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SoundCloud Makes It Even Easier To Maintain Independence

We understand what it means to be a tool for people who play outside of the bounds of the music industry. Producers, DJs, musicians, and labels of all stripes use Discogs as a resource for research, inspiration, and even physical distribution in the Discogs Marketplace.

The folks at SoundCloud are kindred spirits on that and other fronts. They’re all about fostering an egalitarian, user-led community for the appreciation of music. Sound familiar? Yesterday, they took that dedication a step further with the launch of distribution as part of SoundCloud Premier, their direct monetization program.

They’ve simplified the process of digital distribution for creators who want to maintain their artistic and financial independence. Now you can push your music out to all the major streaming services through SoundCloud Premier and get payments directly through the service. That would be a big enough development on its own, but here’s the kicker: SoundCloud doesn’t take a cut of the payments.

Up-and-comers and iconoclasts have always found paths around the traditional music business machinery, but this launch aids that ingenuity in a big way. “I believe SoundCloud’s new distribution tool is the way of the future for independent artists and music in general,” said rising rapper and Lil Yachty collaborator Leaf. “It makes distribution an easy one-step process, giving you a very simple way to monetize your plays and the freedom to reach new heights with your fan base.”

It’s all about grinding when you’re an artist, but anything that can ease the workload is huge. “SoundCloud’s distribution tool is a great way for unsigned artists to get their music out there for the world to hear,” said producer and musician Jevon. “Everyone knows how easy it is to upload a song to SoundCloud, and now it’s just as simple to upload and distribute everywhere.”

Now you have an easy way to move your vinyl (for real, why isn’t your new EP listed in the marketplace yet?) and control your digital destiny!

This article was developed in partnership with SoundCloud.

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