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In Celebration of DJ, Producer and Musician Andrew Weatherall

“Genius is an overworked term but I’m struggling to think of anything else that defines him.”- Irvine Welsh on Andrew Weatherall Andrew Weatherall created the soundscape for some of the best years of my life. Even if you are not familiar with his name, it is likely you have danced along to one of his […]

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Peter Gabriel at 70


Peter Gabriel turns 70 on February 13 and has spent nearly all of those years as a catalyst, innovator, and instigator, beginning with co-founding Genesis at the ridiculous age of 17. He continues to tour and make music, although he does both at a pace that’s agonizingly slow for fans — his last album of […]

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The 50 Best Selling Records in December 2019


December shall forever be a weird month for music. RSD Black Friday and the Christmas rush assure that very rarely a new unique release will shine through the noise of reissues and perennial holiday classics. Then there’s Tracy Chapman, who will always be on the top 50, no matter how hard I’ve tried in the […]

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Album Anniversaries in February 2020

According to the rules of resale, anything that is older than 20 years but less than 100 years is considered vintage. Who made these rules you ask? We have no clue, but we’re here to follow them. Below are some of the biggest vintage album anniversaries in February 2020, starting with 20 years and working […]

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Hank Williams – Pictures From Life’s Other Side


Hank Williams died in the backseat of a Cadillac at age 29 on his way to a New Year’s Day show in Ohio, drunk and filled with a variety of painkillers. He had the body of a man 69 and fading, ravaged by spina bifida occulta, alcoholism, drug addiction, and a failing heart. His genius […]

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A Conversation With Grammy Nominee Irwan Awalludin

With the 2020 Grammy ceremony on the horizon, Discogs spoke with each of the nominees for Best Album Package about the importance of design and the physical record experience. The first conversation was with Singapore-born, Brooklyn-based designer Irwan Awalludin, who earned his first nomination this year for his work on Intellexual — the self-titled debut […]

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Interview With DJ Prestige From The Film The Hustle Is Real


The Hustle Is Real is a story about creating your own lane to make money doing what you love and the hustle and grind that goes along with it. The film follows a “Working-class DJ”; DJ Prestige as he rocks gigs, grinds out travel, digs for records and does what he does best. The filmmaker […]

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Jeff Lynne’s From Out Of Nowhere

With a successful recent arena tour and now a new album, the Electric Light Orchestra is back in the public consciousness in a way that transcends nostalgia, although that certainly plays a role. Anyone who grew up listening to Out Of The Blue is clearly psyched to once again be living in Jeff Lynne’s world.  […]

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Meet Uwe Weigmann, The Man Behind Firestation Records

While talking to our interviewee today, one thought came to my mind: Is this the first time we have interviewed a Seller specializing in indie-pop? For those of you that read the Discogs Blog regularly, you know that Crate Minds is normally more focused on the typical Discogs dichotomy of rock and electronic music sellers. […]

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An Interview With Mike Lewis of Rap & Soul / Lewis Recordings


One of London’s unsung music & community heroes, Mike Lewis has been purveying quality records from all corners of the globe for decades. Through the years Mike has gone from retail buying, mail order running through to record label bossing and kindly took time out last week to discuss the inner workings of Lewis Recordings, […]

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