Record Store Day Black Friday 2018

Staff Picks: Record Store Day Black Friday 2018

Record Store Day Black Friday has become an unmissable date in the calendar of music collectors worldwide. And of course, this includes the Discogs staff!

Our team rushed to the streets last Friday to score some fresh new records and rub shoulders with fellow music enthusiasts. We couldn’t miss this opportunity ask them about the story behind their picks. We hope you enjoyed this day as much as we did and please share with us your picks in the comments section or across our different social media channels.

Barbara, CS Coordinator

Barabara's Picks for Record Store Day Black Friday 2018
Aurora ‘Running With The Wolves EP’: I’m in love with her “weirdness” and after seeing her live in October, I had to have this one!
Mogwai ‘Every Country’s Sun’: Amazing album to listen to while working, this is the first one of Mogwai I’m adding to my small collection. I love the cover art!
Father John Misty ‘God’s Favorite Customer’: Why did you leave Fleet Foxes (one of my fav bands), dear Mr. Tillman? Well, I give you a second chance! And thanks for the beautiful music ♡
De Bielefelder Kinderkoor ‘Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht’: It’s no big secret that I’m a fan of Christmas and yes, some people think I’m crazy because I’ve been spinning this record a couple of times at home already. Office people get ready!! **O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum..**
Bob Marley and The Wailers ‘Live!: Scored this live recording’ – including a poster of Bob Marley – at the Utrecht Record Fair. I feel like having Bob in my living room when listening to this Live!

Claire, VP of People & Culture

Claire's Picks for Record Store Day Black Friday 2018

Naphta ‘7th Expedition’ – liked their release from this year and this is their first release so thought I would give it a try!
Flying Lotus ‘Cosmogramma’ – wasn’t planning on grabbing this but it was a pretty good price and it’s a great album.
Juju & Jordash ‘Sis Boom Bah’ – had this one on my Wantlist for a while.
Maisha ‘There is a Place’ – this is what I was looking to buy on Record Store Day. One of my favorite albums from this year.
Minami Deutsch ‘Minami Deutsch’ – loved their release from this year so thought I would try out this one (it’s also really good).

Alex, CS Coordinator

Alex's Picks for Record Store Day Black Friday 2018
Bobby Beausoleil- The Lucifer Rising Suite– Such an amazing box set, so stoked to find one at Mississippi Records.
Quincy Jones – Mellow Madness, a real heater if there ever was one courtesy of Landfill Rescue Unit.
Sun City Girls- Torch Of The Mystics also courtesy of LRU.

David Bell, CS Manager

David's Picks for Record Store Day Black Friday 2018

I realized recently that my classic rock collection is essentially just Beatles, Bowie and Led Zeppelin. All great artists, but sometimes it’s nice to mix things up a bit. Around the same time, Discogs published a blog post about which classic rock albums any vinyl collection needs. So with that post in hand, I stormed Concerto in Amsterdam and walked out with a bunch of cheap classics. Not pictured here is Patti Smith‘s Horses, which my colleague Lilian picked up for me in Antwerp. As for Dre? Well, I guess blocking content on Spotify does work, cause I can’t not have this album in my life!

Daniel, Product Manager

Daniel's Picks for Record Store Day Black Friday 2018

This had been on my Wantlist for a while and I was very happy to find it in great condition at City Records. I have a couple of albums by De Phazz and really love their jazzy vibe combined with different musical styles and lyrics.

Andreas, Android app Developer

Andreas's Picks for Record Store Day Black Friday 2018

I went to a couple of shops in Luxembourg (Vinyl Harvest and CD Buttek) and got some albums that I’ve had in my Wantlist for some time (OK Computer, A Christmas Gift For You From Philles Records, The Archandroid) as well as some other nice pickups (São Paulo • Brasil, My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts, Sunday Morning Classics)

Mika, CS Coordinator

Mika's Picks for Record Store Day Black Friday 2018

This is a soundtrack of a movie: 君の名は。(Your Name) which was the most popular movie in 2016 in Japan. I heard it really a lot around that time and felt like listening to it again. In my opinion, this soundtrack is much better than the movie itself though.

Yoram, CS Coordinator

Yoram's Picks for Record Store Day Black Friday 2018

I have recently been falling back in love with Late of the Pier, perhaps one of the greatest/most underappreciated British bands of the last 20 years? Some shop visits on Black Friday in Antwerp was the perfect opportunity to find this gem at Wally’s Groove World (yes, I already checked the Seller’s inventory on Discogs, duh). I have also been looking for the Surfer Blood and Majical Cloudz records for a long time and found these gems at Fatkat Records. Then running into this Savages record at The Vinyl Touch around the corner made my day!

