Short Downtime – Wed July 8

Discogs is going to be unavailable for a short period while we perform emergency site maintenance. I don’t like doing this but right now this is the best way to move forward with our database upgrades.

The downtime should last no more than 2 hours, beginning at 8pm PST on July 8, 2009.

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  • teo
    Jul 9,2009 at 10:03

    [quote=djindio]So what did u fix teo?[/quote]
    We’re getting things ready to switch to a [url=]mysql-master-master[/url] configuration, plus splitting the database into clusters. Inboxes should be a bit faster now as well.

  • Jul 9,2009 at 06:24

    8pm PST[/quote]
    [quote=squonk57]What would that be in UTC?[/quote]

    It should have been PDT, which is -0700 UTC

  • Jul 9,2009 at 05:40

    [quote=infamous31]I thought you were going to use the blog for downtime updates…?[/quote]

    From the blog announcement

    [quote=teo]This will be used to post updates about the site status such as emergency problems, slowdowns, etc. That way you’ll be able to get information if there is a problem while Discogs may not be available. [/quote]

    The blog is for unexpected problems, not planned maintenance. That is to say theres no point in posting in the forums when no-one can get on the site to read it :D

  • Jul 9,2009 at 03:49

    I thought you were going to use the blog for downtime updates…?

  • Jul 9,2009 at 01:16

    So what did u fix [u=teo]?

  • Jul 9,2009 at 01:13


  • Jul 8,2009 at 13:30


  • Jul 8,2009 at 13:28

    [quote=teo]8pm PST[/quote]
    What would that be in UTC?

  • Jul 8,2009 at 12:10

    oh thank god, maybe I will get some school work done tonight… :D

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