RSD finds Kirsten

Staff Picks: Record Store Day Finds

Record Store Day. Some of us braved the crowds, some of us avoided it – and ordered online, and some of us were at a record fair. Some of us were after special RSD releases, but most of us ended up purchasing items from our wantlist or releases we came across we didn’t even know we wanted… Here are our RSD finds!

RSD finds Josh

With a packed day ahead and not as much time to wander the city sampling from various shops, I hit the closest spot, which is the Everday Music outlet here in Beaverton, just a few minutes from my house. By mid-morning, typically, the RSD crowd have wound up, but there are usually a few gems in the new arrivals bin, and some dedicated digging will usually turn up the odd 10″ forgotten away down in the files, or a surprisingly low-priced early pressing of a classic at a decent price.

I didn’t come away with any major treasures this time, but found a couple of items that have been on my list for awhile and / or which I was happy to add to my collection.

Ernest Bloch, Eastman-Rochester Symphony* / Howard Hanson ‎– “Concerto Grosso No. 1 / Concerto Grosso No. 2” – Bloch spent his final years in Portland, which makes him something of a home-town figure, and the record itself was in great shape.

Sturgill Simpson ‎– “A Sailor’s Guide To Earth” – Simpson’s 2014 album, Sturgill Simpson ‎– “Metamodern Sounds In Country Music”, was one of my favorite releases that year, so it was handy that his latest dropped just the day before RSD, and there were still a couple of copies left out front. But why the blue-only vinyl?

Earth (2) ‎– “Legacy Of Dissolution” – Another brick in the wall of my Earth collection, and it was one of the black vinyl copies to boot!

Will Oldham ‎– “Black / Rich Music” – Great price, and Will Oldham is a perpetual favorite.

Abner Trio ‎– “The Giant Crushes You” – Sometimes i do find the cover is enough to draw me in, and at only a few bucks, I was happy to add it to the collection.

Black Sabbath ‎– “Black Sabbath” – Yeah, a later re-press, but the price couldn’t be beat and the condition was amazing.

The Jeff Lorber Fusion ‎– “Wizard Island” – I’ll admit that I tossed this one in at the last minute because I just loved the obi strip. I do feel ways about bringing ANY Kenny G into my house, though, not gonna lie about that. 

– Josh, Community Support Manager


RSD finds

I hit up Little Axe in NE this afternoon. Little Axe is going to be moving soon to a location a couple doors down from the Hollywood Theater. I found some 45s from The Magnetic Fields and Editors as well as Sade’s “Diamond Life” and N.E.R.D.’s “Seeing Sounds” (for a really good price). Here’s my list of RSD finds

– Stephanie, Controller


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I picked up a few records from Crossroads and Music Millennium

Stevie Wonder ‎– “Hotter Than July”Nils Frahm ‎– “Spaces”Nosaj Thing ‎– “Drift”Marvin Gaye ‎– “Live At The London Palladium”Pink Floyd – “The Final Cut” and this one just for the name: British Meat Scene ‎– “Fukd I.D. #4”

– Rodney, Developer


RSD finds Erik

Here’s what I picked up: Joy Division – “Unknown Pleasures”The Jesus And Mary Chain ‎– “Psychocandy”The Beach Boys ‎– “Pet Sounds”.

– Erik, Systems Administrator
RSD finds Tim

I went over to Exiled and picked up two early Glenn Branca 45s for a buddy of mine (almost want to keep them for myself) and that reminded me that I needed to own “The Ascension”. Also picked up the new reissue of Träd, Gräs, & Stenar’s “Mors MorsTheoretical Girls – ” U.S. Millie / You Got Me”, and The Static ‎– “Theoretical Record”.

– Tim, Community Support


I also stopped by Little Axe Records! Here is a list of my Record Store Day 2016 loot.  No actual RSD releases, but another cat pic for y’all! 

– Kirsten, Project Manager


I had kind of a wild goose chase today looking for the Xiu Xiu Twin Peaks album, which took me to 6 different shops. I wrote some stuff about the day here, but for brevity’s sake I’ll just attach some pics and link to the list of stuff I grabbed.

