Discogs SPIN 2018

Help Us Get To 150,000 New Submissions This September

September at Discogs means SPIN, the September Pledge INitiative: our annual drive to fill Discogs with Releases not yet in the Database.

SPIN Goal #1

Total Submissions

  • 150.000 new Releases in the month of September

Leaderboards & Full Details

SPIN Goal #2

New Regions

  • Asia
  • Latin America

Leaderboards & Full Details

SPIN Goal #3

Old Formats

  • Shellac Records
  • Cassette Tapes
  • 8-Track Tapes

Leaderboards & Full Details

On June 27 this year Discogs hit a historic milestone: 10 million Releases in the Database. With that many Releases we know the Database is complete and comprehensive in some areas, but also far from finished in others. For a full breakdown of how we arrived at these goals see this analysis of the Database and this conversation with the Database Community

How To Preserve History With Discogs

1Find some musical recordings. Record stores are full of them!

2Search for it on Discogs. If it’s not in out Database, add it!

3You can add Releases to Discogs using the Submission Form.

4Nice! You saved a piece of history. Now everyone can find it.

House Rules

  • All Leaderboards will be calculated weekly on Mondays starting September 1st
  • If you submit a Release that is both from a ‘New Region’ and an ‘Old Format’ e.g. submitting a Japanese Shellac, you will earn 3 points on the Overall Leaderboard, 3 on the Non-Digital Leaderboard, 3 on the Asian Leaderboard and 3 on the Shellac Leaderboard.
  • Anyone spotted web-subbing will be removed from all leaderboards immediately. If you spot a web-subber please submit a support ticket with evidence.

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