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Why Daniel Johnston Is a Cult Hero

daniel johnston

More people are familiar with the cover art from Daniel Johnston’s sixth album, the 1983 self-released Hi, How Are You, than they are with the singer-songwriter himself. The front image, a black-and-white line drawing of a frog-like creature with eyes on long stalks (known as “Jeremiah the Innocent”), was emblazoned on a T-shirt worn by […]

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A Conversation With The Art Directors Of Bon Iver’s ‘i,i’: Aaron Anderson & Eric Timothy Carlson

Ahead of the 2020 Grammy ceremony, Discogs spoke with each of the nominees for Best Album Package about the importance of design and the physical record experience. Nominated for their work on Bon Iver‘s i,i were art directors Aaron Anderson and Eric Timothy Carlson. Together, they touched on the conceptual approach to their work and the importance […]

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