Sort your Wantlist and Collection by Date Added

For a good long while now, we have been asked for the ability to sort your Wantlist and Collection by the date you added it to each list. We heard you. And our very own Corey agreed with you. Thus, he has made it so.

Check out your Wantlist or Collection.

Then click Added to sort. Click it again to sort the other direction!

Thanks, dude!

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  • Mar 26,2013 at 05:50

    awesome indeed. C’Est L’Incroyable Vérité ^^

  • Mar 25,2013 at 09:48

    Very nice, thanks. It would be a bit sweeter if the same “sortability” function was added to both Custom Fields & Folders.

  • Mar 20,2013 at 14:45

    Why do some releasesd do not have a date? Is there some cut-off date, when added before it is not working probably related to the switch from V3 to V4)?

  • Mar 20,2013 at 08:46

    Finally! Thanks!

  • Mar 20,2013 at 01:26


    what would be even greater would be if we could get the added-information in the API. Should be a simple fix for you?

  • Mar 19,2013 at 23:29

    awesome! finally! thanks! :D

  • Mar 19,2013 at 15:34

    Your welcome dude!

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