cancellations that I had were caused by shipping cost. Means: less potential sales.

    Everbody with a higher education should know, that models or strategies based upon wrong premisses will most likely not work as expected.

    Summary: Leave it as it is! It is perfect for both sellers and collectors!

    But as many Discogs users already pointed out: Nobody there seems to care!

    P.S. And why should I spent a lot of time to add wonderful independent releases to the Discogs database, when I know they don’t care for collectors any longer?

  • Sep 15,2020 at 18:10

    I don’t like any of this and I’m just a buyer, but everything was easy and simple the way it was so why would I want this change? I don’t, sellers are unhappy and leaving just screws me the buyer by pulling items that I might want or buy or jack up prices because they have to make it up somewhere. Man I loved this site can’t believe it’s going to hell.

  • Sep 15,2020 at 12:46

    I’ve just attended the webinar and tried to set it up and it makes no sense. So I guess I’ll have to return to Ebay.

  • Sep 15,2020 at 12:46

    It appears that Discogs is going the way of Facebook. Thy’re going to do whatever they want and ignore any comments that aren’t in agreement with the. This shipping policy change, especially at a time when postal services around the world are in flux, is totally ridiculous. Did they actually consult with any sellers or maybe they only talked to the big boys? I can’t believe any smaller seller has agreed with these changes or were even considered. Where is any official response to any of the myriad negative comments, posted her. Maybe they’ll just delete hundreds of these, once again. This is such a disappointing situation.

  • Sep 15,2020 at 10:29

    I had the same problem others did when I tried to put shipping prices on shellac 78’s…also 8-Track tapes and Reel-To-Reel tapes. I was trying to use flat rate shipping and none of those categories would appear with shipping rates. It was driving me nuts, but I gave it one more shot and started over using shipping by weight instead of flat rate. After that I STILL did not see shipping for the tapes and 78’s, BUT…then I discovered that none of the the 78 and tape listings I had in my store actually had shipping weights on them. So I edited each listing, one at a time, and added a weight…and FINALLY the shipping prices showed up for the 78’s and tapes. From start to finish I spent the better part of a day getting this new shipping price policy set up. I found the shipping editor to be poorly designed, confusing and with a lack of clear instructions or help available to figure out what the heck you are doing (and you can’t get anyone on the phone to help either). A big waste of time but it’s all set up finally. I just hope they leave well enough alone for a while after this. Don’t need anymore big changes screwing up my day (or week, or month).

  • Sep 15,2020 at 06:27

    Today I stumbled upon another thing. Paypal will collect the Discogs fees directly from the payment. In the Discogs invoice visible on Paypal item price and shipping costs are not separated, just the total.
    Does that mean Discogs fees change from a fee for the item price to a fee for the total???
    This would mean a large fee increase through the backdoor without announcement.
    I had a look at the blog entries for the changes and couldn’t find any answer to that essential question.

  • Sep 15,2020 at 04:26

    Fun fact: years ago, when Paypal was still part of Ebay, Ebay Germany tried to force professional sellers to use Paypal payments only. It failed.
    Europe isn’t US. What might work in US, might not work in Europe.

  • Sep 15,2020 at 04:19

    @DrasticPlastix and the whole community. +++++++Absolutely agree. There is no need to leave Discogs. Just boykott the new ASP by leaving your shipping policies as before after October, the 1st 2020. It will bring THEM too many problems, and a massive loss of THEIR income.

  • Sep 15,2020 at 03:49

    Nobody needs to expire the inventory for a strike. Just put them into draft mode or just let them run without ASP. All the same result, no more sales.
    Discogs has a complete control over incoming daily fees, as it’s paid directly with the Paypal payment up from October 1st, we will see if it has any effect.
    This site is completely different from others, as the community built the database over many years for free, the heart of Discogs. Without the hard working community Discogs just wouldn’t exist.
    So it’s a bit of poor behaviour, no personal communication at all, just running unpopular changes nobody wants.
    Hope there will be enough power in the community to show the consequences at October 1st.

  • Sep 15,2020 at 02:07

    To TheRevealer, whoever you are :

    I think your argument holds water, and it would properly explain the waffle about the ASP editor as well as the wonderful imperial silence facing all the negative comments from sellers..

    I agree too with your penultimate paragraph : maybe would be a good idea to go out on strike (of course, I’m french !) from october 1st : just a click on “Expire all for sale items” in the seller inventory, et voilà…

    … providing that you inform your potential buyers that there are 2 weeks left for them to buy at your store.

    Like their majesties Jagger/Richards in 1967 :


  • Sep 15,2020 at 01:31

    So it seems this it will be the end for Discogs… That’s a shame! Such a great & simple site to work. And why it’s an obligation, it should be optional. This will only benefit the BIG sellers, the ones that have thousands & thousands of feedbacks and orders… and have already shipping policy set up for many items. Not the ocasionall seller with a few items. But maybe that’s the point.
    I see this will be the end for you Discogs… It was nice the last 10 years, now you changed…

  • Sep 14,2020 at 16:35

    I’m a small scale collector/buyer/seller. These “improvements” are not needed and will make things more difficult for me. Listen to the community! It ain’t broke. Don’t try to “fix” it.

  • Sep 14,2020 at 15:53

    To everyone that still has not understood why discogs is ruining this platform and what actually their motive is behind making discogs sellers life a living hell by trying to make the corrupt automated shipping calculator mandatory please read the following lines closely and finally understand what this is all about.

