Simplified Header

We are simplifying the header as part of an ongoing effort to make the site more mobile friendly.

Simplified Header

Your cart and messages are now easier to see. Before, they were buried among the clutter of the grey bar. Now, they are featured in the primary header where they belong.

Moving these links up allows us to remove the grey bar from the parts of the site that do not need it. As a result, many pages now look a bit more streamlined, and the content is given more focus.

Also, ‘My Discogs’ has been replaced with your profile picture when you’re logged in, and we’ve added icons to it’s submenu to increase legibility.

A couple links have been changed. The ‘Friends’ link can be found under Community. ‘Export Data’ is no longer in the menu, you can access it by finding what you want to export first and clicking the export link on the page.

For comparison, here’s a screenshot from a few months ago:

Old Header

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