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Best Soundtracks of 1997: Let’s Settle The Score

soundtracks of 1997

Soundtracks are a tricky thing, and never more so than in the ’90s. Covering up the lack of plot and atrocious acting with a clever little soundtrack isn’t anything new in the film business, yet finding new and inventive ways of releasing piles of cinematic shit plastered over with rose-scented pop tunes seemed to hit quite an apex […]

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Best Albums Of 1997: Enough Radiohead!
Spice Up Your Life!

2017 should be remembered as the year the world got stuck in an OK-hole. Maybe it’s something to do with how ‘OK Computer‘ perfectly captured the anxiety of alienation, political uncertainty, and our uncomfortable yet co-dependent relationship with technology that has made its 20th anniversary so ubiquitous. The internet is fast filling with yet more articles about OK Computer; […]

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