    Its very simple. Up til now an estimated 25% or 30% or likely even more of the payments in the discogs marketplace are made through other payment options than paypal. Especially in Europe. Discogs and paypal, who have decided to team up, see the potential of revenue they can generate by forcing everybody to use paypal. And how can they make sure that everybody will exclusively use paypal? Very easy: By introducing a mandatory automated shipping calculator with discogs fees being directly collected from each single transaction checkout through paypal. And discogs has publicly announced that there will be no seperate monthly discogs invoices anymore. All discogs fees will be collected by paypal through each individual transaction in the marketplace.

    Discogs knows very well that the shipping calculator does not work properly and that it is not properly manageable for sellers without being incorrect and making losses and having a lot lot lot of hassle. But in their big corporate reasoning thats acceptable and in parts also wanted by them since it’s still a win-win-situation for discpal. Because as already mentioned in many comments sellers are to a large extent forced by the shipping calculator to either undercharge or overcharge their shipping costs. Thus, there will be countless refunds and additional payments that will become necessary and each payment flushes extra revenue in the greedy gorge of discpal since paypal of course charges fees for each single payment and refund. And in case a seller heavy-heartedly decides to take on the losses of an undercharged shipping on himself thats also fine for discpal. And if the seller decides not to refund an overpayment in shipping costs to the buyer thats also a gain for them since more money has run into the paypal machine which means more revenue through fees. This „technically gained“ extra money adds up to the 25% or 30% or more of payments that will then come in through paypal instead of the various other payment options that are still used up to now.

    A nice and particularily dirty chunk of money that discpal wants to suck in thereby capitalizing upon the cost and well being of their buyers and sellers.

    Surely discpal has calculated that there will be a bit of resistance by sellers and buyers in the beginning and that several most likely smaller sellers and buyers will leave discogs due to their new policies. But by doing the maths they are sure that after some losses and turmoil in the beginning they will make a lot of profit in the long term by forcing everybody into paypal and the automated shipping policies.

    Hopefully, they have underestimated the integrity and morale of the discogs community. Its upon the discogs community to find an answer to this. Either by leaving, going on strike or not complying at least in the beginning.

    By the way: Would discogs please stop fabricating phony and invented motives and be so bold and honest enough to finally admit that this is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth behind the mandatory Automated Shipping Policies? Would be a first step of remorse and accountabillity.

  • Sep 14,2020 at 14:42

    STILL no explanation – honest or otherwise – as to why shipping policies have to be compulsory. Show contempt for your customers like this and they will go elsewhere. What are you going to do when a huge proportion of discogs sellers refuse to set shipping policies? I was doing just fine without them, as are many thousands of others. So please, discogs, have the courtesy to tell us why you believe this is necessary. What’s in it for you?

  • Sep 14,2020 at 14:41

    Dear, Kevin, Nik, Jesse, Brent Corey, Erik, Rodney Kirsten, Stephanie, Nicole, Hawk, Susan, Jon, Matt, Yoram, Luca, Claire, Maddie, Carissa, David, Tim,Esther, Javier, Karl, Jess, Barbra, Jeffrey, Nick, Cori, Bailey, Andreas, Miki, Hiro, Mark , Randy, Colleen, Aaron, Clim, Coumba, Joshua, Kyle, Steven, Romoe, staffJason, Marilyn, Mike, Kian, Stevie, Rebecca, Alex, Maxime, Daniel, Mika, James, Kate, Bryan, Nathanaël, Matthew, Eben, Louis, Aube, Rita, Jeebak, Audrey, Miquel, Alyssa, Christopher, Russ, Lori, Greg, Adam, Nicole, Casey

    More and more staff members and still no comments… Does anybody is allowed to answer the sellers/buyers requests and comments? Some tips about this non working ASP?

    The COMMUNITY is still waiting your divine response.

  • Sep 14,2020 at 13:54

    The more I read about these supposed “improvements” the more impossible it sounds to make work for me. There’s absolutely no way for me to calculate shipping on multiple items of multiple formats. The prices around the world and even within Canada differ quite widely. It would appear that it’s going to be easier to pull all my stuff and move it to some alternative. It’s very sad as I’ve been with Discogs since the beginning but I find it’s becoming harder to be a small scale seller.

  • Sep 14,2020 at 13:29

    Many of us started placing inventory on Discogs for the lower fees of course but also because of the relative ease of listing items compared to Ebay especially for previously listed items? Why screw it up with this mind boggling shipping policy that will surely cause sellers to flee the site?

  • Sep 14,2020 at 13:20

    This might have worked for me, but you removed CD (small) and CD (large) now it’s just CD in format options. I sell about 50/50 Jewel Case and Card Sleeve size. The first average 102g and the second average 22g but if I sell by format, how will shipping editor know not just the weight, but 2 jewel case CD’s make it Parcel size rather than Large Letter size, whereas 9 Card sleeve size could still go Large Letter… also how would Discogs accomodate a seller who wants the CD’s and artwork only, no cases, to save their shipping costs. I’m a small-time seller, nearly 2,000 orders with 100% positive feedback, so I doubt you will miss me much.

  • Sep 14,2020 at 12:11

    And I can’t find Yugoslavia on the world map! You are demanding that we should enter the shipping cost for each country while you are unable to list all countries correctly. This is really nonsense!

  • Sep 14,2020 at 11:39

    What about taking some lessons in geography instead of making this f*** mandatory? Cyprus is divided in two parts!

  • Sep 14,2020 at 09:52

    what in the world can discogs think of this more than obvious self-destruction resulting in changes that contain nothing positive for anyone ??? it can only be a very worthwhile sale to someone completely unsuspecting. there is no other way to explain this poor behavior to myself, as arrogant as it is greedy and devoid of any style, but shaped by persistently demonstrated ignorance towards the own base. hahaha ,, okay! I don’t need discogs. absurdistan is a big country these days, no matter where you look and after all, i don’t have to endorse or support everything. so what?

