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Spring Cleaning Your Collection: The Checklist

The weather’s warming, days getting longer and a little brighter (sorry, Southern Hemisphere friends) – it can only mean one thing: time to spring clean your collection. If the mere thought of the task overwhelms you, let us help you with an overview of what to do and how to tackle it.

Whether books are your bag, you’re raving mad for records, fanatical about film, or crazy for comics, building a killer collection takes a lot of time and money. For many of us, our collections are among the things we hold dearest, so show it a bit of love with a good spring cleaning!

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Spring cleaning your collection – including maybe even a little decluttering (hear me out) – will allow you to make room for more collectables, make some cash from items in your collection that no longer get much attention, and give them a second shot at a loving home.

Steps for spring cleaning your collection:

  1. Dirt Does Damage
    Periodic cleaning and dusting is essential to keeping your collection in good condition. You can’t spring clean without getting your hands a little dirty; invest in a decent disc washing kit and give your records a proper clean; dust down your shelves (even the parts you can’t see); gently brush the dust from your turntable, speakers and other audio gear.
  2. The Maintenance Jobs 
    All those little jobs you say you’re going to get around to but never quite do – spring cleaning is the time to do it! Replace your records’ inner sleeves with anti-static ones, repair damaged sleeves, covers and cases, bag and board your comics, change your stylus, build new shelves, or completely re-organize your collection.
  3. Declutter
    Your collection probably has some items ready to be sacrificed: unwanted gifts, records you bought on a whim but could never really get down with, accidental double-ups, or books, DVDs, and records you’ve long since fallen out of love with. It’s time to make money and space for the stuff your collection is missing. (Plus it’s free to list your books, DVDs, comics, gear, and posters for a limited time).
  4. Junk the Junk 
    There are exceptions to this, of course, but the record that barely plays, the DVD that’s scratched beyond comprehension, the book whose spine is thick with tape – ditch them.
  5. Track Your Collection 
    Having your collection cataloged will give you a better overview of what you’ve got, what you could get rid of, and what you need to get next. You can also add the dates you cleaned your records, updated the inner sleeves, and other personal reminders in the notes section on Discogs.
  6. Treat Yourself
    If spring cleaning sounds good but you need a little extra motivation, well, why not treat yourself to something from your Wantlist when you’re done? After all, adding items to your collection technically falls under the category of collection management, right? Right.

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