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How Dave Mustaine Thrashed Metallica with Megadeth’s Debut

megadeth killing is my business 35th anniversary

Article by Eduardo Rivadavia When Megadeth unleashed their first LP, Killing Is My Business … and Business Is Good!, on June 12, 1985, they were the last of thrash metal’s Big Four — the platinum-selling pace-setters, completed by Metallica, Slayer, and Anthrax — to debut. However, unlike other late arrivals to the thrash-metal mosh pit, […]

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Mariah Carey’s Debut Album Gave Us a Vision of the Future 30 Years Later

mariah carey debut 30th anniversary

In 1985, 17-year-old Ben Margulies found himself living in New York City and playing in a band called King Holiday. Things seemed to be going great; the group’s first show at the infamous CBGB got them signed to a development deal with Elektra Records. However, nothing ever came from the arrangement. Though King Holiday seemed […]

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Bob Marley’s Uprising Gave the George Floyd Protests a Soundtrack 40 Years Ago

bob marley uprising 40th anniversary

George Floyd’s killing in the custody of the Minneapolis police happened 40 years after Bob Marley & The Wailers forecasted the civil upheaval that would follow Floyd’s death on the 1980 album Uprising. Clashes with classism, the “us vs. them” division between the people and the those in power, and the quest for liberation are […]

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How Talking Heads Embraced the Everyday with Little Creatures

talking heads little creatures record collection

Talking Heads crash-landed on the new wave scene as paranoiac aliens who proceeded to hang a “no” sign on everything about Earth — buildings, food, oxygen, even electric guitars. Singer David Byrne spouted dadaist gobbledygook. They made “dance music” that was ironically inert as if Auguste Rodin’s “The Thinker” sculpture lurched from its seat and […]

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How Queens of the Stone Age Made the Unlikely Leap Out of the Underground and into the Mainstream with Rated R

Article by Eduardo Rivadavia Rock history is littered with “overnight sensations” — artists who arrive, seemingly fully-formed, to enjoy fame and fortune, giving little indication of the years of anonymous struggle and dues-paying, false-starts, and horrific blunders that laid the foundations for their meteoric success. Artists like Queens of the Stone Age, whose seminal sophomore album, […]

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Rewind: St Germain’s Tourist

Published in partnership with Resident Advisor, Rewind is a review series that dips into electronic music’s archives to dust off music from decades past. It’s the year 2000. You walk into a chic fusion restaurant, where people knock back sake-tinis at the bar while the chefs put together sushi rolls with ingredients that don’t belong […]

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Rewind: Luomo’s Vocalcity

Published in partnership with Resident Advisor Rewind is a review series that dips into electronic music’s archives to dust off music from decades past. Luomo’s Vocalcity was a landmark in the microhouse/minimal sound that dominated clubs in the early years of the 21st century. Released on May 23, 2000, the album got a re-release in […]

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Ice Cube’s Amerikkka’s Most Wanted Turns 30 As A Film In An Album’s Body

IMDB has it wrong. Ice Cube’s first film was released on May 16, 1990. At 20-years-old, the most volatile lyricist from America’s most dangerous music group, N.W.A., branched out on his own for the first time with Amerikkka’s Most Wanted, a visceral depiction of life as a Black man in America. Ice Cube – Amerikkka’s […]

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Dire Straits’ Brothers In Arms At 35


Dire Straits was an incredibly successful band by any standard in the spring of 1985, but still fell somewhere short of being a household name. Mark Knopfler and company had released four studio albums, all of which had done well and generated an impressive amount of acclaim. But record labels were at the top of […]

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Depeche Mode Changed My Life

Depeche Mode Violator

I was 13 years old when my uncle Frankie told me he was getting rid of some CDs. “Yeah, gotta make some room,” he said. “You can look through them and take whatever you like.” I sifted through the cases, passed hair metal bands and ’90s rock hits. I grabbed Metallica’s self-titled, which I knew […]

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