  • Sep 14,2020 at 08:28

    Totally disagree with this idea and i will not sell anymore on discogs. What about special orders with a lot of items with weight etc. I take each time for my customer to choose the right shipping price. With your new way it will be not like before abymore. I will go and sell on cdandlp.com

  • Sep 14,2020 at 08:08

    hi. I find it interesting too. since i started using the editor, i have received far fewer orders than before. what may be the reason …?

  • Sep 14,2020 at 07:14

    Lending my voice in opposition to this bad idea. Hear us Discogs, please.

  • Sep 14,2020 at 03:14

    I’m a professional seller here on Discogs for seven years now. I have a wide range of shipping options in my seller terms and never used the ASP.
    With the coming changes in mind I’ve set the ASP 2 weeks ago, here are the results:
    Impossible to set the policies in format mode, no way. So I set all in weight mode. This is possible, but with these policies you can’t go to the limits as each item has a different weight. Means in the policies appear less possible items for a parcel weight limit as my manual shipping terms offer.
    I usually have many customers from countries like Brazil, Mexico or Chile, who are looking hard for the best available shipping quote for buying many records. Those customers usually study the seller terms to get an overview on all possibilities. With the ASP engaged there is no overview, you just see the price for the items in your basket. Since I’ve activated ASP nobody is looking in my seller terms anymore and I had no single sale to those countries.
    Long story short, the last 2 weeks with the experiment ASP engaged my sales went down around 30%, which is not acceptable. No communication with customers at all, which I usually have all day.
    Next thing, in this time I had 3 customers paying straight away after the purchase, just to let me know minutes later they just have the record in stock and like to cancel the purchase. Paypal fees? Of course up to me.
    There are European customers who don’t use Paypal and will not use it. These customers are also lost after Oct.1st.
    Today I’ve removed the ASP to give that old method a try for the next 2 weeks.
    As a pro seller I need a smooth working marketplace, not one giving me a hard time.
    Maybe the time for decisions has come.

  • Sep 14,2020 at 01:38

    Discogs says :

    “Please note that your Shipping Policies will need to cover all potential orders of all formats, up to unlimited weight or quantity”.

    I’ve had another idea, which is : “I’ll keep my manual shipping policies, which are rather few and crystal clear, and I’ll try to put them as they are in the ASP editor”…

    I finally did, even if it was a pretty pain-in-the-ass (…), in order to see the results :
    I’ve only 39 items for sale, only vinyl LPs and CDs… and argh, the ASP editor, poor thing, was unable to calculate shipping cost of 4 of my items : 2 are “LP + CD” in the database, and 2 are “xLP + box” !

    So the 4 doomed items will be unavailable from october 1st, I suppose… no big deal, it will be simpler to sell them on eBay… more money for Big Shark eBay, less for Discogs, if that’s what you want !

    It’s not up to the sellers to adapt themselves to the ASP editor, it should be the opposite ! When a tool is not good, it must be rethought and tried again before being more or less imposed : by not doing so, Discogs attitude is unfriendly, rather comptemptuous and, worst of all, very unprofessional…

    So if Discogs thinks that all possible orders in the world can go through such a badly conceived funnel, well they’d better put the funnel on top of their heads and then try to call their demands into question… But can they do that ???

    To conclude, a bit of cooking :

    – 1 handful of autism (no valid reply to hundreds of negative comments, as they seem to stick at this poor ASP editor),

    – 1 zest of “cancel culture” (“too much negative comments, so let’s remove them”),

    – 1 spoonful of technocrat spirit (“why keep it simple when it could be complicated” ?),

    – 1 hint of self-ignorance (Discogs, by nature, is a niche marketplace, not a general one à la Amazon / eBay),

    – 1 drop of self-destructive tendency (sellers who would go elsewhere = loss of money, loss of contributors, and maybe loss of contribution quality…),

    You mix the whole of that, and you get a good recipe for a great Discogs October Mess ! Enjoy your meal !

  • Sep 13,2020 at 17:46

    To clarify for everybody, espescially European Sellers, what these new rules actually really would mean for you besides the total hassle with the automated shipping calculator: THERE WILL BE NO CHANCE ANYMORE FOR ANY EUROPEAN SELLERS TO RECEIVE PAYMENTS BY FREE IBAN/BIC BANK TRANSFERS because discogs announced that they will directly take their fees and taxes from the automated paypal checkout that you are forced to accept and won’t send you their monthly invoices anymore. And since discogs surely doesnt accept to loose any of their fees they will surely start to block and prevent any transaction wherein buyer and seller agree for a free bank transfer or any other payment option than their gigantic paypal monopolist. this means a whole bunch of extra paypal fees for every seller that up to now received a certain bigger or smaller percentage of his payments through other payment options than paypal. This adds to the amount of additional paypal fees that automatically amass due to the countless refunds and cancelations that each seller will be confronted with once this corrupt mandatory automated shipping calculator comes into effect.

    This also means that buyers and sellers alike that either cannot (and these are many) or don’t want to offer paypal as a payment method will be excluded and banned from the discogs marketplace. A big discrimination thing! Personally, I guess its illegal to force everybody into paypal. At least it should be against EU-law. But I am no lawyer, perhaps someone else has a better judiciary knowledge?

