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Updated: Everything You Need to Know About Upcoming UK and EU VAT Changes on Discogs

This post was updated on July 1, 2021 to reflect changes to intra-UK and intra-EU supply of goods VAT collection; and new information about Northern Ireland. The tax landscape around the world continues to evolve with many countries putting the responsibility for tax compliance on global marketplaces like Discogs. The VAT changes that come into […]

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Anatomy of a Record Collector: How the World Cataloged Over 500 Million Releases on Discogs

anatomy of a record collector 500 million collection report

Discogs is the largest database of recorded music in the world. This global community of music fans just surpassed an impressive milestone: 3 million collectors cataloged more than 500 million of their music releases on — nearly double the number of releases logged in 2019 alone. In the past decade, Discogs experienced consistent growth […]

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How Record Stores Can Link Their Discogs Inventory to Vinyl Hub

record store shop dividers close-up

VinylHub is an online database of brick-and-mortar record shops around the world. Buyers use VinylHub as a first stop for mapping out their next record adventure. Make your record store more discoverable by adding it to the VinylHub with information like location, opening hours, photos, genres you specialize in, and other unique details. If you […]

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You Can Now Refine Your Marketplace Order Data Exports by Date Range

seller shipping policies computer setup

If you’ve ever needed to access your Discogs Marketplace Orders or Marketplace Order Items for doing your taxes, an inventory overhaul, or just squaring up your finances, you’ll know that the data export tool is essential. Previously, data exports came in an all-or-nothing format — you could only export your entire order history all at […]

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What to Know About the Upcoming Changes to Release Pages on Discogs

vinyl record inspection release

One of Discogs’s prevailing values is continual improvement, and sometimes that means implementing changes to the site that aren’t flashy. One of our current projects focuses on fine-tuning release pages, which account for 25% of all visits to the Discogs site. Right now, these improvements have only been enabled on release pages accessed by “logged-out […]

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Why We Removed Blog Comments

It’s no longer possible to log in on or to leave comments on our blog posts. If you’d like to comment or share your thoughts about anything you read in our blog, please use the Forum. When we were upgrading our log-in service on, we discovered that maintaining the ability to log into […]

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How to Add Friends on the Discogs iOS App

discogs app sign in screen

Are friends electric? The question posed by Gary Numan and company in 1979 has undoubtedly taken on a new meaning in 2021. Your friends may or may not be electric, but I’m willing to bet right now many of your friendships are somewhat electronic in nature, maintained via text, social media, and email. And now you […]

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How to Find the Best Album Variation Using Discogs Comments

discogs users laptop comments

One of the biggest challenges Discogs newcomers face is the absurd amount of variations one particular album can have. Luckily, our userbase is pretty damn smart and they sure like to talk. From full-blown reviews to passing sound-quality scrutiny, the comment sections on a Master Release and Release page are an excellent way to get […]

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The State of Discogs 2020: End-of-Year Report

state of discogs 2020

This year has brought its fair share of challenges. At the beginning of 2020, we could not predict the global COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on small businesses. However, the data in the Discogs End-of-Year Report 2020 proves that music fans are resilient, active, and enthusiastic. The State of Discogs is looking good thanks to […]

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Noticed Changes on the Log-In Page? Here’s What You Need to Know

discogs list records online

To the uninitiated, the name “Discogs” doesn’t always evoke detailed discographies, infinite crates of records, and spinning turntables. Upon hearing Discogs, some get caught up in another visual association. “Like … cogs?” In the words of Whitney, it’s not right, but it’s OK. While the name does have firm roots in the word discography, an […]

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