– Jason, Lead Developer


You ever wonder what kind of people are keeping the compact disc industry alive? Well, at least propping up the bloated, rotting husk of the CD?

*sheepishly waves*

What can I say? I love tiny liner notes! Or it’s just habit and I’m too lazy to resist the charms of these little shiny discs. So shiny.

With that in mind, and knowing full well that I wasn’t after any particular RSD release, I decided to take a trip to Music Millennium on Friday to avoid lines and extra-tight spaces. Mission accomplished.

Bombino ‎– “Azel” for guitars! Yay, guitars!

Ron Carter ‎– “Uptown Conversation” from Wounded Bird Records in 2007, which was not yet in the database. Uh oh. All I wanted was some Ron Carter/Herbie Hancock/Billy Cobham action and look where it got me.

Alejandro Escovedo ‎– “Gravity” to make up for the fact that I would be missing Escovedo’s in-store Music Millennium performance Saturday night.

Exit ‎– “Iron Path” because any excuse to listen to more Sonny Sharrock is, well, it’s not really an excuse, is it? Go listen to Sonny Sharrock. 

The Residents ‎– “God In Three Persons” to make up for the fact that I missed their gig at the Aladdin on Tuesday. Maybe I should make an effort to stop missing gigs? Counterpoint: my house is so warm and cozy.

Emitt Rhodes ‎– “Rainbow Ends” because uh listen, I’m not even going to lie, it’s because Nels Cline makes a guest appearance. I don’t have a problem. I can quit any time I want.

Shearwater ‎– “Jet Plane And Oxbow” as I’ve been reading some good reviews, including one comparison to Talk Talk. Is it even possible? Probably not. Still, color me intrigued.

– Tom, Community Support



We were at Record Planet Mega Record & CD Fair for Discogs all weekend.  So I missed out on RSD but was happy to find this RSD release at Green Vinyl‘s booth at the fair on Sunday: Urban Dance Squad ‎– “The Singles Collection”  (and for the normal price!)

Bought Iggy Pop ‎– Post Pop Depression to make up for the fact that I won’t be able to attend Iggy’s concert in Amsterdam next month. Further: Ska from the Spanish island of Mallorca (released on the record label of our Spanish neighbor at the fair), 3 releases by The Chambers Brothers and some dollar bin Funk, Soul and Dance. And a few CDs from the dealer across from our booth :) I couldn’t find my holy grail item at the fair. Well, a Japanese repress but that was a bit too expensive for me (the sound quality is said to be amazing, but I would have to get a better sound system to hear the difference I’m afraid). So I asked around. One vendor had just sold a copy.  And every other seller who knew the album told me “Ah, a brilliant album that. Yeah I have a copy, but it’s at home in my own collection and I won’t be selling it.” 500 vendors, I knew it had to be there somewhere, but I gave up and felt a bit disappointed. So I am delighted to say that a Music On Vinyl repress arrived today!

– Lilian, Content Marketing Specialist

RSD finds David

I was also at the Record Fair all weekend, so I can’t say any of these are specifically Record Store Day gems, but it was definitely an amazing place to get lost for a few hours and see what you could find! 

As a new member to the vinyl collector clan, I feel I still have to cover my basis and grab some of the classics before I can extend my collection into the obscure. Perhaps the best find then was a copy of Sgt Peppers for €15! Throughout the fair it was normally priced around €35.

– David, Community Support Team Lead

RSD finds Swati

As we were working the Utrecht fair this weekend, I scored my 2016 RSD finds at the fair, from our Spanish neighbour Runaway Discos. He made me a really good deal for these four gatefold folders! 

Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band ‎– Agora Ballroom 1978 – The Classic Cleveland Broadcast Volume One & Volume Two on clear vinyl, and Bruce Springsteen ‎– Winterland Night 1978 The Classic San Francisco Broadcast Volume Two and Volume Three on white vinyl.