    It is obvious that paypal and discogs did some maths during their negotiations and realized what an „easy“ and „brilliant“ way this whole thing would be in order to suck of endless money from discogs sellers. Likely they agreed to share the profit of this exploitation of discogs sellers and so you have the result that awaits you from October 1st. TO POINT THINGS OUT VERY CLEARLY: THE AUTOMATED SHIPPING CALCULATOR IS MOST LIKELY JUST THE NECESSARY TOOL FOR THESE TWO COMPANIES TO IMPLEMENT THEIR PLAN OF MAKING A LARGE BARGAIN BY SUCKING IN ENDLESS PAYPAL FEES. We gotta face the truth: This is big corporate soulless reasoning by two soulless companies that give a shit about discogs community, sellers, buyers and contributors.

    What can be done if you oppose all this? You can either leave discogs directly and sell and buy your stuff elsewhere and surely this will happen to a certain extent. Or you could start an organised strike. Or you could simply, silently or openly, agree upon not complying and simply don’t set up these crazy automated shipping policies by October 1st. Lets see what happens. Lets see if discogs really marks items as unavailable if you do not set up the shipping policies. And if they indeed mark them as unavailable: The vast majority of sellers oppose the obligation of the automated system and every day discogs de facto blocks sales of these sellers will hurt them badly. Very badly if enough sellers decide to not comply in the first weeks. Hopefully it will hurt them badly enough that they are forced to abolish their ruthless plan altogether.

  • Sep 13,2020 at 14:23

    Reading through the comments, including those that Discogs have chosen to hide, this would be easy to resolve: fix the shipping calculator so it reflects the real world that we deal with and our need to cover ourselves against risk, and don’t funnel the payment process to PayPal. Why get us to show different payment options if you effectively deny sellers the ability to use those different payment options?

  • Sep 13,2020 at 12:21

    As a UK seller I would like to ask how can I set my shipping policies to cover multiple orders being merged and also how I can easily process orders that have more than one media.
    Recently I had an order with a cassette, CDs and a 12″ single I cannot fathom how to make this work. Please help

  • Sep 13,2020 at 10:32

    I’d be happy to use pre-set shipping, mine are generally easy. However, mine are generally easy – and I can’t make it work. I guess my listings will just grey-out one day, and there will be nothing I can do about it. Where’s the sense in that?

  • Sep 13,2020 at 09:43

    Shipping withing Canada, the rates differ depending on the Provence being shipped from and where it going to. Toronto to BC is approx $18.50 where as to ship within Toronto is $11.00 approx. Flat rates don’t work.

  • Sep 13,2020 at 07:40

    hi discogs. please think carefully about your change. Since I send all over the world, it is not possible to present flat-rate shipping prices here due to the many different parcel services with different shipping costs per country / item / weight / size etc. or does discogs pretend a possible takeover by amazon ….? that would be the downfall for discogs and all the people who put their energy and love into the company, believe me …

  • Sep 13,2020 at 07:26

    The interface to set up the new shipping policies is a “botched abortion job”. It’s clumsy, it will require endless updating and maintenance (as carriers change their rates), and that will drive sellers away from Discogs. I’m already listing elsewhere because the new shipping matrix is so cumbersome and functions so poorly.

    Once people go elsewhere to sell, buyers will drop off as well.

  • Sep 13,2020 at 05:43

    I’ve now read all of the comments posted. Amazed to read that 300+ comments have been removed.

    They’re putting their fingers in their ears and blowing raspberries at us….time to look at eBay…what a shame for ALL users, whether they go on the site for reference or to buy/sell items…a mistake, a BIG mistake; actually its a massive one

  • Sep 13,2020 at 05:18

    This pandemic has really brought out the idiocy in some people and companies.

    It’s always down to some jumped-up nerd in Finance or IT, who decides that they need a new ‘project’, to keep themselves busy. “Let’s change shipping policies that will keep us busy during global pandemic lockdown” What an absolutely stupid, ill-thought, careless and selfish change to a system that was working.

    To how many countries does everyone on here try to sell their items? How many different weights, quantities, value and despatch preferences appear in each unique order? What about many Customers, who want to have their orders merged?

    You’re just going to drive people away and sell their bulk items to other online and high street dealers, with the exception of perhaps a specific high-value items.

    Discogs will find it’s commission revenue dropping like a crate of heavyweight vinyl!

  • Sep 12,2020 at 21:43

    I really hate this new policy. I don’t see why everybody HAS TO enter a shipping policy if they’d rather leave things as they are.

    What happens if a customer orders and pays for an item, and then I go to get the item and I find that the record is cracked? I have to refund the customer’s payment, and of course I LOSE MONEY because Paypal does not refund their fee. Will discogs be reimbursing me?

    The other day I sold a 50 dollar single and when I pulled the record out, I happened to play it, and it was badly off center. I simply removed it from the order and sent out a new invoice. With your new policy, which I REALLY HATE, the customer may have already paid for the record. I would have to send him a refund, and lose like $2 on the non refundable Paypal fee. I just don’t get why you are FORCING all sellers to have this shipping policy entered whether they like the idea or not.

    I also have many foreign customers who don’t want an invoice right away. They order a few things at a time as I list new stuff, and I keep merging the orders until they are ready for an invoice with everything combined.

    With this stupid new policy some of them are gonna pay the invoices each time, and then ask me for combined shipping, and then I will have to send them money back, and once again lose money in paypal fees.

    You people should be more concerned about what your sellers want. Without us you don’t have any buyers.


