Favorite Discovery In 2016

Staff Picks: Favorite Discovery In 2016

With 2016 coming to an end, it’s that time again to reflect on what music has made its way into our collections. We’re kicking of this series of four, with music we didn’t even know existed about a year ago. Our question: What was your favorite discovery in 2016? 

Favorite Discovery In 2016

Stumbled across a track from Helen’s “The Original Faces” while browsing through online mixes a few months back, and promptly ordered the LP. Great atmospheric pop with the occasional twist of buzzing guitars and funky beats. 

– Josh, Community Support Manager

 Favorite Discovery In 2016

Recently purchased Superior Viaduct’s reissue of L. Voag’s “The Way Out”, which lead me to a related project, this Homosexual’s compilation– I’ve been playing the track, “Soft South Africans”, on repeat for months.

– Tim, Community Support

Favorite Discovery In 2016

I didn’t really discover much this year (by my standards), but probably the favorite new-to-me thing I heard this year was recommended by our co-worker Jon: Aluk Todolo ‎– “Voix”.
Enjoyed this one so much I went out and picked up some of their other records, too. Great instrumental psych that’s a good halfway point between Can and Darkthrone with a little bit of Russian Circles thrown in there.

– Jason, Lead Developer

Favorite Discovery In 2016

I’d been meaning to pick up a copy of Throwing Muses’ “The Real Ramona” for quite a while, and I’ve got Discogs to thank for finally giving me a reason to get it done. Since the 25th anniversary of a bunch of pivotal albums was this year, I was preparing to write a blog post about some of the hidden treasures of ’91 when I realized that “The Real Ramona” might be a fitting inclusion. So I put it on, turned up the volume, and just could not stop listening to it. Poppy without being predictable, with vocal hooks that dig into your ears but are still very nearly outpaced by a pair of great guitarists, this one made me realize that I still have a lot to learn from the past. (Speaking of which, I’ve also got to give a nod to my runner-up favorite discovery this year: “Muswell Hillbillies” by The Kinks. Had this one on my wish list for something like 15 years. Finally made it happen and it immediately became one of my favorite Kinks albums, right up there with “Arthur“).

– Tom, Community Support

Favorite Discovery In 2016

My favorite discovery is William DeVaughn’s “Be Thankful For What You Got”. I came across it while searching for releases about being thankful, for Thanksgiving. I listened to the video on the release page and loved it. So I searched for a few more videos, streamed the album and put it on my Wantlist. Only a few days later I found it at a reasonable price! Really happy with it and it did make me think: There is so much music out there that I haven’t discovered yet. So many records I flip through in the Soul section that could be equally as good. It can be a bit overwhelming, where do I start?!

– Lilian, Content Marketing Specialist

Favorite Discovery In 2016

Fugazi is a name that I’ve seen in books and online for years and years, but I never bothered to seek out their music. That changed when I shared a Discogs blog post on my Facebook, the one where we all talked about our favourite releases from 1991. A Japanese friend of mine replied to my post, and said that “Steady Diet Of Nothing” was his favourite release from that year. That was the last push I needed to finally check out this band, and I wasn’t disappointed. As a lover of ’90s alternative, I can’t believe it took me this long to finally give them a listen. I still have to listen to their last two albums, but from what I’ve heard so far, there hasn’t been a single bad track. Looking forward to more repeat listens in 2017!

– David, Community Support Lead

Favorite Discovery In 2016

My favorite vinyl discovery of this year is from the Made To Measure series. This particular entry in the series is No. 8, titled “Desert Equations: Azax Attra“. This is an extremely experimental album of music made for a dance performance. Using tribal rhythms and primitive electronics Sussan Deihim and Richard Horowitz managed make something completely alien, but yet familiar, ahead of its time and exactly of its time.

– Mark, Front-End Developer

Favorite Discovery In 2016

Even though she has been making music for a while – I only came across Julia Holter’s music this year and was blown away by her 2015 release “Have You in My Wilderness“. Got to see her last month too!

– Claire, Managing Director of Operations

Favorite Discovery In 2016

Kyle Craft: Loving the southern howling on this mystery-laden, intense theatrical debut.

– Yoram, Community Support

Favorite Discovery In 2016

Paul Horn – “Inside The Great Pyramid”. I found this album in the dollar bin at Quimper Sound in Port Townsend , WA. I thought the cover looked cool and the liner notes mentioned something about “Psychic Archaeology”. Turns out it’s an awesome drone album of solo flute music recorded inside the Great Pyramids of Gizeh.

