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An Overview of Our Upcoming Improvements to the Shipping Policy Editor

Discogs shipping policies encourage higher sales and decreased cancelled orders

Shipping Policies are set to become a requirement for all listings in the marketplace by October 1, 2020. We appreciate all the feedback we’ve received from buyers and sellers on Shipping Policies, and we are working on a few improvements to the Shipping Policy Editor to help accommodate your needs. This update aims to give […]

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A Roundup of Discogs Marketplace Product Updates from July 2020

marketplace updates july 2020

Shipping Policies are a requirement for all Sellers on Discogs starting November 1, 2020 (please note, the timeline for this requirement was recently adjusted. Read more about this update here). In July, we announced our plans for improving the Discogs Marketplace. This continued focus on developments enables us to keep driving buyers — Discogs veterans […]

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New Zealand GST Has Been Added to the Discogs Marketplace

new zealand currency

While New Zealand is sometimes mistaken for a city in Australia, confused for Middle Earth, or even left off maps, you can rely on the tax department to make sure we don’t forget about our Antipodean friends. Starting next week, Discogs will be collecting New Zealand Goods and Services Tax (GST). Here’s what you need […]

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Discogs Marketplace Updates Announcement FAQ: Your Questions Answered

marketplace updates faqs

Earlier this week, we made an announcement about upcoming updates to the Discogs Marketplace, including the requirement for sellers to have Shipping Policies set up for all orders by November 1, 2020 (please note, this timeline was recently adjusted from October 1. Read more about this update here), and make changes to payment options. Understandably, […]

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We’re Updating the Discogs Marketplace for the 2020s

discogs list records online

Update: We hear your feedback and want to assure you that we’re taking it on board. We’ve put together our responses to some of the most commonly asked questions and concerns around the announcement. Check out the FAQs here. We also removed PayPal requirement date. Since the publication of this announcement, we’ve created resources to […]

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Shipping Policies

Shipping Policies are a requirement for all Sellers on Discogs. Once you know what you want to charge for shipping and you’ve got your rates handy, all you need to do is add them into the Shipping Policy editor. Take it one step at a time by starting local before branching out into setting up international […]

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Postal Status Due to Coronavirus

Postal Status The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a daily impact on postal services across the world. This means that everyone is experiencing shipping delays and longer-than-usual delivery times. Since shipping is integral to one of the best parts of Discogs — for Sellers, keeping your business running smoothly, and for Buyers, getting that new […]

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