Submission limit update – Submission Skill

In the next few days and weeks, we will be turning on an update to the submission limit system. This new aspect of the system, called “Submission Skill”, is designed to encourage and benefit users who make smooth, easy to moderate submissions, and are helpful during other users submissions. This system will also be used to help us find new potential moderators faster and more efficiently.

This Submission Skill system based on all movements in your submission queue: accepted submissions, rejections, cancellations, resubmits, mod edits, and your helpful actions on other users submissions (correct comments on other users submissions). More aspects may be added to the system as it develops.

Under this system, everyone is judged against the average for the site. Average submitters will receive an average submission limit, above average submitters will receive a larger submission limit, and below average submitters will have a reduced submission limit (and will receive extra help and advise on how to improve).

Due to the nature of the collection of statistics, some previously harmless submission methods (particularly multiple cancelling and resubmitting to fix small errors) may result in a lower Submission Skill value, which means your submission limit will not be as high as it perhaps should be.

In order to avoid being penalized unfairly by the new system You may find it beneficial to review your submission behaviour, to prevent moderators, other users, or yourself from spotting mistakes at a later date, causing you to have to edit your submissions repeatedly.

It is recommended that you don’t submit an item directly after you have entered the data, and instead leave it in drafts for a day, then come back to it and do a ‘pre-submission check’ before finally submitting it. This way you will end up with more ‘clean’ submissions that will be easy and quick to moderate and be accepted to the database.

The statistics for this system are being collected as of now. Previous statistics will not be used, in order to try to make things as fair as possible.

Please use all the resources at your disposal to ensure your submissions are as correct and detailed as possible. This includes taking notice of the new submission form error checks, helping moderators by using the submission notes to explain the reasons for updates, sources of information, and anything out of the ordinary, asking in the adding and updating forum if you have any questions, and making sure you are up to date with the Submission Guidelines (changelog at

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