Submission Guidelines Update February 22 2006

This update is to bring to your attention some changes in our Submission Guidelines. None of them are too severe, mostly just refining and clarifying things. Thanks to the mods who brought up and worked on these updates!

=====Submission Guide Update Summary====


  1. The standard Discogs rule for artist names, track titles, label names, and release titles is the First Letter Of Each Word Is Capitalized.
  2. Artist name particles (e.g. van, von, di, de, la, etc.) can be in lower case if the artist spells it that way consistently.
  3. Artist names which have consistently unique letter-casing will also be accepted if the artist uses it that way consistently.
  4. All other text (notes, comments etc) to follow standard English capitalization rules.


NOTE: The ‘3 or more’ rule has now been removed.

Both the main Credits section and the ExtraArtist section contain the same information, just displayed in a different way. The same rules apply to both. The main Credits section must be used for credits that apply to every track on the release, otherwise please enter the credit in either the main Credits section, or the ExtraArtist section, as you see fit.


  • Cleaned up and clarified. Please note that we dont accept hype in artist profiles (best, groundbreaking, world class, highly anticipated etc) – we want clean, factual profiles.

Profile section cleared up

URLS cleaned up, fan page links allowed except for poor quality fan pages.

Aliases made clearer – “On Discogs, when adding and deleting aliases you only need to do one update: add alias “Artist Two” to “Artist One” and “Artist One” will automatically be listed as an alias of “Artist Two”. Multiple aliases will automatically be linked to each other in the same update.”

In Groups – made clearer

Removed Common to Aliases and In Groups as we now have the highlight changes function

Merge – clarified, updated what happens with comments / images / profile


  • Cleaned up and clarified. note that we don’t accept hype in artist profiles (best, groundbreaking, world class, highly anticipated etc) – we want clean, factual profiles.

Profile – clarified and expanded on

Parent label – sister label information clarified

Contact info – clarified

URLS – Clarified. Poor quality fan pages clarified as being not accepted, as opposed to a blanket ban on all fan pages.

Merge – clarified, updated what happens with comments / images / profile


Added: For Enhanced CDs containing Video material, use Video 1, Video 2 etc in the Position field. Enter the Video tracks after the audio material. In the Release Notes, mention any specific software included in order to view the Video material and/or the technology required to view the Video material (e.g. “Video material viewable on PC and Mac. Videos launched automatically in a new Window”)

Small multiple CD clarification.

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  • Feb 25,2006 at 13:43


  • Feb 24,2006 at 22:39

    heh, no more points to be had from “cleaning up credits” then.

  • Feb 23,2006 at 15:02

    Next to other updates, I like the allowance of fanpages, because in many cases those pages are far better (= more informative) then the original / official artist page cq. website. Some artist doesn’t even seem to know anymore when a record was released or who played on it.

  • Feb 23,2006 at 09:55

    ok, thanks, then it should be changed [url=]here[/url].

  • Feb 23,2006 at 09:43

    “Only credit remixers release wide if they remixed the whole release, otherwise please place the remix credits under each specific track.”
    Is this still active?

  • Feb 23,2006 at 04:22

    We’re getting somewhere :)

  • Feb 23,2006 at 03:53

    Good that the 3 or more rule has been kicked off…

    Sometimes it looked really weird, if you have producer 1 on all tracks, so in the main section, and producer two on just 2 tracks, so in the extra artist section…

    Now you can see at once who were the producers…

    keep the lower-case for the joins BTW… Vs. is IMO kinda ugly.

  • md
    Feb 23,2006 at 02:07

    One further thing that might want to be added to the guide on adding multiple aliases.

    If you have ARTIST A, which has no alias links, and ARTIST B, which is already linked as aliases of ARTIST C, ARTIST D, ARTIST E etc., you must include ALL aliases in the update.

    If you update ARTIST A and only add ARTIST B to the alias field, only ARTIST B will be added as an alias of ARTIST A and vice versa. ARTIST C, D, E will not show ARTIST A as an alias.

    I wasn’t sure of this until I observed this update: which failed to link up all of the relevant aliases from

  • Feb 23,2006 at 01:49

    We are still to use [b]vs.[/b] instead of [b]Vs.[/b], correct.

    As for the capitalisation / capitalization rule, following real-world language rules (incl. English) would be my preferred modus operandi but… so be it then.

    As for the rest… YES!!! We’re getting somewhere (no more 3-or-more rule, hurrah!)

  • md
    Feb 23,2006 at 01:09

    We are still to use vs. rather than Vs. though, right?

  • Feb 22,2006 at 15:59

    Ha no more problems for credits placing.

  • Feb 22,2006 at 15:44

    the “CAPITALIZATION” part is not the final language decission i hope? it’s ugly, pointless, stupid etc to cap every first letter in any other language then English that doesn’t has such cap rules for “titles” such as track titles etc.
    Other languages follow other rules, a database should consider this.

    [url=]previous topic about foreign language capitalization[/url]

  • Feb 22,2006 at 15:37

    NOTE: The ‘3 or more’ rule has now been removed.

    gracias. i can sleep better now!

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