  • Sep 12,2020 at 09:16

    where the heck are is the option for ‘shellac’ 78rpm records in shipping policies? i spent 2 whole days figuring out weights, rates, etc. to comply with new guidelines requiring shipping policies for all listings and now ALL of my policies for 78s are gone (that’s all i sell through this account). i’ve seen a few other comments here saying the same thing. this is incredibly frustrating. shellac records require completely different packing and shipping due to their fragility, so Discogs needs to allow for this. this is not helpful to sellers.

  • Sep 12,2020 at 06:51

    Commenting again: I keep re-reading this article and keep procrastinating on setting up policies in this overly complicated system.

    PLEASE give sellers an option that allows the seller to send the invoice when everything is ok. I never want a buyer to be disappointed, so I reinspect every record BEFORE I send the invoice. This sometimes goes to the extent of play-testing, sending audio samples, and multiple photos.

    These changes will cost me money in unrecoverable PayPal fees and may result in unhappy buyers.

  • Sep 12,2020 at 05:47

    I’ve been reading these post with interest,not a single positive comment yet,i’m in total agreement with all these non-positive comments as well. Should not be a mandatory enforced thing-the ASP

  • Sep 12,2020 at 05:34

    Basic test, not working:

    Set up a policy just for cd’s.
    – The Netherlands only
    – Minimum value = 0,00
    – Shipping rate by Quantity
    – Cd’s only
    – 1 – 16 = € 4,50
    – 17 – 80 = € 8,50
    – 81 and up = € 1,- per Each 1

    As a new customer, not logged in I put one cd in my cart.
    The Count for this cd is set to 4 (via Edit Inventory).
    The Weight for this cd is 70gr.
    The system shows shipping cost is € 4,50.
    Looks fine, but…

    I put another listing of exactly the same cd in the cart. Same Count/Weight settings. Total based on the Count field is 8. The system shows no shipping cost but tells me “To be determined by seller”.

    Just to be sure the Count field in Edit Inventory is the correct field to use: Buying the same cd with Count = 17 shows shipping cost is € 8,50. Add a second cd: “To be determined by seller”
    Same issue putting in another cd.
    Same issue testing the Weight option.

    I’m not gonna test or setup combinations based on this result.

  • Sep 12,2020 at 04:39

    I dont think that payment should be automatic as the seller might need to check his records a second time, before payment. all customers dont have the same degree of requirement. it is better to check with them, than ship records that dont fit them.

    I tried it this year and I had to go back, as I cancel orders from time to time when the record is not exactly in the shape the buyer wants. refunding customers on paypal cost me too much money, like 10 to 15 euros in 15 days.
    i cant afford this, i list a lot of records sometimes.

    please leave an option that allows the seller to send the bill when everything is ok. also a physical shop like me might have sold the record inbetween, which costs a paypal fee each time…

  • Sep 12,2020 at 04:34

    The negative comments continue to rack up.

    The silence from Discogs continues to speak volumes.

    There are moments in the history of some companies when everything changes. From Wikipedia:

    “…[Gerald] Ratner made a speech addressing a conference of the Institute of Directors at the Royal Albert Hall on 23 April 1991.

    During the speech, he commented:

    “We also do cut-glass sherry decanters complete with six glasses on a silver-plated tray that your butler can serve you drinks on, all for £4.95. People say, “How can you sell this for such a low price?”, I say, “because it’s total crap.”

    He compounded this by going on to remark that one of the sets of earrings was “cheaper than an M&S prawn sandwich but probably wouldn’t last as long.” Ratner’s comments have become textbook examples of why chief executives should choose their words carefully. In the furore that ensued, customers stayed away from Ratner shops. After the speech, the value of the Ratner group plummeted by around £500 million, which very nearly resulted in the firm’s collapse.”


  • Sep 12,2020 at 03:37

    This screams private takeover – possibly prepping the platform for assimilation with an existing online giant’s tech, so even if we take our inventory offline and go elsewhere by Q1 2021 I’m guessing they’ll have gone public with the news and now under a new parent, of whom we might have already put our stock. It’ll look the same, with a few clever bits of code and some business analysts (courtesy of the Goliath) getting our eternally-squeezed cash. And what about the FX rates that will be used on our auto-payments to Discogs too? Forgetting about us non-USD base rate payers? Yep, thought so. And good luck with all these changing international shipping rates at the moment, we need flexibility to keep up.

    Please do what you can to reconsider – I’m not a big player here, but you created a great platform and organically grew. This makes people happy, and I respect you for doing this. Don’t stop caring.

    PS they probably didn’t pay you enough to sell your soul, at least go back to the table and get some more.

  • Sep 12,2020 at 03:36

    There is just one reply from Discogs’ person: “nraney” . I’m blocked to put replay for his comment, even S-in, so I’m doing this here as he-she-? is only available employee: Why did you removed “shellac” format from shipping policies? You say you want buyers to see shipping prices in front and you hiding them for shellac records buyers?

  • Sep 12,2020 at 01:59

    A really lose-lose situation discogs creates here. I will reduce the countries where I can ship to from 243 to maybe 40 countries where I can handle the shipping costs -> less sales for me -> less fees for discogs.
    When the next step from discogs is to increase the fees then I say goodbye! My everlasting protest from now on is that I won’t distribute new records or complete entries to the database.

  • Sep 11,2020 at 19:51

    This approach is clearly wrong. Discogs should setup these shipping policies with post offices in each country (like eBay have) to simplify the entire process.

  • Sep 11,2020 at 18:42

    Small sellers who are here by passion like me will mostly go. 80% of my orders are from Canada and shipping to Canada is a mess. It varies from $9.00 to $22.00 by zip codes. I can’t list a price for a thousand different zip codes. They probably want to keep the big sellers by doing this.

