Small profile changes

We’ve just turned on a few changes to user profiles.

  1. The “Allow others to browse my Contributed Releases” option has been removed. Previously this option has been overridden by users with mod rights (they could browse your contributions no matter what). But we want as many people involved in the submission process as possible, so it’s more helpful that all users can see this information. Plus this information is already public via the release pages and external search engines. There’s no longer a need for it.

  2. Stats on what votes you have received are now displayed, below Rank. The two metrics we are tracking are all-time average and ten-day average. If the two numbers are the same only the all-time average is shown.

  3. Rearranged some of the links to keep all of the contribution-type lists in one area.

  4. The date a user joined is just displayed as month, date, and year. There’s no need for the minutes and seconds.

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