SPIN Goal 3: Old Formats – Shellac, Cassettes & 8-Tracks

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After a thorough analysis of where all the Releases on Discogs are from, and a discussion with the Discogs Database Community about where they believe the biggest gaps in the database are, we can see one of the biggest holes is in the number of Shellac records, Cassette tapes and 8-Track tapes.

In the name of creating an archive that preserves the full diversity of musical expression, as a part of this years SPIN we’re trying to submit as many Releases as possible each of those formats.


How To Preserve Old Formats With Discogs


1Find some musical recordings. Record stores are full of them!

2Search for it on Discogs. If it’s not in out Database, add it!

3You can add Releases to Discogs using the Submission Form.

4Nice! You saved a piece of history. Now everyone can find it.

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