  • Sep 11,2020 at 18:14

    Greedy behind the scenes hipsters, jerking up dumb ideas!Goodbye Discogs.

  • Sep 11,2020 at 17:53

    I believe that in the US, major carriers provide APIs, which would make this so much easier for sellers. My shipping charges are based on the USPS rates, which are based on weight and distance, and they change at least once a year. Who has time to keep up with the rates and calculate all the possible combinations? It would be so much easier to have the rates automatically calculated based on the weight and buyer’s ZIP code. I’m sure the Discogs developers are capable of coding this.

  • Sep 11,2020 at 17:36

    Silly, silly idea. Watch it crash and burn…

  • Sep 11,2020 at 14:47

    This will not work for me as i try to find the best cost for postage on weight etc, please leave shipping up to the seller !!!

  • Sep 11,2020 at 14:46







  • Sep 11,2020 at 14:24

    Discogs. I will give you until September 30th to withdraw your ultimatum.

  • Sep 11,2020 at 14:00

    I’m not a seller but a very active buyer on Discogs. I constantly have items in my basket and have had some great experiences with sellers from all over the world – none of which had used standardised shipping policies.

    Working out with the seller how we can cut down on shipping costs by sending CDs without jewel cases was half the fun. Never mind the reduced carbon footprint in doing so! I’m dismayed that this mandatory change will evidently force out most of those sellers I enjoyed buying from. I might just end up moving with these sellers to wherever they end up selling from, and just continue cataloguing my collection on Discogs – until it’s going down the drain and is sold for half nothing to some investor…

  • Sep 11,2020 at 11:45

    okay, just tried for five minutes and surely it won’t work for me. As my database will become unavailable by Oct 1, seems like the time is ripe for me to try the alternatives (Amazon, Ebay..) I’ve postphoned for several years now. Some new horizon might do me good!

  • Sep 11,2020 at 11:36

    It’s bad idea, price for shipping can’t be standard for all cases… Small seller will leave Duscogs, I am sure.

  • Sep 11,2020 at 09:04

    This is a stupid idea, I will not be updating my shipping policy and we’ll wait to see what happens. Those who set shipping prices upfront are usually overcharging, or else they lose money. Prices cannot be set beforehand!!!!!!

  • Sep 11,2020 at 07:27

    This will certainly end my Discogs sales, which have been huge the past few years. There seems to be no way to control whether a buyer chooses airmail or tracked air, as we all know shipments of value going international need to be tracked, there are no parameters for this. Also, as a Canadian seller, We have several zones across our country with dramatically different shipping costs for each. With no parameters for this in the shipping editor it means I will have to charge the maximum rate it “could” cost to get this across Canada, when it may only be going an hour away at half my advertised rate. Buyers will drop off like flies. It is ridiculous to not just leave well enough alone and allow those who want to use the editor to do so, and those of us who CANNOT make it work may continue to funnel $1000 of USD to you each year by adding shipping manually. Very disappointed after years of fantastic service!

  • Sep 11,2020 at 03:29

    If there ever was a particularly spectacular example of shooting yourself in the foot, this is it, most definitely.

  • Sep 11,2020 at 00:07

    Discogs was collectors for collectors, database filled with the hard work and time of collectors.
    Please, this is not going to work for me. There are to many shipping options. Make the Editor an option, not an obligation. To me Discogs is a hobby, not a business. Don’t make me say goodbye.

  • Sep 10,2020 at 23:32

    I really can’t see this working with all the different weights and format combinations. Two different LPs do NOT weigh the same et al. They are not standardized products.

    What about packing materials? Where is the calculation for that? Two different vinyl mailers do NOT weigh the same.

    Every parcel is different and one can’t know the total weight until it’s packed and ready.

  • Sep 10,2020 at 19:42

    really an excessively cumbersome, insufficiently flexible policy. harmful to sellers in every conceivable way, arguably not beneficial to buyers either when all factors are considered. the only benefit is to the big corporations who are trying to automate the art and nuance out of, well, everything, and now discogs too, falling in line to make itself attractive to those interests. a real shame.

  • Sep 10,2020 at 17:50

    Watch this site go on the market as soon as October rolls around.

  • Sep 10,2020 at 17:08

    This is obviously an idea that is unworkable. Discogs needs to back away from this I’ll conceived plan. Can Discogs present one example that is workable and meets their requirements?

  • Sep 10,2020 at 17:03

    You’ve run away with yourselves here. You got a system that works well for pretty much all sellers. You are about to completely cock it up big time, and you’re going to loose a lot of sellers in the process.
    You’re getting too greedy Discogs.

  • Sep 10,2020 at 16:42

    to cover all quantities and weight ranges???!!!Are you nuts??? you want me to expose ALL my listing to every con out there??? What is the garranty discogs gives me for this? NONE!So please get reasonable and change this at least!Otherwise half of the items will be unavailable for ever,trust me…

  • Sep 10,2020 at 15:32

    Holy moly this is bad. You should seriously delay this until you’ve put the time into creating a more robust editor or an integration with shipping carrier systems. There’s just no way folks can manually enter a cost for every country and apply a policy for things like extra insurance given the extremely limited nature of the editor.

  • Sep 10,2020 at 14:44

    Capitalism again rearing it’s ugly head, this doesn’t need to be done,think think and think again this is wrong!
    I am retired and this is ny Hobby, I make such little profit but the enjoyment I get from contributing to the Database is second to none,why should we contribute when the contribution obviously is less important then the need for greed.
    Please think hard about this , it is a big mistake and you will destroy everything that people have given to the Database,it doesn’t need changing you are streets ahead of other selling sites,please I implore you think again before it is to late .