Am thrilled to have added these to my Springsteen collection! Just missing vol. 1 from the San Fran recordings, so that’s gonna be my gem to find the next few months. Awesome by the way, it only took me like 2 minutes to add these releases to my collection via scanner in the app!! ;-)

– Swati, Community Support


Instead of going to record stores on RSD, I was at the Utrecht Mega Record & CD Fair. Wow! Talk about an overwhelming amount of music. Some great finds, although I did discover the hard way that Europe is rife with unofficial pressings. Fortunately the copies I got seem to be of decent quality, but still, a bit disappointing. I guess I should’ve been using the App while I was digging! Classic rookie mistake. It was exciting to see the different stock that exists in Europe, still a lot of boilerplate Classic Rock to wade through, but overall some great digs.

Here’s what I managed to pick up:

Echo & The Bunnymen ‎- “Porcupine”Mercury Rev ‎- “Yerself Is Steam”The Fall ‎- “This Nation’s Saving Grace”Au Pairs ‎- “Sense And Sensuality”Sonic Youth ‎- “Confusion Is Sex”X-Ray Spex ‎– Germfree AdolescentsTV Personalities ‎- “Mummy Your Not Watching Me”The Soft Boys – “A Can Of Bees” and Joy Division ‎- “Unknown Pleasures”.

– Mark, Front-End Developer


RSD finds Claire

Hard to see my picture due to the sun but here is what I got at the Utrecht Record Fair.

Buzzcocks ‎– “Razor Cuts”Mount Kimbie ‎– “Cold Spring Fault Less Youth”Julia Holter ‎– “Have You In My Wilderness”AIR ‎– “The Virgin Suicides”Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds ‎– “Live From KCRW”Dinosaur Jr. ‎– “Where You Been”Viet Cong (2) ‎– “Viet Cong”My Bloody Valentine ‎– “Loveless”Ty Garrett Segall ‎– “Emotional Mugger”Nirvana ‎– “In Utero”Al Green ‎– “Call Me”.

– Claire, Managing Director of Operations

rsd finds Yoram

Didn’t include the ones I scored at the fair on Sunday but this was the score for RSD2016! Arctic Monkeys ‎– “AM” and My Morning Jacket ‎– “The Waterfall”(I also made a gr8 reflection photo!)

– Yoram, Community Support

RSD finds Toby

From left to right, top to bottom: 

Holly Herndon ‎– “Platform”Death Grips ‎– “The Money Store”Sadao Watanabe ‎– “California Shower”Actress ‎– “R.I.P”Perturbator ‎– “Sexualizer”

– Toby, Developer

Here’s a list of the stuff I picked up for RSD. My friend Miles was in town and we went to Exiled Records and saw Jason there. I’m really enjoying all the records so far, except for the Sonny Sharrock one. One whole side was nothing but screaming and cello, pretty exhausting listen. Also pretty envious of my friend’s reissue copy of the Royal Trux – Twin Infinitives 2xLP. It has a really cool full color gatefold illustration that I could stare at for hours.

– Andy, Developer


RSD finds Aaron

I avoided the madness and stopped by 2nd Avenue Records in the early afternoon. They had both records I was looking for (one RSD, the other not), and I was able to get in and out in a couple minutes.

J Dilla’s “lost album”, finally officially released on RSD. The 25th Anniversary Edition of A Tribe Called Quest’s debut. This makes the 8th time I’ve bought the ATCQ album. I now have 5 different vinyl pressings, 2 CD versions, as well as my very first copy, the original US cassette.

– Aaron, Marketplace Support Specialist


RSD finds Carissa

My first RSD, and it was a blast digging through. I went to Everyday Music and picked up: 

Portishead ‎– “Third” (not pictured, gave it as a gift :), Daft Punk ‎– “Daft Club”,  Nickel Creek ‎– “This Side” and Trampled By Turtles ‎– “Palomino”.

