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Staff Picks: Record Store Day

Record Store Day is coming up quickly! The initiative started in 2007 to celebrate independent record stores, and by now has become a bit controversial due to all the special (and limited) releases that are issued for this day. This means that you will probably have to queue up to get into your favorite record store, only to find out the release you were looking for is sold out (hey, they only received two copies), which isn’t an enjoyable experience. 

But there is a silver lining: Most shops organize instore performances and other fun stuff. And any attention for vinyl and for record stores is good attention. And although there always seem to be people offering the release you wanted for sale online at a much higher price, those prices usually come down again over time. And these days might get more people into buying physical music all year round.  Anyway, we looked at the official Record Store Day release lists, and these are the releases we might consider heading out on the 16th of April for:


Record Store Day

Xiu Xiu – “Xiu Xiu Plays The Music Of Twin Peaks”, LP

Jason Molina – “The Townes Van Zandt Covers”, 7″

As my rabid Twin Peaks fandom is well-known around the office, I’m certain I have surprised no one by picking Xiu Xiu. There are so many good 7″s this year, it was hard to pick just one, but Molina and Van Zandt are two of my favorite whiskey-sad songwriters.

– Jason, Lead Developer

Going to echo Jason’s pick on this one. Xiu Xiu and Twin Peaks. What could go wrong?

– Mark, Front-End Developer

Record Store Day

Carl Douglas – “Kung Fu Fighting”, 7″

This clearly needed a repress.

– Brent, Product Specialist

The Skatalites Record Store Day

The Skatalites – “Original Ska Sounds Of The Skatalites 1963-1965″ 5 7” Box

The list of Record Store Day releases is long, but there wasn’t very much in there that got me excited. Of some of the reissues on the list, there are still plenty originals around, and in those cases I would prefer to go digging for the originals. But this box with 5 7″ recordings by The Skatalites would get a lot of play at my house, and it would be a great way to dive a bit deeper into the history of one of my favorite music styles.

– Lilian, Content Marketing Specialist

Record Store Day

Scarface – “Deeply Rooted”, 12″ Picture Disc

Because I feel like I can really relate to Scarface. We’re pretty similar.

– Rodney, Developer

Record Store day

Metz / Mission Of Burma – “Good Not Great” b/w “Get Off”, 7″ Colored Vinyl

I have to go with Metz / Mission of Burma – very interested to hear Metz cover Mission of Burma and vice versa. Dirty Three and Iggy & The Stooges will also have to be 2 other things I try to pick up on record store day!

– Claire, Managing Director of Operations

Europe Record Store Day

Europe – “Final Countdown 30th Anniversary Edition”, 12″ Picture disc

As kids we had this record at our home. Back then we’d always fight over who was going to be playing it in their room, so by getting this copy for myself now, the fights can finally be put aside, after 30 years.

– Swati, Community Support

Gwar - Records Store Day

Gwar – “Scumdogs Of The Universe”, 2LP

Will be a treasured family heirloom for sure.

– Tasha, Community Support Lead


Ezra Furman – “Songs By Others”, 12″

Ezra Furman was my favourite ‘discovery’ of 2015

– Yoram, Community Support

Record Store Day

Regina Spektor – “Soviet Kitsch”, LP

I’d love to have a copy of Regina Spektor’s “Soviet Kitsch” on vinyl as it’s already one of my favorite of her albums. I’m also interested to see the items from Florence + the Machine (“Delilah/Only Love Can..”, 12″) and Blonde Redhead (“Peel Session”, 7″) – also old favorites.

– Stephanie, Controller

Record Store Day

Clint Mansell Featuring Kronos Quartet – “Requiem For A Dream”

Whatever isn’t a colored vinyl repress which leaves my options extremely slim — I’ll choose the “Requiem For A Dream” Soundtrack.  I guess this sort of is a repress, but this will be its first vinyl pressing, so I’ll take it. Clint Mansell is awesome, but he’ll always be the singer of PWEI to me. Grebo!

– Matt F., Database Specialist

Record Store Day

Various ‎– “The Guest (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)”, 2LP

The flick is a badass throwback to some classic early 80’s horror. It is only fitting that the soundtrack reeks of synth pop nostalgia too.

– Ron, Director of Marketing

Record Store Day

Goblin – “La Via Della Droga (Original Soundtrack)”, LP

Goblin’s soundtrack for that classic feel-good movie, “Suspiria“, was such a joy! Looking forward to similarly relaxing vibes.

–Josiah, Developer

Justin Bieber Record Store Day

Justin Bieber – “Purpose”, 12″ Picture Disc

Can’t wait to get this on the Crosley!

– Jim, Community Support

Crippling Lack

David Thomas Broughton – “Crippling Lack”, LP

This is not a Record Store Day release, but I’m excited for the first full album vinyl pressing by a more woefully obscure favorite artist of mine. A haunting voice and a sound unlike any I have heard of.

– Jon F., Product Owner

Record Store Day

The Shaggs – “Sweet Maria b/w The Missouri Waltz (Missouri State Song)”, 7″

Considering The Shaggs are better than the Beatles and I’ve never heard these two tunes before, this new 7″ looks pretty promising.

Sun Ra –  “Spaceways”, LP.

Sun Ra live recordings are always a fun listen, you never really know what you’re going to get. Often times they’re equally brilliant and disorienting, while showcasing an impressive display of musical chops.

– Andy, Developer

Record Store Day

African Head Charge – “Super Mystic Brakes”, 10″

I’m interested in hearing these unreleased tracks / versions from AHC’s early days, since I was a big fan ‘back in the day’ and have all their other early releases. Not convinced I want to stand in a queue for hours / grapple with records in a crowded shop in order to get it, though. I’ll likely take my chances and pick it up later.

– Nik, Director of Product

Record Store Day

The Sword  – “John The Revelator”, 7″

If The Sword is truly covering Son House, then I want to hear that!

Bert Jansch – “Black Birds of Brittany”, 7″

I love Bert Jansch’s guitar playing.

– Jon, Systems Administrator

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