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Bitches Brew at 50: How Miles Davis Embraced Studio Technology and Rewrote the Jazz Rulebook

Throughout its early history, jazz depended on in-the-moment interactions made by human beings in real-time. As the 1960s wore on and The Beatles and The Beach Boys crafted lush, multilayered studio works that couldn’t be replicated live, America’s Music remained the stuff of physical bodies in space. Fourteen seconds into his 1970 album Bitches Brew, […]

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Depeche Mode Changed My Life

Depeche Mode Violator

I was 13 years old when my uncle Frankie told me he was getting rid of some CDs. “Yeah, gotta make some room,” he said. “You can look through them and take whatever you like.” I sifted through the cases, passed hair metal bands and ’90s rock hits. I grabbed Metallica’s self-titled, which I knew […]

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David Bowie’s “Young Americans” At 45


1975: A Year Of Drastic Changes In Bowie’s Sound Who was David Bowie in 1975? An amorphous, androgynous rock god born of space-age fever dreams? A confused and increasingly cocaine-fueled man thrust into a bright international spotlight? A fiercely devoted music lover moved by the spirit who just wanted to share something good? When Young […]

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Repeater At 30: How Fugazi Broke From Hardcore Orthodoxy And Kept Their Integrity

Minor Threat was perhaps the ultimate hardcore band — and its first “my way or the highway” act. Take it from the D.C. punks’ 1981 single “Out of Step,” in which vocalist Ian MacKaye renounces drugs, alcohol, and casual sex: “Don’t smoke / Don’t drink / Don’t fuck!” Nervous about coming off as puritanical, their […]

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Notable Album Anniversaries in February 2020

According to the rules of resale, anything that is older than 20 years but less than 100 years is considered vintage. Who made these rules you ask? We have no clue, but we’re here to follow them. Below are some of the biggest vintage album anniversaries in February 2020, starting with 20 years and working […]

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