Site outage 30 Jan

There has been a site outage today – we are now back up and running.

This seems to be the same error that hit us last week. Error logs are being checked and others are being put in place to help us track the problem.

There is a bunch of new hardware being set up to go into service soon for the site.

I am very sorry for any issues this outage has caused.

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  • nik
    Jan 30,2007 at 09:07

    The image problem has now been resolved.

  • nik
    Jan 30,2007 at 08:20

    I can’t upload images either, yes this is posably caused by this outage, I have notified Teo.

  • Jan 30,2007 at 08:07

    i can’t upload pics. is it caused by the outage?

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