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Start Selling Comics on Comicogs! New Marketplace Launched

Last week we launched the Bookogs Marketplace to sell books. This week it’s Comicogs! Our second Marketplace in two weeks has launched and today, you can start selling comics. And like our other recently launched Marketplaces, there is no seller fee* for a limited time.

Selling Comics on Comicogs

Comicogs is a worldwide, community-built open source comics database for comic collectors and has been growing quickly with over 1,000 new comics added in just the last month. Now, with your help, we can begin to fill up the Marketplace for comic-collectors across the world to buy and sell everything from rare, hard-to-find comics to the most widely loved comics of all time.

Like Gearogs and Bookogs, the Comicogs Marketplace includes essential features and functionality for now and we welcome your feedback in the Comicogs forum. Please let us know about your experience and all of your comic selling hopes and dreams you’d like to see come true in future iterations of the Marketplace.

Start Selling Comics Today

To get started, browse for comics already in the database or if you can’t find what you’re looking for, add it yourself.

Sell Comics Now

While we know you have many options for selling comics, we believe the Discogs and Comicogs communities are one-of-a-kind, collector-friendly sites and this new Marketplace will thrive with your help. Thank you for your ongoing contributions.

P.S. There seems to be just one more “ogs” site that needs a Marketplace… Stay tuned! ;)


*Standard PayPal seller fees apply.
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