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An Interview with Italy’s SOK Online Record Store

SOK has grown its online-only store into a formidable presence on Discogs over the past five years. With nearly 26,000 records for sale in the Marketplace and over 3,000 contributions to the Database, we can thank SOK for a wealth of information about records from their Italian homeland. Don’t sleep on the fantastic records from southern Italy they recommended!

Discogs: How long have you been selling on Discogs?

SOK: As a hobbyist, I sold my first item in May 2016 on Discogs, but I have been doing things professionally for two years.

D: What is the most valuable item you’ve ever sold?

SOK: I became a professional seller when I sold my first expensive record: Italove by Emmanuelle. From there, I took things seriously. As a professional seller, the most expensive record I sold is Sexy Pummarola by Gibo e Pummarola Band. It sold within 10 seconds from the creation of the listing on the Marketplace to the purchase!

D: How do you manage your inventory on Discogs?

SOK: Unfortunately, my records are located in four different places. I waste a lot of time searching, though I am in the process of finding a bigger warehouse and moving everything into one place. My records are cataloged in different ways; the mixes are cataloged by musical genre, while the LPs are in alphabetical order.

D: What values do you try to stick to when it comes to running your store?

SOK: I try to send out orders quickly, though I take my time when arranging the package and wrapping, and washing the discs before sending.

D: What sets you apart from other sellers on Discogs?

SOK: From Neapolitan folk to trance, I have a very varied catalog, passing through reggae to electronic music. As I already mentioned above, I commit a lot to packaging.

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D: What’s the biggest challenge of selling online vs. in person? How did you overcome it?

SOK: My shop is online-only. I don’t have a physical store because I live in a small town. This has helped me a lot in connecting with music fans from all over the world who otherwise would never have gotten to me. The hardest battle is being quick to catalog each record, but I have found my system infallible after a long time.

D: Which Discogs feature helps you the most as a seller?

SOK: Surely the infinite Database.

D: What would be your No. 1 tip for new sellers?

SOK: My advice to new sellers is to never give up, dig more, and spend a lot of time in the correct cataloging of the records. Otherwise, a record you have on hand will be impossible to find.

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D: In the age of downloads and streaming, why do you think people still buy physical music?

SOK: I am convinced that the return of vinyl is caused by too much usability of music. Music is now everywhere; you can listen to it wherever you want. Having the physical album in your hands, leafing through the cover, reading the credits, and, above all, bringing the needle to the groove is another thing.

D: What’s something you wish you’d known before you got started as a music seller?

SOK: To be more orderly in the initial cataloging of the first records I listed.

D: You sell all around the world on Discogs. What is your most memorable Discogs order?

SOK: An order of Neapolitan folk music in Japan but also the various orders from the most absurd parts of the planet.

D: What are your current music recommendations? Give us five!

SOK: Five objects directly from my land in southern Italy:

D: Where’s your favorite place in the world to dig?

SOK: Certainly in the dirty and filthy cellars of the historical DJs of my land!

D: What’s the next record to be crossed off your own Wantlist?

Crate Minds showcases some of the best Sellers on Discogs. You’ll meet the people behind the crates (virtual and otherwise), get some insights into the life of a record seller, and learn tips on selling records from the best in the biz. If you feel like it’s time to buy some records, you can check out SOK here. Photos courtesy of SOK.

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