– Andy, Developer

Favorite Discovery In 2016

I’ve always passed right over Sérgio Mendes LP’s when out digging, every single time. Most of his early albums seem nearly as plentiful as Whipped Cream & Other Delights. That’s usually not a great sign, for what I’m after at least. I’d heard songs from his catalog here and there that I liked, but never felt compelled to actually buy one of his albums. Until I saw the 1966 “In The Brazilian Bag” reissue of this album. The cover art just grabbed me, so I took a chance. I’ve been getting into both Jazz trios and Brazilian grooves more and more over the past couple years, so this one is right up my alley. Mendes kills it on the keys, and the sublime vocals from Wanda De Sah just make things even better. With renditions of songs and classics by a who’s who of Brazilian songwriters, I can’t recommend this one enough to anyone that enjoys this type of sound. I discovered this album over 50 years after its recording, which just goes to show how timeless good music really is.

– Aaron, Community Engagement Specialist

Favorite Discovery In 2016

Träd, Gräs Och StenarTim turned me onto these guys and I’ve been loving all of their work. It still is amazing to think much of this work is from the early 70s!

– Jon F., Product Owner

Favorite Discovery In 2016

I love wacky hip hop. The stranger the better. So I was really excited when my colleague and Discogs developer, Rodney introduced me to Lil Yachty  and his video for “1 Night“. What a goofball! I immediately shared the video with my 17-year-old daughter and scored some cool parent points. Later in the year, my teen surprised me with a meet-n-greet with Little Yachty at the local radio station! We even got our picture taken with him!

– Tasha, Community Support Lead

Favorite Discovery In 2016

Blitzen Trapper – “Live Harvest”: This is a live local band covering Neil Young and it’s amazing.

– Chad, Chief Operating Officer

Favorite Discovery In 2016

Stu Cisco ‎– “Amanita”Canadian basement electronic blowout destroys minds and wallets.

– Brent, Database Support

Favorite Discovery In 2016

Not an easy choice, so I will add the most significant discoveries of 2016. This year I have discovered several artists I am loving, and a part of the blame goes to Roadburn Festival.
During this year’s edition, I discovered these amazing bands in styles like Psychedelic, Space, Doom, Sludge Rock and Black Metal, which blew my mind: Oranssi Pazuzu, Usnea, Cult Of Luna, Hills. Moreover, I discovered two amazing Thai psychedelic bands that are in all my 2016 playlist, I find all their releases beautiful and full of energy: Khun Narin and The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band.

– Esther, Community Support

Favorite Discovery In 2016

I’m not usually a fan of electronic, so I was sceptical when I first heard about “Personal Computer“, but liked it instantly. Those hooks! It got to me. I also dig the theme of technology swallowing us all whole, talking to each other on Facebook but not in real life.

– Jess, Search Engine Marketer

Favorite Discovery In 2016

Gotta go with Car Seat Headrest. This year’s “Teens of Denial” release introduced me to this band that’s been around for the better part of 7 years. Bonus points if you were able to grab that release before the recall courtesy of a few “borrowed” bars from Mr Ric Okasek.

– Ron, Director of Marketing

Favorite Discovery In 2016

A gem out of Canada- Big ups to Kutcorners and Big Jacks for the intro to your label. KJ & Shi Wisdom- the vocals are on 10!!! This one will bring all to the floor: Shi Wisdom Feat. KJ ‎– “Lovespeak (Kutcorners & Big Jacks Remix)” will bring all to the floor!

– Liz, Community Manager

Favorite Discovery In 2016

I wanted this album on vinyl by All Them Witches since I initially heard it played by a coworker in the Discogs office. It’s a solid album front to back, but its initial pressing is at a bit of a steep price point. So, when this pressing came out early this year, I jumped on it and grabbed a copy as soon as I found it!

– Rodney, Developer

Favorite Discovery In 2016

Finding out about Desechables was one of the best things that happened to me this year. While the Barcelona punk outfit never made it to release a proper record, I have managed to find plenty of live recorded material and demos.

– Javi, Community Support

Favorite Discovery In 2016

Went down a long YouTube rabbit hole and ended up finding these awesome periodic house compilations on the Diggin’ Disco Deep label. Purchased series 3 and 4 on the spot and have been playing them on repeat for days on end.

If we’re talking about “music discovery” outside the context of physical media, I’d have to say discovering the music of R. Stevie Moore takes the cake. This one dude has released something on the order of 300 albums and has produced and written all the songs himself. Though the majority of his stuff comes from an obscure collection of self-released tapes he shipped out in the 80s and 90s, you can find a few things on record. I picked up a copy of “Ariel Pink’s Picks Vol. 1,” which I would consider to be a great introduction to the world of R. Stevie Moore).

– Morgan, Systems Engineer

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