Lilian, Regional Community Marketer

Lilian's Picks for Record Store Day Black Friday 2018

We were in Antwerp, Belgium on Black Friday, ahead of the Ghent Record Fair. I didn’t really have anything specific I was going for, but while browsing I was happy to come across Charles Bradley‘s first two records at Backtrack Records. They had a Black Friday discount on for the day, which was nice, and the funny thing is we kept hearing Charles‘ music every place we went during the weekend after that, so these are great souvenirs. At Fatkat I found URGH! A Music War, which had been on my Wantlist for quite a while, Shriekback’s Care, and a copy of Patti Smith’s Horses for David. The cover of Replicas Rubato, Terre Thaemlitz’ piano interpretations of Gary Numan titles, was so fascinating I just had to take it home with me. At Tune Up Records I unearthed another gem from my Wantlist: A 2005 copy of Belgian artist Ozark Henry’s The Sailor Not The Sea. And then at Wally’s Groove World, how could I resist the extended mix of one of my favorite Chris Rea‘s songs for just 1 Euro?

Maxime, iOS app Developer

Maxime's Picks for Record Store Day Black Friday 2018

La Contra Ola: Spanish synth & post-punk compilation (1980-86). I knew one track on it (Esplendor Geométrico – Moscù Está Helado), and I wasn’t disappointed by the rest! especially a track from Aviado Dro – Nuclear Sí.
Die Orangen – Zest. I’ve seen them live this summer in Berlin and it was one the best concert of the year for me.
Peppermint Lounge ‎– Perfect High. Reissue of this synth hit.

Karl, Developer

Karl's Picks for Record Store Day Black Friday 2018
I checked out Platypus and Red Light Records before ending the day at Rush Hour

Along the way I got caught up with a couple of my favorite labels, getting two new-ish releases from Whities and Livity Sound. Also supported my homeland by getting a classic from GusGus and a recent compilation from the Lagaffe Tales label. The raisin at the end of the sausage, as we’d say in Icelandic, was this Tapes and Wareika Hill Sounds collab from 2015, really loving the rhythms on this one.

Tasha, CS Manager

Tasha's Picks for Record Store Day Black Friday 2018

I normally don’t go for the official RSD releases and I never buy picture discs, but this year is different. It’s all because Six Feet Deep by Gravediggaz was reissued! Since I love horrorcore, I decided that it was worth waiting in line for. I also picked up House Of Feelings debut EP which I think a lot of people slept on when it got released in 2017. It’s modern house music at it’s best!

Jeffrey Smith, Communications and Partnerships

Jeffrey's Picks for Record Store Day Black Friday 2018
In the depths of the list of official RSD BF releases in the US this year are some incredible records from labels and artists doing the work. Dead Oceans and Colemine Records released Durand Jones & The Indicators Live Vol 1 in as “indie” of a jacket as you can imagine. With a white jacket and “office paper blue” title/tracklisting glued to the front… the art is unassuming while the recording is formidable compared to their 2016 Colemine debut subsequently reissued by Dead Oceans/Colemine earlier this year.

Original pressings of their limited-edition debut are jacked, as I assume the Live Vol. 1 will be soon. Original pressings of Saul Williams’ The Inevitable Rise And Liberation Of Niggy Tardust! were hard to find and expensive to attain given that, in 2008, not a lot of copies were pressed to vinyl… especially from the smaller Fader Label. On the 10th Anniversary of The Inevitable Rise And Liberation Of Niggy Tardust! the Trent Reznor produced GENIUS of Saul Williams shines in a time where his message is even more relevant today than it was in 2008. Also… this could be some of Reznor‘s most interesting work as well.

Bonus purchases while I was hanging at Guestroom Records (Louisville KY): Original pressing of Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 in NM+ condition, Soul Of A Nation (Afro-Centric Visions In The Age of Black Power: Underground Jazz, Street Funk & The Roots Of Rap 1968-79) and Soul Of A Nation 2 – Jazz Is The Teacher, Funk Is The Preacher, A NM+ copy of Jacksons Victory, John Coltrane’s Dial Africa 1958, and Sonny Rollins Featuring Jim Hall The Quartets. I’d say it was a decent haul at less the hassle of the traditional RSD onslaught of customers hitting that shop.

