Stickers are out, yo!

This spring we ordered up some killer Discogs stickers and on June 1st announced on Facebook and Twitter that the first 150 people on each to comment or retweet with their username and “I want a Discogs Sticker!” would be sent a sticker postcard. It sounded so simple. First, our printer broke. So sure, we could go buy a new one, but what’s the fun in that? After some digging around online we found that there was a common issue with our particular model of printer, but that it could be fixed by taking out the board and baking it in the oven. We got involved in some big changes behind the scenes (blog post for the tech folk hopefully coming soon), apparently realized we didn’t use the printer all that much, and forgot about it for a couple weeks. For that, we are sorry.

Finally, a toaster oven found its new home in our office and we decided it was time to cook the printer board.

Lo and behold, it worked! Now we had a printer and 300 postcards to address. Again, you would think this would be simple: gather the addresses, export to a template, print, and there you go. There’s no need to go over each attempt and successive fail. . .

. . . but after a lot of trying, we ended up getting labels to work. Jason and I applied them ourselves, with love. Jason even personally wrote the addresses for a few that were too big for our labels.

Into the mail they went, and we’ve heard that a few have found their new homes already! We also sent out 82 packages with well over 20,000 stickers total to some of the bigger sellers in the UK and DE, so some of you will be getting stickers that way. Several large packages of stickers also went to some US sellers not long before. At this point, that was all of our order, but that’s not to say that we will not order more in the future.
For those of you that get stickers, don’t forget to take a picture of where you stick it, upload it to Flickr, and tag it with “discogsstickers” so we can check it out! You can see them too at

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