Staff Picks: Records We’ve Submitted To The Discogs Database

The mission of the Discogs database is to catalog every single music release in the world. With just shy of 9 million under our belt, we’re well on our way, but a music database’s work is never done. As ever, we’re indebted to our tireless community of contributors, whose hard work and attention to detail has made the Discogs database what it is today!

As our September Pledge Initiative (S.P.IN) comes to an end, we’re looking back at some of our favorite records we’ve contributed to the Discogs database. It’s an interesting mix of obscure, local releases, through to some pretty well-known releases we were surprised to find undocumented when we got to them.

Check out our favorite additions we’ve submitted to the Discogs Database:

Ardvana – The Lakeshore Town

Most of my collection was already in the database when I started cataloging it, so I haven’t made many submissions so far. But I do like the rush of getting my hands on something that is not in there yet and adding it, especially with a few recent pre-orders. The release I am happiest with though is a CD I got when I lived in Ireland, by a traditional Irish band that played in local pubs every week, and with whom we experienced many late night ‘lock-ins’. One of the band members passed away a few years back, he was a great musician and had an incredible voice. I wanted to make sure his recordings were documented. I had another CD by them, “Mayfly Days” but must have lent it out to someone and not have gotten it back. I have been looking for it everywhere. Very happy to see someone else added it to the database recently, I have put it on my Wantlist immediately!

– Lilian, Content Marketing Specialist

Television – Marquee Moon

Was surprised to find a version of this that wasn’t yet in the database, however minor the variation. A buddy of mine was was gracious enough to gift two copies of this to me (that he found for about $10 each); now look at that sales history!

– Tim, Community Success Coordinator

Various – Music And Sonic Arts

This record was created by my local community college’s Sonic Arts Program. Many of the composers and performers on the record are students so their artist entries were added to the Database when I submitted the release. The music on the release is totally solid. I wouldn’t be surprised if 10 years from now, they have several more DB entries under their Discogs profiles!

– Tasha, Community Success Manager

Destroyer – Destroyer’s Rubies

This actual release is kind of a boring addition to the database: the first pressing was on white vinyl, the version I got is on black vinyl. That said, this is a perfect album. Like a post-post-modern David Bowie Dan Bejar (aka Destroyer) has an incredibly idiosyncratic lyrical style which he couples with impeccable pop arrangements.

– Mark, Developer

Masuran – Elephant Rocks

Music that goes well with work is kind of a different animal sometimes from music I’d choose to hear outside work, but this one has worked in both contexts for me. At the time this was released, I worked for the company that distributed it. If I remember this right, I found Elephant Rocks when looking for albums in our database that had both “rock” and “ambient” in their genre list. This CD feels like Masuran took a couple of the best instrumental parts from the Appleseed Cast’s Low Level Owl albums and stretched them out into a good, taut EP.

– Jason, Developer

Craig Elliott – Tender Trample

One of the best things about being from New Zealand is that hardly anyone who’s not from New Zealand knows what’s going on down there. So when I dig out local gems for international friends, they’re usually pretty impressed and asking how they didn’t hear of it themselves. Craig Elliott is one of those gems. This album is a perfect blend of well-crafted pop tunes layered over raucous guitars.

– Jess, Search Engine Marketer

S.P.IN might be coming to an end, but our quest to catalog every music release never will! Save a record, CD or cassette – add it to the Discogs database.

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