Javi, Content Marketing and Social Media Specialist

Javi's Picks for Record Store Day Black Friday 2018

It’s not very usual to catch me in Portland around RSD Black Friday. So I did my best to take advantage of the fantastic record store scene of the city and grabbed a good bunch of West Coast treasures:
GrouperDragging Up A Dead Deer Up A Hill” at Jackpot Records: This album brings really vivid memories of my time in the States back in 2010/2011. Just a truly magic masterpiece by an Oregon musician.
GirlsBroken Dreams Club EP” at Crossroads Music: This shop was so huge! But with time and patience, it’s also an endless source of hidden gems. Very glad I have now both LPs and this EP by one of my favorite bands ever.
Sleater-KinneyThe Woods” at Beacon Sound: Back in 2005 I was 17, what a crucial moment in life to define your taste, right? I hoped to be lucky enough to discover Sleater-Kinney then and to listen to “The Woods” until I almost went deaf. It’s still one of my all-time favorites.
GrouperThe Man Who Died In His Boat” at Mississippi Records: Yes, I am obsessed with Grouper and you should too!

Aaron, Community Marketing

Aarons' Picks for Record Store Day Black Friday 2018

No Black Friday RSD releases caught my eyes or ears this time around. So, I picked up recent albums by Cypress Hill and Knife Knights. If you woulda told me that in 2018 I’d be buying the new Cypress Hill album, I woulda said “Stop lyin’!” But here we are. This is the first new Cypress album I’ve bought since Temples of Boom (1995). I checked out some clips, and the sounds are trippy and psychedelic, exactly what they should’ve been doing for the past 20+, instead of catering to pop audiences (imo at least). Also picked up Knife Knights, which is the latest project by Ishmael Butler of Shabazz Palaces and Digable Planets. I’m big on Ish’s work, so I’m excited to get an hour or so to digest this one. I also grabbed a couple of T-shirts while I was at it.

Stephanie, Controller

Stephanie's Picks for Record Store Day Black Friday 2018
I spotted both of these at Little Axe Records in SE Portland. I have another Helen Humes record, but I hadn’t heard of Vi Redd before and was really interested to hear her. It seemed like an audacious claim for anyone not Aretha Franklin to be called Lady Soul, but I wasn’t disappointed with the record.

Louis, Commercial Manager

Louis's Picks for Record Store Day Black Friday 2018
Los Angeles Negros – Esta Noche La Paso Contigo – Interesting Chilean Pop/Ballad record with some great production if you can deal with some real Latin crooning on some of it.
Pualinho Da Costa – Happy People – Funky Jazz Fusion from Brazilian percussionist Da Costa, I bought this for “Love til the end of time which was on my waitlist for some time.
Various – Afro Cuban Dischoteque Sound – Great Cuban instrumental covers of some well known Soul and Funk tunes, got this one for a bit of a steal.
Orquesta Ritmo – El Ritmo de la Ritmo – Great Salsa/Percussive release on the state-controlled now-defunct Areito label, never sold on Discogs.

Steven, Search Engine Marketer

Steven's Picks for Record Store Day Black Friday 2018
Merry Clayton was known for her incredible performance on the Rolling Stones song “Gimmie Shelter” before she released this album of covers. Original pressings were rare (and expensive!) so I was thrilled when I found this recent repress in the racks of Sweat Records in Miami.

Nathanaël Mera, Office Administrator

Nathanaël's Picks for Record Store Day Black Friday 2018
Keith Jarrett, Koln Concert: A record that my parents have and used to play when I was a child, and I remember being transported by it. When listening to it now, I appreciate the talent that goes into just improvising non-stop for a whole concert.
Jacques Loussier, Pulsion: Loved Jacques Loussier since I discovered him during my musical studies. Very interesting to hear/see how you can transform a piece of classical music into a modern, completely different piece. You like Max Richter and his composition around Vivaldi‘s Four Seasons? Although it’s not the same style or genre, check Loussier out, you won’t be sorry.
Shadowfax, Watercourse Way: I was introduced to Prog-Rock several years ago, and Shadowfax, along with Gentle Giant, is on top of my must-have list! This album is amazing, as it just draws from many different inspirations, not one song is the same, and the sheer talent of those musicians never ceases to amaze me.
Haron, Wandelaar: Bought this one following Romeo’s advice! It is a very, VERY interesting record, just released last July, that mixes ambient piano improvisation with experimental electronic effects, it is definitely worth a listen, do check it out!

Hiro, Regional Community Marketer

Hiro's Picks for Record Store Day Black Friday 2018

I traveled to the Netherlands and Belgium on the Record Store Day so went to some shops in the countries and picked up some nice Euro grooves. Thanks to Waxwell Records and Platypus Records!!!
F.C. Gerania – Great Dutch Female Newwave/Reggae LP. Great drum break!
Exile One – This LP had been on my list for a while, and I finally copped it. “Instant Funk” is a killer Funk tune!
Free Fair – Beautiful Dutch Jazz Fusion/Funk!
Robert Last – It looks just an ordinary Easy Listening LP but actually has a lot of funky tracks and drum breaks!
София Ротару – I already have one copy but needed the 2nd copy of this dope Ukrainian groove! Alchemist/ Russian Roulette breaks!

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