  • Sep 10,2020 at 14:38

    It’s not a community, it’s greed. Most of the discogs posts are about the increase sells of vinyl, the most expensive stuff of the month, the best way to spend money… It takes too much time and SHIPPING RATES ARE CHANGING EACH 1ST JANUARY IN FRANCE !!!

  • Sep 10,2020 at 14:33

    I personally am already putting all my stock on ebay, wallapop, todocoleccion and elvinyl

  • Sep 10,2020 at 13:55

    The shipping for one 45 that costs £5 will not be the same as one costing £150. I will require insured post for the later option. The new system doesn’t seem to cover that?

  • Sep 10,2020 at 13:50

    Using format by quantity, the cart does not calculate shipping for a mixed format order. Please fix this simple requirement which the new editor is supposed to accomplish.

  • Sep 10,2020 at 13:36

    I must be stupid but I don’t understand the point of such a change. Maybe it’s just for the money. What is certain is that all the small salesmen (like me) will leave discogs

  • Sep 10,2020 at 13:25

    Bye discogs, hi ebay!!!

  • Sep 10,2020 at 13:09

    Very sorry that you are censoring negative comments, that sounds like other times. Better not to put adjectives. You’re going to lose a few million dollars starting in October. It would be good if you no longer use the word community Kevin that term already sounds very false. You are only moved by greed and greed. Hire people to work that the page works out of pain and that does not worry you.

  • Sep 10,2020 at 13:03

    Please, this is not going to work for me. There are to many shipping options. Make the Editor an option, not an obligation. To me Discogs is a hobby, not a business. Don’t make me say goodbye.

  • Sep 10,2020 at 12:55

    As our discontent comments have been deleted, I repost here my previous reactions.
    Many months ago, one guy from Discogs called me by phone (in French as I am a French non-professional seller, just a music and records lover who manage it’s own collection), to explain me previously all these crappy changes. I will not repeat what has been well described by these 259 posts (in resume, and for a lot of reasons, these changes are a mess and a nightmare), but just want to add my modest voice to this massive opposition. I answered to this French affiliated Discogs guy, why it will be impossible to work that way anymore as a private seller. He considered my answers, and said that it will be heard to set these new rules “as best as possible to fit to all”. Now we discover the brutality of Discogs decision, ruled by obscure reasons, that should not (at evidence) being ruled for sellers and buyers confort.
    So, here are my little statistics, as a private seller. I am selling since 2012 (so 8 years). I paid you 5500 USD, and totalize around 2000 sales.
    So, the point is, why do you think I choose Discogs as my favorite tool to manage my collection ? The answer is, it’s simplicity, the ability to organize things the way it fit the best for me and my buyers, and the feeling to be part of a community which had a little to do with the dictatorship of big business like Amazon or eBay. Now, you want to destroy (by an unilateral decision), what was doing Discogs, the best place to be for a music and record lover like me (like us)
    Like many others “little” sellers, it will be probably “bye-bye Discogs” at the end of September. It will be a hard decision that will be drive by necessity (I can’t simply not fit in your new rules), but also ideology (I don’t want to fit in your new rules).
    So, as many others here, I say
    Thank you Discogs to answer to all these 260 (and in a couple of days perhaps thousands more) posts above, including of course mine.

  • Sep 10,2020 at 11:08

    This is still an absurdly overcomplicated system for someone like me who sells perhaps 10 items a year. A significant percentage of those are sold overseas, and spending literally hours setting up for every contingency just isn’t worth my time. I think you are going to lose many, many small sellers over this.

  • Sep 10,2020 at 09:46

    Is people who did this Improvement ever heard about SHELLAC records, are they not connected to records community? or Discogs decided to remove option for Shellac records format?

  • Sep 10,2020 at 09:29

    Arrivederci Disqualifiedcogs.

  • Sep 10,2020 at 09:20

    @Heavymetalconsi please don’t be offended and please don’t insult. I had absolutely no intention to offend anyone. You got us totally wrong. OF COURSE WE DO NOT have anything against Russia/Russians or any other people in the whole world. of course not. If that is what you understood out of my post, sorry. But if you believe that putin-run state medias inside and outside Russia are objective and honest means of information then their propaganda already worked on you. Thats all I wanted to convey. end of discussion, please. we are sitting in the same boat.

  • Sep 10,2020 at 08:36

    Wow …. I also posted on the previous thread on this. Where did all the posts go from all of the disgruntled loyal Discogs members? Quote from Discogs content editor nraney on Sept. 9th in this thread. “We are redirecting the traffic from the announcement about the “upcoming” updates to this announcement that these updates are now live”. Clear as mud !!! …. or should I say clear as your new shipping policy !!!
    My 10 year love affair with Discogs is coming to an end. Damage is done. You’ve left a really bad taste in everyone’s mouth. You won’t be getting a penny from me … not that you care….. you’ve hacked off all of your loyal buyer’s and seller’s, the people who made you. Good luck, you’ll need it.

  • Sep 10,2020 at 08:36

    @Crimson_Urikite: Stop talking nonsense, you brainwashed person. I am Russian. I’m against this change. Think before saying something.

  • Sep 10,2020 at 08:19

    I just wasted an hour trying to comply with this only for most of my methods to be deleted with no warning. Baffling. There’s also no option for promo CDs (i.e. without jewel case), box sets or any special items. Does a vinyl LP with 2 discs count as 2 records or 1 as far as the shipping method quantity is concerned? It’s not clear, and this is something I could address in my seller terms under the old system. Also, there’s no option for restricting a method based on the value of the item – e.g. expensive items should be sent with postal insurance, but there’s nothing to stop people selecting economy delivery without insurance. This has not been thought through at all.

