Striped: The Story Of The White Stripes

When it comes to rock bands from the last quarter-century, very few had the same impact as The White Stripes. Everyone seemed to be screaming “rock is dead” in the late ’90s — until Jack and Meg White came along to resuscitate it. Their music helped change rock radio, shift the music industry back to album-oriented consumption, and celebrate mystique in a way people hadn’t for decades.


But before all that happened, The White Stripes were just a frenetic boy teaching himself to play music in his attic and a quiet, artistic girl totally uninterested in playing music at all. So how did they get from point A to point B? The new podcast Striped: The Story Of The White Stripes answers that question. Produced by Third Man Records and Misfire, season one dropped Oct. 8 and takes the listener through the early days of the band and the scene that birthed them.

“Lately I’ve been afraid of getting in a car crash and having my last dying words be ‘shit, I really should’ve gotten the White Stripes story down for posterity,’”Third Man co-founder and White Stripes archivist Ben Blackwell said. “This is my attempt to avail myself to somewhat less lame last words.”

Striped: The Story Of The White Stripes Season One features members of The MC5, Pavement, The Raconteurs, The Dirtbombs, filmmaker Lance Bangs, and more.

Produced in partnership with Third Man Records.

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Jeffrey Smith
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