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Staff Picks: What’s The Most Miserably Sad Album Of All-Time?

The post-holiday blues are real and February, the month of love, is just around the corner. If after reading these statements you’re feeling as ¯_(ツ)_/¯ as we are, then you’ll probably enjoy these staff picks.

This time, we asked our staff to think about the saddest album ever. Be careful while checking this list because the effects of listening to these artists can be devastating. Indulge in this all-you-can-cry buffet with us.

Fleetwood MacLandslide

Sad album Fleetwood Mac - Landslide cover
I never realised this song had been released as a single in the 90s, I just knew the album version and the one on the live album. It’s not a sad sad song, but a beautifully sad one. And after over 40 years since its release date, it still hits me right in the feels every time I hear it. Let me just say I shouldn’t listen to this in the car or anywhere else where a clear vision is required.

– Lilian

Songs: OhiaGhost Tropic

Sad album Ohia - Ghost Tropic cover
Lumbering and somber, but somehow effortlessly incorporates tropical birdsong. The lyrics are bleak, even for Jason Molina, and they hang suspended for perusal. A harrowing, gorgeous meditation on an ending.

– Jason

Dragging An Ox Through WaterPanic Sentry

Sad albums Dragging An Ox Through Water ‎– Panic Sentry cover
I don’t know that this album has to be sad but it sure is for me. This album is tied to a time of loss for me and the hauntingly unusual esoteric sounds synched up perfectly with my grief.

– Alex

KeaneHopes And Fears

Sad album Keane - Hopes And Fears cover
Kinda hopeful, but at the same time super sad. To me, this is the ultimate heartbreak album.

– Marilyn

Elliott SmithEither / Or

Sad album Elliott Smith - Either : Or cover

Haunting, yet inspiring. This record dives deep into the troubled mind of (then) Portland resident Elliott Smith. A genuine take from a compassionate musician struggling with feelings of loss, grief, and depression.

– Steven

Sufjan StevensCarrie & Lowell

Sad album Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell cover
Sufjan Stevens voice has always had a melancholy effect on me and this record is especially sad. Beautiful but sad.

– Claire

Glen HansardMarketa IrglovaOnce (Music From The Motion Picture)

Sad album Once (from the motion picture) cover
I’m a sucker for musical dramas. Once does not disappoint. Set in Ireland, a vacuum repairman moonlights as a struggling street musician hoping for a big break (or any break, really). Heartache, compassion, and revelations ensue. I’m not crying… You’re crying.

– Bailey

LowThings We Lost In The Fire

Sad albums Low - Things We Lost In The Fire cover
This is one of the most heartbreaking, relentlessly sad albums of all-time. It’s also a beautiful one whenever this slowcore maestros allow a little bit of light to penetrate in the gloomy atmospheres. It’s one of those few perfect records out there.

– Javi

The XXThe XX

Sad albums The XX - The XX album cover
Surely this was not meant to be a sad album but it triggers something sad in me. Sometimes, after listening to the whole album I turn kinda blue, maybe some memories or experiences from the past. Anyway, it’s my favourite The XX album and I will share a funny story with you: I used this CD in the car and it fell in a canal in Rotterdam. I went walking my dog every day to see if the tide was low enough to find it and pick it up. Two weeks after, I saw it, tied my dog to a pole and went down to the canal to grab it. I recovered it and it still works, a happy ending after all! Moral of the story, never leave a loose CD in the door pocket of your car. Click here for pictures of the rescue.

– Esther

Mount Eerie ‎– A Crow Looked At Me

Sad albums Mount Eerie - A Crow Looked At Me cover
Candid and sobering.

– Aaron

Nick DrakePink Moon

Sad albums Nick Drake - Pink Moon cover
Beautifully-written heart-wrenching piece of poetry.

– Coumba

Elliott SmithEither / Or

Elliott Smith - Either : Or album cover

Seconding Steven on this one. The line “Got a broken heart and your name on my cast” kills me everytime.

– Jess, Community Marketer 

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