– Carissa, Email Marketing Specialist


RSD finds Jon F

Hopped a little bit around the East side though not usually a fan of RSD, and Portland feels even more insane with the amount of record stores we got here. Saturday Looks Good To Me ‎– “Fill Up The Room” and David Thomas Broughton ‎– “Crippling Lack”

– Jon F., Product Owner


I managed to make my way down to Beacon Sound Saturday afternoon. They weren’t really participating in RSD, so I wasn’t able to find the Justin Bieber picture disc I was looking for, but I did manage to pick up the new Leon Vynehall and a few used things: Daniel Andréasson ‎- “Pressure” and Various ‎- “The Deep House Sampler – Volume 1”

– Jim, Community Support


RSD finds Josiah

I went all around the Hawthorne/Belmont area, hitting up Exiled Records, Belmont Records and Jackpot Records. Didn’t actually pick up any RSD releases because I got distracted by this good stuff:

Clockwise from top-left: Emperor – “Anthema To The Welkin At DuskVangelis – “Vangelis”Various ‎- “NES Greatest Hits Vol. 1”Various – “Uchronia – Field Recordings From Alternate Realities”Mariah (3) ‎- “うたかたの日々/ Utakata No Hibi” and Various – “Shinobi III: Return Of The Ninja Master OST”

– Josiah, Developer

RSD finds Ashley

It was a crazy busy weekend, I haven’t been able to update my Discogs profile yet, but here is a photo of my finds!

– Ashley, Operations Support Coordinator

I went to Music Millenium and didn’t find a single RSD release I wanted other than the James Brown Revue LP.  I did pick up the new non-RSD releases from PJ Harvey and Bill Hicks, though.  After that, I went home and scoured the internet for the other items I wanted, and found a German seller on Amazon who had every single release I coveted, and for their list prices opposed to the insanely bloated flipper prices already doing the rounds.  So yeah, RSD is great and all for brick and mortars, but Amazon actually had what I wanted for affordable prices.  Here is a list of my finds

– Matt F., Database Specialist


RSD finds Matt

I went to Crossroads looking for some Durutti Column and instead left with all these:

Tipsy ‎- “Flying Monkey Fist”µ-Ziq – “Urmur Bile Trax Volume 1”µ-Ziq – “Urmur Bile Trax Volume 2”µ-Ziq – “Bilious Paths”Dinosaur Jr. – “You’re Living All Over Me”Roxy Music ‎- “Avalon” and R.E.M. – “Murmur”.

– Matt G., Lead Front-End Developer


RSD finds Jon

I couldn’t make it out to the record stores Saturday, but I did have my own personal RSD while I was in Portland recently. I went to Everyday Music for the first time and came out of there with some great recent represses and a couple of new releases.

Bleached – “Welcome The Worms”Drudkh – “Microcosmos”The Jesus Lizard – “Goat”The Kniφe – “Shaking The Habitual”Mazzy Star – “So Tonight That I Might See” and Various – “Studio One Rude Boy”Kitty says hi.

– Jon S., Systems Administrator

RSD finds Jeremy

I grabbed a couple non-rsd releases (the only RSD releases I wanted are UK-only) at Crossroads and Music Millennium respectively. Both are compilations; I didn’t expect to find the 2nd one in a store here in PDX so was pretty happy to see it :)  Various ‎- “The Smithsonian Collection Of Classic Jazz” and Various ‎– “Fallin’ Off The Reel III & IV”.

– Jeremy, Lead Developer

RSD finds Luca

I was working at the Record Fair in Utrecht Saturday and Sunday. My picks:

Joy Division – “Unknown Pleasures”Iron Maiden ‎- “Live After Death” and Accept – “Accept”.

– Luca, Community Support

Not really into the whole RSD thing but I did support some local shops and vendors this weekend in Edmonton. These are a few of the items I snagged: Erma Franklin – “Soul Sister”Dam-Funk – “O.B.E.”El Coco ‎- “Dancing In Paradise”Randy Raider – “Dance On (Disco Darling)”Eddie Horan ‎- “Love The Way You Love Me”Sade ‎- “Is It A Crime?”Sade ‎- “Smooth Operator / Spirit”Cherry Stone ‎- “My Cup Runneth Over / He Walks Softly”.

– Liz, Community Manager

RSD finds Susan

Here’s a list of my RSD finds from Wax n’ Facts in Atlanta, Georgia.

– Susan, Developer

RSD finds Tasha

I went to Concerto Record Store Amsterdam.  I didn’t feel like fighting the crowd for RSD releases, so instead I bought some lovely reissues.  My favorite grab  was  Ol’ Dirty Bastard – “Return To The 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version (Bonus Tracks)”  from our friends at Music On Vinyl.

– Tasha, Community Support Lead

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