  • Sep 10,2020 at 07:28

    It’s impossible to do ! How many price combinations for worldwide shipping ? I normally use 6 Poste Italiane listing prices (and I use only poste Italiane !) Each list has 6/7 weight list, 3 or 8 delivery zone, differents between lists.
    These 130/150 shipping costs must be combined with about 20 kind of media (only the most common)that can be combined among them and to be each only one or one hundred !!!
    This is for out of mind !!

  • Sep 10,2020 at 06:55

    Its one (very bad) thing to act deaf and not listen or react in any form to the criticism / fear / and outrage of the discogs community against these catastrophic policy changes that no one in the community ever asked for but it’s another very telling and indeed very frightening move to silence unpleasant yet totally justified criticism by simply deleting /shrouding it away. 300+ utterly negative comments against these policy changes have been simply censored away. I cannot believe it.

  • Sep 10,2020 at 06:22

    300+ utterly negative comments by the outraged discogs community against these totally catastrophic policy changes have now been deleted/hidden/shrouded.
    what is this discogs? russian state media disinformation campaign or communist party of china style guided and controlled public opinion? shame on you.

  • Sep 10,2020 at 06:06

    Tried to adjust the cost because suddenly costs were changed to no extra shipment, tried to change even deleted to start again but it keep saying Method names must be unique. I think it really affected the recent changes you made to existing once to work as they are.

  • Sep 10,2020 at 03:02

    And just another thing. I’m here for many years and never used the shipping editor. With the coming changes in mind I set up policies 2 weeks ago. All is set up properly, but I can’t go to the weight limits with the editor as I did before manual. The experience of these 2 weeks is, my sales went down around 30%. Real nice, what about hiring professionals for changes on a working system?

  • Sep 10,2020 at 02:48

    Just had a short look at the new editor. As expected, it doesn’t work.
    1.) for example I send 1-5 7″s in a letter and 6-100 in a parcel. For the parcel I need a new policy. When I add a new policy it is impossible to change the 1 to 6. A new policy always starts with a fixed 1.
    2.) As I mentioned many times, the format options need to separate 12″ Maxi and 12″ LP. The weight is mostly different, so I can send in a 1 kilo parcel 3x LP’s but 4x 12″ Maxi. And no, I can’t set this on weight, as the standard weight of both is the same by Discogs. Also I will not set the weight of each item manual, as a staff member suggested. But you’re invited to do so on my 20000+ items for sale.
    A batch editor for the inventory would help out, but that’s just one of the many useful things Discogs never realized.
    That’s what I saw after 2 minutes and I’m not amused to go on. I think I will delete all existing shipping policies I have ’til someone is able to deliver a proper working editor

  • Sep 10,2020 at 00:51

    Hidding more than 300 comments saying ‘No we do not want this ASP’ by using a live feature isn’t really honest, isn’t it? How the last visitors can read those hidden comments? [u=nraney] what’s your opinion?

  • Sep 10,2020 at 00:50

    Hidding more than 300 comments saying ‘No we do not want this ASP’ by using a live feature isn’t really honest, isn’t it? How the last visitors can read those hidden comments? [u=nraney] what’s your opinion?

  • R.-
    Sep 10,2020 at 00:13

    it’s almost comical to read discogs’ comments and announcements, acting like nothing is happening and everything is going great while their entire sellers base is in turmoil and threatening to leave. what is wrong with these people? it’s almost textbook business suicide..

  • Sep 9,2020 at 20:10

    /…Hey, Nicole!!! Do you hear us at all??? We, the community, don’t need this change in shipping policies!!! Does your Discogs platform not interested in us at all? Then you have the risk to stay here alone. Think about it, the time is short! STOP THE MADNESS!!!

  • Sep 9,2020 at 16:35

    Hey folks! Quick note on the comments: We didn’t delete the comments. To avoid confusion around the timing of the editor updates, we are redirecting the traffic from the announcement about the “upcoming” updates to this announcement that these updates are now live.

  • Sep 9,2020 at 16:19

    Where did all the comments from this post went to???

  • Sep 9,2020 at 16:08

    Wow, three hundred mostly negative comments deleted. I guess we know where we stand as sellers and contributors now, eh?

    I was going to try and keep going as much as possible within these difficult parameters, but I’m not sure I want to put any more money into the pockets of Discogs management.

    I will be re-opening my eBay store shortly. Their postage system is way more friendly than this.

  • Sep 9,2020 at 14:18

    How this is Improvement if you hiding from buyers posting prices for shellac records? I just unlisted 200 of them. Why S-for posting is presented as Standard or Economy, “Service” has too short space for full name of service. “Improvement Editor” removed counties I was posting to and added new one???!!! so you say they don’t read this and they don’t care? Maybe that’s why sell here is only 10% of what on eBay

  • Sep 9,2020 at 13:44

    To wiecbork02-3-8 and everybody else reading here: this same post was originally posted a few weeks ago. They’ve posted it again now eraing more than 300 hundreds comments by sellers and buyers alike, 99,9% agains these so-called improvements. So, you can be sure that they’re not going to listen to you. They won’t listen to anybody. They simply don’t care. I’m very disappointed and sad, because this will clearly be a disaster for small and medium size sellers (and buyers).

  • Sep 9,2020 at 13:29

    So where are all my settings I put so much work to make it correct, WHERE IS OPTION for posting price for SHELLAC records, all gone, what a disaster decision for sellers, suddenly I have added country I don’t post to, or removed one I did.

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