Spring Cleaning: Reporting Listing Violations


In light of it being nearly spring, I’m going to bring up a type of spring cleaning that helps the marketplace: reporting listing violations!

When listing items, the item you have must match the release page exactly, including reissues, promos, color, year, country, etc. If a listing does not exactly match the release page, it can be reported as Not Actual Item. Before reporting, ensure that the release listed is totally different from the page it’s listed from.

To do this, click on Details for the listing:

Step One

Then, click on Report Item:

Step Two

From here select the type of violation it is. Not Actual Listing is the default selection. Click submit and it will be put up for review. A staff member will review the report to see if it actually is a violation and approve or deny it.

Step Three

Removing listing violations not only improves the validity of marketplace sales data, but helps ensure that buyers get the correct release, reducing headaches from returns.

More information about unique releases and the types of violations are here:

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