Staff Picks: What’s Your Most Anticipated Record Of 2019?

Whatever happened to 2018, right? When we are about to leave another year behind our backs, but on Discogs we like to focus on the positive aspects of life. And what’s more positive than to start thinking about the most anticipated albums of 2019?

As every year, we have asked a good bunch of music experts (aka our staff) for that one record they’re craving to be able to have in their hands over the next year. While some artists seem to get some extra love (Tame Impala, Deerhunter, My Bloody Valentine, you name it), Discogs is still Discogs and it fits a lot of different music tastes under the same roof, so expect an eclectic selection. This is how 2019 looks in our heads:


Going to keep it local for this pick, because TBH Portland, OR has so much rad music still. I swear, it didn’t all disappear w/ The Shins, Elliott Smith, Dandy Warhols, Sleater-Kinney, etc. in the 90’s & the early aughts. This band slays. The female lead singer/bassist (how terrific, right?) knows how to put on a show, totally gets song composition, and writes some of the catchiest pop hooks this side of the Cascades. Their 2017 debut album “FM-2030” is chock-full of that music that you think you’re too cool for but can’t help but get sucked in. They announced a new album in the works at a recent show and I couldn’t be more piqued about what’s in store!

Steven, Search Engine Marketer

My Bloody Valentine

Without any doubt My Bloody Valentine‘s TWO new albums!

Coumba, Community Success Coordinator

Deerhunter / Carly Rae Jepsen / Pond

Deerhunter is up first in January! Not gonna lie though, I’m ready for some new pop bops from my girl Carly Rae Jepsen. And my favorite Aussie rockers Pond should have a new one out soon too.

Stevie, Marketing Coordinator


I heard a rumor that CASISDEAD is releasing an album next year. He is (or was) a grime rapper from the UK that was pretty macabre and visual as well as being very uniquely talented, but has switched lanes recently into rapping over more 80’s inspired stuff- think of a cross between Skepta and Nas over beats that sound like they were lifted off the soundtrack to the movie Drive.

Louis, Commercial Manager


Probably most curious to listen to Deerhunter‘s new album which is coming out in Jan 2019.

Claire, VP People & Culture

Isaiah Rashad

Really needing some new Isaiah Rashad. Please! The Sun’s Tirade was amazing, but that was more than 2 years ago now!

Rodney, Software Engineer, Database

Various Artists

More gold from Australia. Sleep D, Turner Street Sound, Cop Envy, Roza Terenzi, Klon Dump, A Colourful Storm, Freda, Butter Sessions, James i.V, Aidan Gav, Low Flung, Moonshoe Records, Outer Time Inner Space, Ken Oath Records, Mosam Howieson, Cale Sexton, Ben Fester, Daze, Lucy Cliché, Ben Keynes, Mic Mills, Chiara Kickdrum, Albrecht La’Brooy. On ya fellas.

Simon, Database Community Marketer

Snarky Puppy

Snarky Puppy‘s upcoming album. I didn’t find the name of the album yet, I guess it’s TBA, but I can’t wait to hear ALL OF IT. They are going to host the GroundUP festival in February, and apparently play songs from their new album with a different line-up each night. It is going to be amazing, and I so wish I could be there to see them play live. Can’t wait to hear what they got in store for us.

Nathanaël, Office Administrator


Excited about the Triggerfinger 20th anniversary box set that was recently announced.

Lilian, Regional Community Marketing Lead


Since 2016, French jazz-funk/disco band with great Brazilian influences, Cotonete, is releasing killer EPs on killer EPs. Their advance sampler was a great taster of their upcoming album on Heavenly Sweetness. Coming out beginning 2019, it will compile all the songs they are playing live for some time now! Collaborations with Di Melo, Brazilian legendary singer, as well as Amanda for a couple of songs. I’m telling you this is gonna be epic!

Clim, Customer Success Coordinator

Panda Bear

I am definitely stoked about those two (!) new albums that My Bloody Valentine will (shall?) be releasing in 2019 and also can’t wait to listen to the new Deerhunter album. But since those have already be taken, I’ll go with Panda Bear‘s fifth solo effort ‘Buoys’. Most likely a new psychedelic acid bath by Animal Collective‘s Noah Lennox.

Javi, Content Marketing and Social Media Specialist

Tame Impala

I’ll be interested in hearing the new Tame Impala that is scheduled to come out.

Tasha, CS Manager


Part of me hopes this’ll be the year for Chromatics‘ “Dear Tommy” to finally make it to wax, but past experience has me a little gunshy to hold out much hope there. Barring that, I’ll be awaiting the new Carcass record with open ears and an open chest cavity.

Jason, Director of Marketplace Engineering

Vampire Weekend

Gonna go with Tasha here and say that so far, I’m most looking forward to Tame Impala‘s new release. I see Vampire Weekend is likely to get an album out next year as well, which I’m sure I’ll be listening to a few times at least!

David, CS Manager


Looking forward to the new Ladytron! I’m a long time fan of their funky yet dark electronic sound. Their last release was in 2011, I’m ready for a new one!

Stacey, Full Stack Developer


This is pretty easy, simple, repetitive and short. I need a new OM album and I need to see OM live for once, damn it! They are my freaking favorite band and last album produce was release 6 years ago, please hear my prayers!

Esther, CS Specialist

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